Tyrann Mathieu “heartbroken” by end of time with Chiefs

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In the early part of the offseason, both safety Tyrann Mathieu and the Chiefs expressed interest in continuing to work together but their relationship has come to an end.

Mathieu became a free agent last month and remains unsigned after the Chiefs opted to add safety Justin Reid on a three-year, $31.5 million deal. In an interview with Sam McDowell of the Kansas City Star, Mathieu said he was “heartbroken” that the Chiefs didn’t offer him a contract and “could not understand” why that was the case.

Mathieu also said that he would have likely accepted the same offer that the Chiefs made to Reid.

“To be honest, if they would’ve offered me Justin Reid’s deal, obviously I would’ve tried to negotiate, but if that’s where they drew their line in the sand, I probably would’ve took it,” Mathieu said. “I probably would’ve took it. Agents are going to do their thing, but at the end of the day, it’s the player’s decision whether to sign it or not.”

Mathieu had meetings with the Saints and Eagles recently, so he may be closing in on new home for the 2022 season. That won’t be the happy ending he would have drawn up a few months ago, but he’ll have the chance to make a new one wherever he winds up playing.

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  1. He keeps on the open market he’s going to start saying he would of stayed for some gum and a pack of cards. Where was that energy when they were trying to work with you the previous season?

  2. We loved Mathieu in Arizona…

    However… I have a feeling that this dude talks himself out of Organizations, and after a few seasons, they have had it with him.

  3. He is older, slower and more expensive. At this point no one will give him a big deal until maybe after the draft. Even then his market will be tight. One year deal is what he is most likely to get.

  4. I was surprised when they let him go as well. Even if he has lost a step, the leadership he provided in the secondary and the locker room was valuable. IMO, they should have kept him and just replaced Sorensen who was a huge liability in coverage and should have already been gone.

  5. “To be honest, if they would’ve offered me Justin Reid’s deal, obviously I would’ve tried to negotiate, but if that’s where they drew their line in the sand, I probably would’ve took it,”


    To be honest, this isnt KC’s fault, its his and his agents. If he really wanted to stay in KC, you let your agent know that you are willing to take a little less than what you think your market price is. He blew it. KC got a good replacement that didnt “try to negotiate” more money

  6. Great player. Important part of our Super Bowl win, but we have to stay young and healthy to compete. Thanks for everything, HB.

  7. “To be honest, if they would’ve offered me Justin Reid’s deal, obviously I would’ve tried to negotiate”

    And that last part is why you won’t be in KC this fall. You took a risk and the chiefs called your bluff. Own it.

  8. You’ll get close to that with Pittsburgh and enjoy your whole time there. Good luck with Fitzpatrick.

  9. I hear what he’s saying but it’s a two way street. How about your agent calls the Chiefs if he wanted to be there so badly?

  10. To come out and say that he would have accepted Reid’s deal if offered to him doesn’t help his future negotiations with other teams. Duh.

  11. Welcome to the world of leverage, Tyrann. Players wanted it, now they’ve got it. Teams are seeing how players love to throw their weight around and hold teams hostage whenever they feel like it. Heck, DeShaun Watson actually quit on his team and sat for a year right after being given a huge contract. So whatever last bits of the idea of loyalty or emotion in roster-building may have been left are gone now.

    Even in a statement about regret, he won’t actually commit to saying he would have accepted their offer – still negotiating. Shows that the bottom line is all that matters, not the phony hearts and flowers routine.

    Greed, on the parts of owners and players alike, is rapidly making the sport mean less to the public. If they all only care about themselves, what’s there for anyone else to care about?

  12. Of course he says that….now. Gave the impression he was after alot more while he was here. Guess FA is showing him what he’s really worth.

  13. Reminiscent of the Urlacher situation in Chicago. At the end of his career Urlacher thought he could still play but he wasn’t fast enough to keep up with the young kids. It was obvious to everybody but him. Mathieu has had a great career but he can’t keep up and is definitely not worth the money he’s asking. He’s a high injury risk and he’s definitely lost a step.

  14. You are leaving your prime playing years. Some say you have already lost a step. Reid is just now entering his prime playing years. No reason for the Chiefs to offer you the same deal as Reid. Now if you want to take a team friendly deal, they would probably re-sign you. But I guess you aren’t THAT heart-broken.

  15. I think the reason why they moved on from him, and the reason why he’s still a FA is because the way he acted on the field. Dude has a lot of Aqib Talib in him…

  16. Didn’t he call the fans “trash”? Don’t let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you.

  17. What I think of most is the way he’d throw his hands up at his teammates play, instead of trying to run in and help out. I don’t follow the Chiefs – that’s just what I remember about what I did see of them.

  18. I think Most Chiefs fans are sad to see Matthieu go. It was obvious something was up last year. His play and attitude changed. Chiefs Kingdom certainly appreciates what he did for our Chiefs helping us win a super bowl. We definitely wish Tyrann Matthiey the Best wherever he lands.

