USFL hopes to use football that glows when it reaches the goal line

New Jersey Generals v Los Angeles Express
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The USFL’s embrace of technology includes a potential visual effect that will activate when the ball crosses the goal line.

As explained by Michael McCarthy of, the USFL will experiment with a football that glows when it crosses the goal line.

“That’s something we’re hoping to have this season,” former NFL fullback, Fox broadcaster, and USFL executive V.P. of football operations Daryl Johnston said Monday on Fox News.

It’s unclear whether or when it will be deployed. However, any embrace of technology is a good thing. It’s a very good thing that the USFL is willing to rely on something more than the naked eye and/or two sticks separated by 10 yards of chain.

Unlike the NFL.

11 responses to “USFL hopes to use football that glows when it reaches the goal line

  1. Let them test and work out the kinks then introduce any tech to the nfl when appropriate

  2. Ok, but I thought we also just said a few days ago that the chip in the ball won’t be able to correctly gage a first down, so why do we think it will be better at gaging a touchdown?

  3. Glowing ball? I wouldn’t mind if this league actually becomes legit, but come on. While there is the occasional question as to whether or not the ball crossed the line,the issue is far more often when the whistle blew, whether the ball carrier was down, or in/out of bounds.
    Every single play, the ball is spotted by an official, upwards of 125 times a game. Inches here and there have a profound effect. I get as frustrated as the next guy with obviously poor calls, but gimmicky tech is rarely the answer. I admit that the computerized first down line has been great in general terms-but it isn’t even accurate and official. I think the game would be better served by eliminating one on-field official, give the remaining six more responsibility, which hopefully will lead to less “iffy” calls.

  4. Sensors in the ball? Yes. Blue glowing footballs? Come on, let’s not get out of control here. This isn’t Disney stuff.

  5. Sounds like the time that Fox sports used the glowing hockey puck when they had the NHL games. We all know how that worked out.

  6. On one hand all this type tech is great stuff and I think good for the game. But at the same time humans are humans and nothing will ever end bickering and complaining over officiating calls. Its just part of sports for that to be going on.

  7. all the gimicks are what will doom the USFL. Make it football, traditional football, and it will succeed.

    If they wanted a gimick that wouldnt hurt their brand, they should be more lenient on all of the ticky tack fouls the NFL calls.

  8. I love it. Can’t wait for some tech football to start THIS WEEKEND !!!!!!! And it’s free to watch!

  9. This reminds me of the saying of rocking roll bands, “if you’re not very good, just play loud.”

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