Brian Flores says he sent memo to Dolphins executives regarding Stephen Ross’s desire to lose games

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In his original complaint, former Dolphins coach Brian Flores alleged that he’d been offered $100,000 per loss in 2019 by owner Stephen Ross. However, the complaint contained no specific legal claim tied to that contention.

The amended complaint does.

Flores’s amended lawsuit, filed on Thursday, includes a claim for retaliation under the Florida Private Whistleblower Statute. He contends that his employment was terminated because he refused to intentionally lose football games “in violation of the Sports Bribery Act, among other laws.”

Because Flores claims he was a whistleblower, an obvious question arises. Did Flores actually blow the whistle before he was fired? Consider this, from paragraph 166 of the amended complaint: “Mr. Flores memorialized Mr. Ross’ desire to have Miami lose games in a December 4, 2019 memorandum that was provided to General Manager, Chris Grier; Chief Executive Officer, Tom Garfinkel; and Senior Vice President of Football and Business Administration, Brandon Shore. In this letter, Mr. Flores detailed the toxicity that existed within the organization and explained the unreasonable position he was being placed in by the team ownership and upper management.”

That’s a hugely significant allegation. Flores says he reduced his concerns to writing and distributed them to several key employees of the team. Immediate questions include whether they did anything about it. Did they investigate? Did they alert the league? Did the NFL receive a copy of the memo? Did the league investigate? Did the Dolphins or the league resolve the claim by finding it had merit, or by finding it was baseless? Did the team or the NFL simply ignore it?

These are questions that will be developed in the litigation. If, that is, the NFL isn’t permitted to move the case to private arbitration, where the case would play out in secret and the dirty laundry would never be aired publicly.

The amended complaint also alleges that the Dolphins retaliated against Flores by failing to make severance payments to Flores — and by allegedly “seeking to recoup hundreds of thousands of dollars” of earned income based on his decision to file a lawsuit and to not pursue his claims in secret arbitration.

33 responses to “Brian Flores says he sent memo to Dolphins executives regarding Stephen Ross’s desire to lose games

  1. He lost enough games as head coach which is why his employment was terminated and he’s no longer with the franchise. Winning puts people in the seats, improves television/stream ratings and increases sales of merch. No owner is going to ask a coach to intentionally lose.

  2. Now the real truth is starting to come out, if he really did send them that kind of information. Regardless if it is true or tells me that they told the owner and they knew they had a toxic situation brewing.

  3. “desire to have Miami lose games” is a far cry from being paid to lose games. Flores still cashed his payroll checks for 3YEARS after this. IF his integrity was so high as he claims, he should have resigned immediately but he did not. Still haven’t seen one shred of evidence of the $100k to lose games. ALso it is interesting to note 10 games into his coaching career FLORES created a hostile work environment and was complaining how bad it was, HE CREATED THE SITUATION.

  4. What oligarch wants to buy an NFL team? It looks like there’s going to be two openings at least, and Washington and Miami LOL

  5. This guy is just diggin deeper. If he was fired for being a whistleblower, why did it take 2 MORE YEARS (of mediocrity) for it to happen?

  6. Waiting 2 years to retaliate when an average NFL coach’s tenure isn’t a whole lot more than that? Call me skeptical.

  7. “desire to lose games” doesn’t equal “offered me 100K for each loss” unless he spelled that out in the memo.

  8. They retaliated by firing him…more than two-and-a-half years after he allegedly wrote this memo? Come on. This thing just gets more ridiculous by the day. Maybe one day he’ll arrive at the realization that hey, maybe I just wasn’t good enough. But until then, guess he’ll just have to be content seemingly blaming everyone else for his failures.

  9. “Tank for Tua” was the most open secret in the NFL in 2019. From trading Tunsil to starting Fitzpatrick and the likes of Julian Davenport on the offensive line.

    Basically Miami fielded a bottom 3 offensive line, a journeymen QB and a OC and OL coach who were fired.

  10. Southpaw says:
    April 7, 2022 at 12:01 pm
    …but didn’t file a lawsuit until he was fired. That’s convenient

    Kind of like Kaep only protesting after he was benched….

  11. can’t Ross just blurt out “fake news” and automatically have loads of people believe anything he says?

  12. Let me get this straight!
    Flores is saying he was offered $100,000 to throw football games,and he was so concerned about that bribe he informed the people that work for said owner, not who the said owner works for, The NFL. Then he continued to work for that owner and did nothing for over 2 years. That owner kept him employed but then fired him two years later for not throwing those games.
    None of that makes any sense at all. Flores just wants the NFL to go on a fishing expedition through all of Ross’s documents and communications. And he’ll get it. Ross better have his ducks in a row.
    If Ross did this he’s an idiot,he could have lost easily just by telling the GM to trade more players.

