Two more NFL officials retire, bringing the number of retirements to nine

Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints
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NFL officials Gary Cavaletto and Rich Hall recently retired, leaving the NFL with nine retirements of on-field officials, Mark Schultz of reports. Cavaletto was a veteran deep wing, who officiated in the NFL for 19 seasons; Hall served as an umpire for 18 seasons.

The league currently has 11 total openings for officials, including two replay officials. John McGrath retired, and Carl Madsen died during the 2021 season.

The NFL intends to hire eight new on-field officials, leaving one swing official to rotate. The hirings should happen quicky as May 15 is the date when the NFL officials’ season begins.

Schultz reports that the 2022 rookie class of NFL officials could work this spring calling USFL games.

15 responses to “Two more NFL officials retire, bringing the number of retirements to nine

  1. where do I apply? I’m fairly certain I’m capable of seeing things that nobody else sees, or not seeing things that everybody else sees.

  2. I have my reservations that this will improve officiating, at least in the near future. “Qualified” individuals will be hard to find with any real experience at the NFL level. I guess I’ll brush up on my NFL rulebook…

  3. Fine, I’ll take the job. I’m extremely qualified: I’ve watched a lot of football, Roger Goodell is a saint, and I’ll always defer to the voice in my ear.

  4. “Schultz reports that the 2022 rookie class of NFL officials could work this spring calling USFL games.”

    Well there go my hopes and dreams of the USFL writing their own rules in a clear and concise manner, knowing that we, the viewing public, can see every play from every angle and in super-slow-motion.

  5. After Cavaletto blew the call of no defensive pass interference in the 2018 NFC Championship Game between the Rams and the Saints, he never worked another playoff game. No inference intended, just fact.

  6. yea cause i bet they been gambling on the games, and figure retire before anyone finds out.

  7. I’m here to announce I’m throwing my name in the ring. Can’t be any worse right? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  8. Carl Madsen died during the 2021 season.


    He died on his way home after a game in which the 71 year old man was running up and down the field with men in their 20s. Gary Cavaletto and Rich Hall were 2 more referees born in the 1950’s chasing men born in the 2000’s.

    I am just saying that NFL referee shouldn’t be a lifetime appointment and that when you realize it’s 70+ year old men making the calls on the field it’s amazing there hasn’t been a heart issue with a referee on the field during a game.

  9. I will do the replay official duties. Cant be that hard. We have all seen the rulings over the years. The qualifications are probably something like “knows what the NFL is”, and “has seen at least one game of football played in their lifetime, at any level of the sport from Pop Warner to Arena to NFL”

  10. in the picture #60 is the official that blew the pass interference call in the rams saints playoff game…thought he was fired…says alot about the nfl’s grading method

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