Sam Darnold told Jets they were “making a mistake” by trading him

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It was hardly a surprise to anyone last year when the Jets elected to move on from quarterback Sam Darnold in favor of drafting Zach Wilson.

But that didn’t stop Darnold from making his feelings known to New York’s management on his way out the door.

In an appearance on the Bussin’ with the Boys podcast hosted by Titans left tackle Taylor Lewan and free agent linebacker Will Compton, Darnold said he told the Jets they were “making a mistake” by sending him to Carolina to draft a new QB.

“At the end of the day, it’s not my call,” Darnold said, via David Newton of ESPN. “If they don’t think I’m the guy, it is what it is.”

Darnold is now in a similar position with the Panthers, as Carolina is bringing in six of the top quarterbacks in this year’s incoming rookie class for a pre-draft visit. But Darnold said in the same interview that if the Panthers choose another QB, he feels like another team will want him since he’s proven he can be a good quarterback.

But it seems unlikely that there would be any robust market for Darnold’s services, given what the quarterback has put on film since the Jets selected him at No. 3 overall back in 2018. He struggled even last year with his fresh start, completing 59.9 percent of his passes for 2,527 yards with nine touchdowns and 13 interceptions.

Darnold carries a career interception rate of 3.2 percent, tossing 54 touchdowns to 52 picks in 50 appearances with 49 starts. He’s also lost 11 of his 29 career fumbles.

Time will tell if Darnold will find success in the league. But it’s hard to argue that the Panthers shouldn’t be looking for a different long-term solution in 2022.

27 responses to “Sam Darnold told Jets they were “making a mistake” by trading him

  1. LOL!

    Another phenomenal top 10 Jetsie pick. I mean, how many of these have they botched over 20-40 years?

    The better question is, how many of these did they hit on? Like 2? Mortifying! And, the thing is, they traded up for some of these bums, too.

    It’s one of the funniest things in sports history. I look forward to the video of their embarrassing moments at draft time every year. It’s like watching a comedy film.

  2. Jets are definitely one of the worst run teams in football. Should have kept Darnold and drafted Sewell. This year, taking a LT should be a no brainer. They’ll prob take a WR. Zach Wilson will suffer the same fate at Darnold in NY.

  3. I never understood the hype around Darnold coming out of college. He was a turnover machine, no surprise that this continued to be a problem.

  4. He’s right, but in fairness, everything the Jets do is a mistake. So it was an easy call on Darnold’s part.

  5. It won’t be popular to make a mild defense of Darnold but … he still hasn’t had much support. The Jets are pretty much the opposite of support. Carolina had McCaffrey put most of the year and is porous on the offensive line. Should he have shown something by now despite the lack of support? Definitely. But still hasn’t had much support — maybe with some support he can develop into a good game manager type. Although franchise QB at this point is way over his ceiling.

  6. It has been a long time for the Jets, since Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez at least made them relevant. Very hard for losing franchises to lose the stink of losing.

  7. He has more INTs than starts .. career QB rating of 76.9

    I thought Darnold showed grit.. thought maybe he could play if given a chance outside of New York.. but his stats are terrible.

    The NFL is im the entertainment business and I can’t imaging too many people wanting to pay money to watch Darnold play.

  8. If you get Darnold with the right coach, he may be salvageable. Playing for the Jets may have done too much damage though.

  9. Change of venue didn’t work. Maybe if you imitate the bearded one, Fitzzlemagic, you will find a pathway to IR in Washington. Washington destroys QB’s.

  10. Good for Darnold. If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you get anyone else to believe in you? Of course, that doesn’t mean that the Jets were wrong.

  11. Eventually college players with their new NIL deals will have more leverage when it comes to the draft and if a team/ bad ownership that kills careers like the Jets, Jags, Detroit calls their name then can say no, demand a trade or just sit out the season since money will not be quite the concern with the top players all ready making millions from their NIL deals.

  12. At this point it seems Darnold may have to accept that at best he’s going to be a backup QB in the NFL. At least he’s getting an 18 million guaranteed salary this year

  13. I mean Darnold is at least as good (or bad) as Wilson and they could have used the picks better. But Jets gonna Jet.

  14. Only time will tell. Wilson wasn’t good as a rookie but then again he was a rookie. If he doesn’t improve this year Sam might be a

  15. Sam Darnold is a first round draft bust. Its as simple as that and it is what it is.

  16. They made a mistake trading Teddy Bridgewater and drafting Sam Darnold.

  17. And Josh Rosen said there were 9 mistakes ahead of him in the draft… So what?

  18. There can be a fine line between confidence and delusion.
    Darnold shows a little of both.
    It’s going to be up to somebody else to tell Sam that he’s more on the delusional side.
    I mean, I don’t know when he thinks he’s been a good QB since he’s been in the NFL.

  19. whitecomet77 says:
    April 7, 2022 at 12:21 pm
    Sam Darnold is a first round draft bust. Its as simple as that and it is what it is.

    That’s easy for teams to do because since 2000 right at 70% of all QBs drafted in the 1st round have been busts. I think there are two main reasons for it, 1st is desperation which causes teams to reach for a QB and the 2nd is these teams that pick in the top 5-10 usually stink and then they throw these rookie QBs straight to the wolves behind horrible OLs and that’s hard for any QB to deal with, especially a rookie.

    I thought the rookie salary cap would fix some of this as it’d let teams sit and learn while these QBs are on the cheapest part of their rookie contract, but teams aren’t taking advantage of it.

  20. The only team that made the mistake was the Panthers for giving up so much. Promise you it was very hard for management not to laugh in his face on the way out the door!

  21. A stand-up kid who always rakes full responsibility for his play and the outcome of games, and who plays hurt and never talks about injuries and pain. Hoping that finally in year five, he has good luck and good health – would definitely be the first time as a pro.

  22. Joe Douglas saw the error of Mac’s ways. Dumped Arnold and scored three picks for a guy who will soon be out of football after another one or two years of bench warming. Looks like another team swindled by Joe Douglas. Just ask Pete Carroll.

    Always laugh at the professional Jet haters. These guys need new material. They would find a way to say failure if the Jets had swapped Darnold for Brady.

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