Aaron Rodgers creates viral video at youth football event

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It happened on March 12. For some reason, it took a month for the video to surface.

Participating in a youth flag football event in Orange County, California, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers threw an interception to a young player who hid for an instant behind a receiver before springing into action. Then it got good.

As shown in the video posted by the NFL on social media, the kid ran the ball to Rodgers, handed it to him, and ran away in celebration. Rodgers, in a likely unintended homage to the classic Peyton Manning United Way parody from SNL, threw the ball at the kid.

It almost hit his legs. The real question is whether Rodgers was aiming for the kid’s legs, or whether he was aiming to come close to the kid’s legs.

Regardless, the event raised $375,000. And Rodgers didn’t have to be there. Whatever criticism he may get for his churlish reaction to the kid mildly (and hilariously) disrespecting him, Rodgers should be praised for showing up and participating.

11 responses to “Aaron Rodgers creates viral video at youth football event

  1. I don’t care what he does. He can’t make up for arrogantly lying due to selfish and privileged reasons until he apologizes for doing so. Getting indignant when you’re exposed as a fraud doesn’t do it for me.

  2. Whether he aimed to hit the kid or not, throwing the ball after him was juvenile behavior for an adult.

  3. There shouldn’t be any criticism… anyone with plain common sense can see it was all in fun. I’m sure Arod thinks it’s pretty cool for the kid. Who wouldn’t?

  4. Now if he’d show up for off season workout the build chemistry with his new receivers.

  5. What??!!?? Something positive about Aaron Rodgers??!!??? Perish the thought! We can’t have that.

  6. What a jerk. That kid know nows what it’s like to be a packer’s WR. No wonder they have no WR depth

  7. That pick will probably prevent Rodgers from throwing to anyone without at least 10 yards of open space around him all season.

  8. The Kid upstaged Rodgers running the ball back to him. Aaron’s feelings were hurt and threw the ball at the kid as a retaliatory act.

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