  13. Wait a minute…if he wrote a memo there would be a record of it. Also, let’s discuss the specifics of the memo, did it specifically say Ross advised he would pay $100,000 per loss OR did Flores just say in his opinion he believes Ross is putting him in a position to fail. Those things are VERY different regardless of anyone’s opinion. Someone can feel a certain way and it not be true. Of course I’m sure some crybaby out there will say we’ll if I feel a certain way it’s true. NO…to you it is but you may have misinterpreted a situation or belief. If Flores wrote a memo saying Ross bribed him, then that shouldn’t be hard to find. No way he hand wrote it, copied it, and hand delivered it then shredded his only copy. So…where is this document?

  14. Everyone knows that when the truth comes out probably years from now the language will be ambiguous and have many differing interpretations.

    It might be a 3 line – I have various levels of the Organization to serve.

  15. minime says “This guy will never work in the NFL again.” He’s already working in the NFL again – he’s a coach for the Steelers. Pay attention.

  16. “Consider this, from paragraph 166 of the amended complaint:”
    Wow Mike. The complaint is at least 166 paragraphs. I admire your ability to read a legal document of that length without your eyes crossing.

  17. If this memo were legit, why was it not included in the original complaint? It doesn’t seem like the kind of document where you go, “oh, you know I forgot about this memo I wrote back in 2019…”

  18. minime says:
    April 7, 2022 at 1:24 pm
    This guy will never work in the NFL again.
    …..not mr. current events are you

  19. Wow, so Steven Ross wanted him fired in 2019 but forgot until 2021? When Flores STILL couldn’t get his team to the playoffs? What a fraud. He failed and he’s blaming everyone else.

  20. This basically clinched it for me that it’s all BS. He says they fired him after he didn’t intentionally lose games. But they gave him 2 more seasons after that season?!! I think he would have been on more firm ground if they fired him after 2019. No. They fired him after 2 more seasons of getting off to poor starts and constant turnover in the offensive staff. They fired after massive communication issues. And there is a HUGE difference between Ross wanting Flores to lose games and whether he offered payment to do so. I could honestly see Ross saying to Flores that it might not be so bad to lose games and that he wouldn’t be penalized if they lost a lot of games. Flores could then twist this to fit his lawsuit.

  21. My team was out of the playoff race fairly early last season. While it wasn’t an over rooting for this, I then had a “desire” for them to lose games to improve our draft position come April. Argued with friends over this, told them in a few months, once the season was forgotten that they’d agree…and they do now, we all wish we lost a bit more after we were out of the playoff race to do a bit better in the draft now. Flores appears to be backing off the $100K per loss comments and moving towards one of “desire”. If Ross did have a “desire” to lose games, especially only after the season was lost (so timing of such is important, Ross saying so before game 1 is different than saying so after game 12) is probably a smart thing for an owner to want, but not smart to say to the head coach, and certainly not illegal. Ultimately Flores has tried to claim he’s taking some sort of moral high ground but yet did nothing at the time of the alleged acts, only waiting until he was fired. Flores just added the Texans to the lawsuit, saying they “retaliated” against him. As I see things, the only one “retaliating” is Brian Flores.

  22. For the fans here that are saying it’s a joking, and making light of the situation, I don’t think you understand the point.

    The lawsuit may appear frivolous and ridiculous, but by tacking on anyone he possibly can, coach Flores forces the NFL to do one of two things: The first to either approach settlement, an indication that Flores is right, and the second would be discovery.

    If this case goes to discovery, more likely than not evidence that there is rampant discrimination in the league will come to light. The average fan knows discrimination amongst coaching hiring is there, but this shines a bright light on it.

    Through these means, Coach Flores creates a path to reform, and at the risk of never being hired again, paves the path forward for minorities who are qualified and have been looked over. It’s extremely important and I find it admirable that he is going through this.

  23. “desired”? i thought the words were “ill give you 100k to lose games”.
    that second part is a bit more than just “desire”

  24. It looks like the amended complaint memorializes precisely when Ross was looking to lose games… December 2019 when the Dolphins were 3-9 and already mathematically eliminated. While losing games intentionally is never a good thing, it wouldn’t be the first time that a team has made moves toward next season once eliminated from contention.

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