Dan Campbell: I don’t think Lions need an elite quarterback to win

Detroit Lions v Los Angeles Rams
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The Lions have the second overall pick in the 2022 NFL draft, and it might seem unfortunate for them that most draft observers don’t think there’s an elite quarterback prospect in this draft. But Lions head coach Dan Campbell is fine with that.

Campbell, who said the Lions want to draft an immediate starter with that No. 2 pick, told reporters he does not believe teams need an elite quarterback to win big in the NFL.

No, I don’t think you need that,” Campbell said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “I think that those guys like that are obviously, they’re special. And they certainly can give you a better chance. But no, I don’t believe you have to have one of those guys to have sustained success.”

The Lions appear ready to go into Campbell’s second year with Jared Goff remaining their quarterback. Goff is not an elite quarterback, but he did go to the Super Bowl with the Rams, which would be a point in favor of Campbell’s proposition. The problem for the Lions, however, is that they’re far from the kind of team that could go to the Super Bowl with Goff, no matter how good an immediate starter they get with the No. 2 pick.

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  1. Since the Tom Brady Era, SB winning QB’s:

    Brady, Brad Johnson, Big Ben, Peyton Manning, Eli, Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Flacco, Wilson, Foles, Mahommes, Stafford.

    12 Qb’s and of them Johnson, Flacco and Foles probably won’t be considered elite right now. And of those three, Flacco was probably considered elite at the time, and Foles played like an elite QB for 4 games. Only one of them – Johnson – would be considered a mid-tier QB at the time of the game.

    So Campbell – Don’t bet your career on this.

  2. I like Goff. I think he can be an elite QB. Just needs a quicker release. That windup just takes way too long. Everything else about his game is fine. Where are all these throwing guru’s I’m constantly hearing about. I’m surprised nobody has helped him with that release. He’s smart. Makes great decisions. Is accurate. Knows how to make plays when the play breaks down. All the mental stuff is there. But he can’t get the ball out of his hands on time.

  3. Here are some QBs that have won the Super Bowl that I don’t consider elite: Jim Plunkett (twice), Doug Williams, Jeff Hostetler, Mark Rypien, Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, Eli Manning (twice) Joe Flacco and Nick Foles. So that’s 20% (11 out of 55) of the Super Bowls. One in five is not bad, I’d say Campbell is correct.

  4. Detroit had an elite QB for several years with Stafford. A lot of holes on this roster need filling – especially with the questionable QB talent available in this draft. Lions and Campbell are doing the right thing here by not reaching for a QB and building the rest of the roster first.

  5. In other words……”we aren’t thrilled with our current QB, but we don’t see a pathway to getting one this season.”

  6. But the rest of your team has to be outstanding if you don’t. Like, a top 2-3 defense, for starters. More and more, in todays nfl, you really do need an elite QB.

  7. Which is why the Lions will be picking in the top 5 every year Dan Campbell is head coach.

  8. For all those saying were going to “Sign Baker”, NO. They made it clear this free agency there not giving money to veterans, there building it through the draft and only signing young players who could be pieces down the road like DJ Chark. Was kind of surprised to hear Dan say this today, because that had to make Goff feel like Shtt, but the fact is were building depth this year, and we have all the fire power and money to have a strong draft and Free Agency after this season. Say we pick 3-7 in next years draft, we have enough to get any QB we want, especially if the Jags are picking first again. If I was Brad Holmes, I would make a move to get the Jags first round pick next season if it makes sense.

  9. He’s working a few angles:

    1.) Taking pressure off Goff to try to be a savior. Just do your job, Jared.
    2.) Lighting a fire under Goff. Don’t like me saying that you’re not elite? Show me you can be.
    3.) Honestly answering a question.

    I don’t think that they trust the prospects at QB and they are a ways away yet so they’ll give Jared another year to see if he can quicken that wind-up (hint – he can’t). They are not going to the SB this year even with an elite QB so…it’s kinda moot.

  10. It seems like the path to an easy Superbowl is to build your team without a QB, and then when you have depth everywhere and all the pieces in place, do what you have to do to get that Elite rookie QB who you don’t have to pay big money for awhile. I have seen Stafford and Calvin Johnson take up 40% of the teams salary cap.

  11. Let’s all agree that nobody really knows what an “elite qb” really is.

    Is every team really expected to have a HOF QB ?

