Brian Flores did indeed document his tanking concerns in a December 2019 memo

Houston Texans v Miami Dolphins
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In an amended complaint filed today, former Dolphins coach Brian Flores contends that he documented his concerns regarding pressure from owner Stephen Ross to lose games in a December 4, 2019 memo. The Dolphins privately acknowledge that the memo was indeed created and submitted to the team.

“This letter was proactively provided to the NFL and their investigators by the Dolphins weeks ago,” a person involved on behalf of the Dolphins in the investigation regarding the claim that Ross offered Flores $100,000 for each game the team lost in 2019 tells PFT. “For Flores to bring it up now seems pretty bizarre given that the letter actually contradicts his complaint in that he has no evidence of any conversations with Steve, and the letter also makes no mention of money. This just shows how desperate he is to bring up a letter that actually goes against his own position.”

Frankly, it’s not clear from the allegations made that Flores has actually “contradicted” himself. He alleges that he had conversations with Ross. He separately alleges that he documented his concerns about the pressure he was experiencing. Those can be viewed as two different things.

One major factual question is whether the memo mentions an offer of $100,000 for each loss. The person involved in the investigation contends it does not.

Even if it doesn’t, the letter constitutes evidence that Flores raised his concerns internally. That he blew the whistle. This seems to be its biggest significance to the amended complaint.

12 responses to “Brian Flores did indeed document his tanking concerns in a December 2019 memo

  1. This memo says absolutly nothing about incentivized tanking by Miami leadership.

  2. The discovery process for this is going to be very, very interesting. And if anything that Flores alleges is actually true then people will know exactly why other owners like Dan Snyder aren’t kicked out. It’d open Pandora’s Box.

  3. I would like to throw my name in as well I got not one interview. If you are not shaking your head, you sure should be.

  4. If I am an NFL franchise, I would never hire Brian Flores. Looked what he did to the Dolphins. How could any organization trust him?

  5. The tanking scandal is far more damaging to the NFL than any sham Rooney Rule scandal.

  6. What a mess the League has become, yet, their numbers continue to grow.

  7. Shrewd move by Miami to trade away all their draft picks for actual players. If the NFL does take away picks those will be far in the future or watered down.

  8. If proven true Ross should be immediately expelled from the league.
    The league takes over day to day operations
    A new buyer is confirmed
    Criminal charges brought onto Ross
    None of what should happen will; it’s the league and they protect themselves fiercely.

  9. I’m not sure why people have a difficult time believing Flores can back up his claims? Everybody knows in court it’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove. Why don’t you think his attorneys know that? I’m sure he has documents to support each claim.(or receipts as they say)

    I refer to the Denver crew that came in disheveled & hours late for his interview. Wanna bet that while waiting, he texted or called people leaving a trail of evidence? Discovery will destroy the owners, so this one must be settled. We’ll see.

  10. If Goodell just sits there as they partner with all these gambling sites, Congress will be all over them even more than the Washington corruption or the Dallas sex spying cover ups.

    Again, Article 46. It basically gave Goodell and cheating owners the right to do whatever they want above US law.

    I would imagine the FBI is monitoring these happenings.

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