  19. Chefs are down their best weapon on O and best weapon on D. Will be interesting to see how they adjust.

  20. Suck it up Buttercup,the Chiefs signed a player they believe is better than you,it happens every year in the NFL.this is what happens when your talent diminishes.

  21. The problem with TM is he doesn’t run a set position. He floats as he feels the play is going to go. It leaves holes on the d if you have a good qb and o coordinates who can manipulate his movements.
    Arizona thought he was done and they were wrong, …Will KC regret letting him go too?

  22. He and his agent played themselves.

    When you see a lot of these big money deals, you assume you’ll get one of those. But sometimes its best to stay at home and take a fair deal. There’s a bunch of cases of this this FA period.

  23. The Chiefs and their owner were very interested in extending Mathieu in 2021 until he posted on Twitter that Chiefs fans are “one of the most toxic fan bases in all of sports” after they started 3-4 last season.

    Tyrann, you can’t say that about the very people that are paying your salary.

  24. I think the Chiefs were ready for a new (maybe less obnoxious) voice in the locker room and on defense. As someone else said, I think people love Tyrann, but he also wears you out. 3rd team now that has let him walk. I love the guy, but I can see it. I truly hope he lands somewhere great. Really appreciate what he did for KC, he’ll always have our respect as Chiefs fans and personally I hope for nothing but the best for him.

  25. bigbluedeadhead says:
    April 8, 2022 at 9:58 am
    Chefs are down their best weapon on O and best weapon on D. Will be interesting to see how they adjust.

    Lost their best O weapon, the Chiefs lost Patrick Mahomes? When did that happen?
    Chiefs will adjust to the departures of Hill and Mathieu. As long as they have Mahomes they’ll be competitive and a legitimate contender. And I’m a Cowboys fan…

  26. His words regarding other teams; I would love to come home to New Orleans, I’m sad I’m not playing in KC, etc wouldn’t give me a warm and fuzzy about signing him to a city he isn’t fond of. I would have pause about bringing him in.

  27. I appreciate how he helped us win a Super Bowl. Mathieu was a good QB of the defensive backfield. Without him in, our guys looked lost. Perhaps the fix for losing him is a better coached defense that knows what they’re doing.

  28. The only thing he is “Heart Broken” about is he doesn’t have a job and won’t get anywhere close to 31 million for 3 years…..maybe a 1 year 6 million job.

  29. He isn’t signed for the same reason Clowney and OBJ are still unsigned. They want too much money for too little production.

  30. I thought he was going to throw his career away because of weed so I’m proud of him no matter what.

  31. Why all the negativity Moriarty’s? You’re acting like this guy’s Antonio Brown or something.

  32. Anyone remember his deleted social media post about the KC Chiefs fanbase? “Toxic” I believe was the word used. And I said then, he just found his way out of KC. You do not attack the home fans and expect to remain in your current job for long.

    He wasn’t KC best defensive player, that is firmly in Chris Jones corner and that isn’t even up for debate.

    As my friends up in KC told me recently, it was just time. He had to go. No different than Justin Houston.

  33. I can assure Tyrann that if he was Productive and truly made a difference on that defense KC would have sit down with his Agent and see if they can come to an agreement and we all would have known the outcome one way or the other. The bottom line is the Chiefs at this point got a better on-field player in Justin Reid, and i know that there is something to be said for his leadership on the defense, but that means NOTHING when your ON-FIELD PLAY can’t cash what’s coming out of your MOUTH.

  34. I would say his best days are behind him and most teams know this. Some team may get lucky and he could play with that chip on his shoulder for a few more years but I think this is a case of declining skills and not knowing your worth. Sad part is a lot of these players are there own worst enemies. Expecting too much money in the later stages of your career and sticking by that can be the end point. If he’s not signed by the start of the season then his career is pretty much over.

  35. Let’s see the guy shows up everyday. I’ve watched plenty of Chiefs games to know he never quits on a play. If you don’t want that in a younger locker room to show your youth how to play and set an example, then you just don’t know football. Great fit for the Saints or Eagles who have a young defensive backfield and can get him cheap as neither of them are going further than one playoff win.

  36. Let’s say a dumpster fire organization like Washington had made TM the same offer KC did. Would you all be on here roasting the player, or would you, instead, be roasting the team?

  37. Sounds like he wanted too much
    (payment + contract length)
    versus some of the challenges that keeping him presented
    (figuring how to specify his defensive role)
    (shifting the rest of the defense to fit around him)
    (slightly diminishing productivity)
    (a sometimes inflammatory public & locker room persona)
    so the Chiefs went for
    a younger player
    more in his prime
    with equal or better productivity.

  38. He signed a prove it contract with the Texans, then went to KC, and he will need to do that again!

  39. Maybe not ask for so much money that you are no longer worth, then you will not be so heartbroken

  40. It was Mathieu and Hitchens who called out the fans after the defense was playing like trash for a few weeks. Coincidentally, neither have been offered new contracts. If you want to be paid millions, you may want to understand the assignment, oh and it’s the fans who pay your salary…. Welcome to unemployment…

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