Bengals planning to add indoor practice bubble

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Last week, Bengals executive vice president Katie Blackburn told reporters at the annual league meeting that the franchise was “looking actively” at adding an indoor practice facility.

Now the organization’s plans have emerged.

Per Mark Wert of the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Bengals intend to build an interim indoor training facility and will go before Cincinnati city planning officials next week for their approval.

The temporary facility would be a practice bubble adjacent to its current training site — a removable and inflated 75-foot high air dome that attaches to a concrete footer. It would house a regulation-size interior turf practice field.

The Bengals would pay for the temporary facility and intend to have it ready for the 2022 season. The club is also looking for a more permanent solution for an indoor field.

Cincinnati is one of a few NFL teams without an indoor practice facility. It was especially an issue late in the season as the Bengals advanced to Super Bowl LVI. When there’s inclement weather, the Bengals usually bus to the University of Cincinnati’s campus to practice indoors. The team did that in the week before traveling to L.A. for the Super Bowl.

Blackburn said last week the team plans on needing an indoor practice facility “all the way to February.”

10 responses to “Bengals planning to add indoor practice bubble

  1. One of the few without an indoor facility? Who are the others? Didn’t the Cowboys have a problem with their inflatable dome? Just one bad windstorm and that is a death trap.

  2. Indoor practice facility and free agent activity. I remember a head coach who spent 16 years begging for these things.

  3. Not a Bengals fan but I live here.
    They practice in a field next to the stadium under an interstate.

  4. Can see cheap skate Mike Brown fighting with the city over who owns the air to inflate it and somehow Brown will figure out a way to make the citizens pay for that air.

  5. I’m shocked that the NFL isn’t forcing the Bengals to demand that the city pay for the practice facilities. Don’t want to set too much precedence in making the poor multi billionaires of multi billion dollar businesses pay for their own places of work.

  6. I’m glad they are going to get an indoor facility however regardless of what the article says it was not an issue last year they just went to UC like they always do.

  7. The narrative of Mike Brown being the cheapest owner in sports is so tired and outdated. It’s a new dey in Cincinnati

  8. Waste of money on a bubble when they had use of one two miles north.

    Won’t commit to a physical structure until after lease/new stadium deal coming up.

  9. You don’t want to be at the mercy of the college team as far as when you can access the indoor facility, and two, they had to bus over there. Not convenient. Good on the Bengals for finally getting it done. Btw, Maybe if Marvin could’ve won a single playoff game in 16 years, it would’ve been done sooner.

  10. doctorrumack says:
    April 8, 2022 at 4:27 pm
    I’m glad they are going to get an indoor facility however regardless of what the article says it was not an issue last year they just went to UC like they always do.

    Worth noting though that UC hopes to be playing football into December/January every year and they aren’t altering their practice schedule for the Bengals so it’s not really convenient for them to share it. After Jan I’m betting the draft eligible players even get priority to workout there if they want. The city just gave the Bengals absolutely prime real estate to build a facility on, they might as well get started on it since they are the northern most team without their own indoor facility.

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