Josh Allen rookie card sells for $312,000

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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In a sign of the exploding popularity of Bills quarterback Josh Allen, one of his football cards sold for $312,000 at an auction.

The card was sold through Goldin Auctions and was the highest price an Allen card has ever fetched.

There was a time when people wouldn’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a sports card unless it was a decades-old collector’s item, but in recent years there’s been a surge in prices for high-end cards of active players. Allen’s rookie year was 2018.

The same auction saw a Patrick Mahomes rookie card sell for $181,200.

18 responses to “Josh Allen rookie card sells for $312,000

  1. I get why the demand would be high, but surely these things would be common? I mean if anyone gets lots of rookie cards printed, surely it would be first round quarterbacks. Am I missing something?

  2. This guy is an idiot. I’m a big Bills fan, have been since 1964. I had a lot of cards which I collected through the years, but I passed them on to my kids. We used to go online after the draft and have the cards autographed at training camp. This was a common practice so unlike a autographed Jack Kemp card ( There weren’t many of them and he is now deceased) I’m sure there are lots of Josh Allen rookie cards in Buffalo. When that $ 312,000 number becomes public a lot of those cards will be for sale and the price will fall to $ 20, which is it’s true worth.

  3. Spending $312,000 on a football card is God’s way of telling you you have too much money, and, frankly, the best argument I’ve heard for raising taxes A LOT on the 1%.

  4. Nothing against Allen but good lord that’s way too much…that card cost more than most peoples’ houses

  5. As the tech industry continues to boom more and more nerds will have a lot of money. A friend of mine spent $1800 on a pack of Pokémon cards the other day.

  6. Is this the season where he had 75 million turnovers or was that his 2nd season for Mr. 13 Seconds?


  7. Would rather spend my 300,000.00 on vintage Redline Hot Wheels……at least you can play with them.

  8. I hear the Bills are thinking of keeping their punter inactive on game day when they face the Patriots…They don’t really need him.

  9. Is this the season where he had 75 million turnovers or was that his 2nd season for Mr. 13 Seconds?

    Same season where he walked all over Belichick and the Patriots.

  10. LOL..
    Funny how average working income people who are sooooo smart…decide what is a smart investment for someone with obvious wealth.

  11. LOL..
    Funny how average working income people who are sooooooooo smart…know what a savvy investment is for someone who has gained obvious wealth.

  12. Is it crazy for the average person to spend this much on a card? Of course. However, the reason it sold for this price is because only 10 of these cards exist and this is likely the only mint graded one of the 10. Rarity equals value. It will never drop to 20$ as someone suggested. There are plenty of Allen rookie cards you can get for 20$ but they are all mass produced, hence the low value. This dude will probably sell it next year for half a million.

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