Jason Garrett, Cameron Jordan will be analysts for USFL on NBC

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The USFL is set to return to action this weekend with a Saturday game between the New Jersey Generals and Birmingham Stallions that will be simulcast on NBC and FOX and Tuesday brought announcements about who will be calling the action for both networks this season.

NBC announced that former Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett, Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan, and former 49ers and Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson will be serving as analysts this season. Jac Collinsworth and Paul Burmeister will handle play-by-play duties.

FOX will produce Saturday night’s opening game coverage while NBC does pregame, halftime, and postgame coverage. Curt Menefee and Joel Klatt will be one of their broadcast teams with Kevin Kugler, former Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, and Brock Huard also in the mix.

NBC will be providing coverage of two games on Sunday, April 17. One will air at Noon ET on NBC and Peacock with the other at 4 p.m. ET on USA Network, with Collinsworth and Garrett on the early game and Burmeister and Robinson on the later game.

Zora Stephenson and Corey Robinson will do sideline reporting for NBC and Sara Perlman will host halftime and postgame coverage.

18 responses to “Jason Garrett, Cameron Jordan will be analysts for USFL on NBC

  1. Jason Garrett is that burnt onion ring you find in your fries after getting home from the Burger King drive-thru.

  2. I will give this product a chance. These play on the field will determine if I continue to watch. Not the talking heads in the booth and on the sidelines. I hope it’s fun if nothing else.

  3. I know Garrett has a degree from Princeton, which I definitely don’t so props to him on that. But the guy could not sound any more dumb jock coach than he already does. Nothing insightful or colorful ever escapes his mouth.

  4. Matt Ryan will be watching out of the corner of his eye. Jerry Jones will give this broadcast team 10 years and then re-evaluate.

  5. Oh boy, I’m definitely not watching now. I’ve seen this movie back in the 80s. It didn’t last long.

  6. Well they really want this fail, don’t they? Lets put the most vanilla thing we can find out there… that’ll bring in the fans LOL

  7. Here we go again. This is the same mistake all these new leagues make. They just don’t understand their audience. People that watch this brand of football are more the draftniks and the diehard fans. People who are actually into football, not just your common fan. They need announcers who know the players and who can talk about some of the pro prospects. They should have some NFL scouts in the booth. Guys who can talk about the next Kurt Warner. Guys who know what NFL GM’s are thinking. They need to make these players out to be future NFL players. It’s a skill that none of the announcers possess. People don’t turn on their TV because they recognize the name of the announcer. They turn on their TV to watch too quality football players.

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