  12. I think an elite QB is more important in terms of GETTING YOU TO the superbowl consistently. Winning the SB is all about one game.
    Everyone is telling down Johnsom but he was a great competitor and very smart and played with a great defense. Half the QBs in the league can win a SB like that.

  13. Depends on your definition of win! The lions got a couple last year. So they did win.

  14. Define elite. Like in number one overall pick. Made it to a super bowl within the first five years in the league. Re-signed to a large contract by the team that drafted him. Made the pro bowl at least once . How many players have done that. Goff has done all these things. When will he be considered elite.

  15. Jared Goff, with a running game, solid pass protection, and a good defense can take a TEAM deep into the playoffs. Kind of sounds like a winning formula, even for the few quarterbacks who are elite.

  16. He’s right, but in today’s game it’s the long way around the axle.

    Superb defense PLUS superb running game (superb running back corps and superb Oline, both with depth) would do the trick with an average QB*. But those are a lot of moving parts. And Detroit ain’t got those, either.

    (* Not to mention a coaching staff that doesn’t try to overthink things with a 2nd and goal from the 1 yard line for a Super Bowl title.)

  17. Can an NFL team win the super bowl paying elite QB money? I always thought brady did it right with the percentage of cap he took.

  18. Wait a second, did this guy call Eli and Big Ben elite qbs? They were never elite. They had top 1 defenses who won games

  19. jojomogir says:
    April 7, 2022 at 7:11 pm
    Here are some QBs that have won the Super Bowl that I don’t consider elite: Jim Plunkett (twice), Doug Williams, Jeff Hostetler, Mark Rypien, Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, Eli Manning (twice) Joe Flacco and Nick Foles. So that’s 20% (11 out of 55) of the Super Bowls. One in five is not bad, I’d say Campbell is correct.
    I agree with jojomogir and Campbell as well.
    Now here me out. When teams win a championship, especially in the nfl, there’s always a number of other teams who immediately say, “what the hell do they have that we don’t have, or what kind of game do they play that we don’t”, then you see a bunch of copy cats for a year or two until they realize that it takes more that just one type of player or one specific system to be a SB winner and a consistent contender. The Rams went “all in” with their “let’s get a quality QB” and try to win it all. They did and kudos to them, but that’s not always the outcome. Again Kudos to them they had a lot of the other needed parts already on the team, but a lot of teams don’t and still take huge risks.

    I believe having an elite QB on your roster often can be an advantage, but not at all costs.
    Please name me all the QBs in the league today who you would give up 3 first round picks, 1 3rd round pick, 2 4th round picks and $230 Million dollars (guaranteed) for 5 years for, (oh ya, we’ll throw in 1 6th round pick with the elite QB).
    Mahomes?, Brady – I wouldn’t, because realistically 5 years when he’s already 44 is a LONG time, Rodgers?, Herbert?, Burrow?, Prescott, Allen? I certainly would not do it for any QB facing the situation Watson’s in.
    I’m sure some of you would do it for the likes of Mahomes, Burrow, Hebert, Allen, etc and you might not be wrong, but given how much you would have to give up and the money / salary cap concern for 5 years, I argue it’s not a slam dunk. If it was, then imho teams with elite QBs have no excuse, (aside from major injuries), not to win it year in year out.

  20. Yeah I love the fans who bring up names like Dilfer, Flacco, Foles, Hostetler, etc. These guys are what statisticians call “outliers” and not the norm. Almost every guy in this category had a historic defense to cover up his shortcomings. And bringing up Goff’s appearance? Worst QB performance I’ve ever seen in the 50+ SBs I have witnessed.

  21. Having offensive plays tailored to what a QB does exceptionally well, and having a solid cast around him, is what makes a QB appear elite. There have been some exceptionally skilled QBs who were washouts in the NFL. How much of that was trying to push a square peg into a round whole and how much was about the maturity of the young man who just became a millionaire?

    All NFL QB’s are cream of the crop. I love an old quote from a Road Warriors rasslin promo. We’re the layer of scum that floats on top of that cream.

  22. Here’s a word of advice for Dan Campbell. If the Lions don’t make the NFL postseason with that dud of a quarterback Jared Goff as your starter, then both you & he will be gone & Mike Tomlin will be the Lions next head coach for 2023 period.

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