XFL receives cease and desist letter for new logo


On Wednesday, the XFL unveiled its new logo. On Thursday, it was asked to come up with something else.

Via A.J. Perez of FrontOficeSports.com, Togethxr sent a cease-and-desist letter to the XFL on Thursday. Togethxr, a media and commerce firm, was founded by soccer star Megan Rapinoe and her wife, Sue Bird.

“Togethxr and its co-founders have worked tremendously hard to build a platform that uplifts women in sports and culture,” Togethxr said, via Perez. “We were disheartened to see the announcement of the XFL’s new branding and logo, which has striking similarities to our own. . . . It’s our mission to weave representation and equality into all that we do, which is why we’ve issued a legal notice to the XFL highlighting our concerns. We will continue to protect the important work we’re doing.”

The issue arises from the shape of the X. Reasonable minds would differ as to whether the two X’s are sufficiently similar to create confusion. Some would say the two X’s don’t look very much like at all.

Matters of this nature can also become an effective mechanism for free publicity, whether a given company is the party responding to or issuing the cease-and-desist letter. For example, many who will become aware of this dispute likely had never heard of Togethxr.

From that perspective, Togethxr arguably already has secured a victory.

35 responses to “XFL receives cease and desist letter for new logo

  1. Wow I just checked Togethxr’s website and it’s really not that close. They have no chance of winning that case in court. None.

  2. Unreal…they look absolutly nothing alike except they both contain a “X”.

    Give me a break here people. 🤦

  3. I see the resemblance. The Togethxr logo has one half of the broken X hollow (outline drawing), but they look similar enough. The XFL marketing team may have been lazy about comparing their logo to what’s existing (if they put in any work at all). Because they are brand new they should make the change asap. The question becomes the cost of the legal fees to fight to use the logo vs. the cost of reprinting all of their branded materials – but I think they’d lose that fight.

  4. I literally see no similarities other then both being white. Plus togethxr’s X looks more like a butterfly then a actual letter.

  5. Togethxr, never heard of it. They should pay the XFL for all the hits their website got because of this story.

  6. Leave it to the Rock to piggyback off us established franchises to get success. Hes been doing it for his entire career in hollywood

  7. I would immediately file counter suit & dismissal motion. They will get there legal fees paid by Togethxr when all this ends.

  8. Regardless of this Togethxr thing, the new XFL logo is terrible. Its just stick letters and has no resemblance to football.

  9. Obvious publicity stunt is…. obvious. No sane person would confuse the two logo’s.

  10. Intellectual properties are complicated. That being said, you can’t trademark a font. Something I believe we can all agree on, there’s an attorney for every frivolous lawsuit…

  11. The logo’s aren’t even remotely close. Togethxr logo has “bird beak” like crease with off-setting black >. XFL is uniformly white.

  12. The “X” in each logo look nothing alike. Different fonts and one is 2-toned. This is clearly a publicity move.

  13. Could be their way of getting publicity for a league and brand that no one knows or cares about!

  14. Not only should this crap be thrown out. They should have to pay damages to the XFL. What is this? Parody?

  15. If the test is whether the similarity creates a “likelihood of confusion” among the general public, the comments here suggest the answer is no.

  16. This is 100% a ploy to get attention for her company, which most people have never heard of.

  17. There are too many laws that result in too much wasted effort.. Lawyers make too much money for a zero sum game in which nothing is added to the economy. We should bring in anarchy, reset everything and start over and every two laws requires you take one away.


  18. If you look at Togethxr’s shop, you can see the problem. I see their point. I would not think that X on the hat belonged to Togethxr, but the XFL. Same with the Jogger.

  19. So is it the XFL’s fault no one can pronounce their name because they can’t spell?

  20. I just checked this out and it turns out it isn’t just the X. The XFL is also using TOGETHER with the two halves of the X on either side of the word. I’m no intellectual property expert, but I think you might be able to make a successful case that the XFL’s >TOGETHER< can be confused with TOGETHXR.

  21. If the cease and desist letter is as far as this goes, then it was just a low-expense publicity stunt to create free awareness for their togetherX company. Looking at the two logos, there’s no real basis here. Overall a pretty sleazy way to get attention, XFL should literally ignore them.

  22. cover32 says:
    Intellectual properties are complicated. That being said, you can’t trademark a font. Something I believe we can all agree on, there’s an attorney for every frivolous lawsuit…
    Many fonts are protected by copyright. Adobe sells the rights to use fonts they own. Likewise, a specific color can be protected by copyright. Most business use PANTONE colors, but when a decision is made to use a specific CMYK mix that is unique, it can be protected.

  23. Am I the only one to see that they didn’t even spell, “Together” correctly?!

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