Trent Brown has plenty of money tied to staying at or under 365 pounds

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Tackle Trent Brown has had his best NFL days as a member of the Patriots. His Thursdays over the next two seasons will be a lot better if he can meet the weight objectives baked into his current contract.

Via Mike Reiss of, Brown makes $25,000 for each Thursday during the 2022 and 2023 season that he weighs in at or under 365 pounds.

He also gets $150,000 is he checks in at 385 or less on the first day of the offseason program. He gets $75,000 for being 375 or less on June 1. He gets $75,000 for being 365 or less on July 16. It adds up to $750,000 per year, over the next two seasons.

Brown also has major playing-time incentives. He gets $500,000 for participating in 65 percent of the team’s offensive snaps. He gets another $500,000 at 70 percent. He gets another $750,000 for 75 percent, another $750,000 for 80 percent, another $750,000 for 85 percent, and another $750,000 for 90 percent. He gets another $500,000 for 95 percent or making it to the Pro Bowl on the original ballot.

Brown has actually played only two seasons with the Patriots. He got started in San Francisco, and he landed a huge-money deal from the Raiders in 2019.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Brown received a signing bonus of $2.5 million and a guaranteed 2022 base salary of $1.5 million. His 2023 base salary of $4 million become fully guaranteed is he participates in at least 75 percent of the offensive plays in 2022, or if he’s on the roster on the first day of the 2023 league year.

The deal also includes $1.5 million per year in per-game roster bonuses — which works out to $88,235 per game. He also has $250,000 per year in workout bonuses.

24 responses to “Trent Brown has plenty of money tied to staying at or under 365 pounds

  1. That’s why the Pats were 4th and 8th in NFL rushing yards the 2 years without Brady

  2. If Belichick doesn’t know how to build o-line then Mac Jones is better than he gets credit for. He managed to overcome a bad o-line and had the best rookie year out of all QBs in his draft class. The future is bright.

  3. LOL, what is the point if QB gets rid of balls quickly but can’t score when his defense struggles?

  4. What’s hilarious is the media treats this like “free money” when in actuality it’s a contractual penalty. He should be collecting this full amount but the team said “nahhh, my dude. You keep that Dairy Queen intake in check and we both win”

  5. “William Lee says:
    April 10, 2022 at 12:35 pm
    Without Brady’s quick release, Belichick doesn’t know to build O-Line.”
    Willam, Do you actually watch football?

  6. Sosayweall,

    Yes. Do you even know that the line for small pocket is shorter than that for a big pocket, which makes job easier for O-Line?

    BTW, against opponents could put only 4 pass rushers, not 5. Do you even know what it means for O-Line?

  7. So he makes millions basically showing up in shape to do his job. Unreal. I wonder if my company would pay me for showing up, ready to work? Like $25 every day for coming in sober, another $50 if my eyes aren’t bloodshot etc.

  8. rumourville says,
    So he makes millions basically showing up in shape to do his job.
    Round is a Shape,…… eh??

  9. ariani1985 says:
    April 10, 2022 at 1:13 pm
    Without Brady BB doesn’t know how to win.
    So please explain New England’s 10 wins last year.
    Thank you in advance.

  10. I don’t think I would want a player I didn’t trust to act like a professional and show up in shape ready to work without having to basically bribe them to do so.

  11. So please explain New England 10 wins last season.

    Please check Mark Sanchez’s first 2 seasons with Jets, they made to AFCCG in both seasons

    Told you all, Belichick now is trying to prove he is at least as good as Rex Ryan.

  12. Saw him one time in a supermarket near the stadium, He is massive, both height and overall size. 365 on him wouldn’t actually be that noteworthy.

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