Baker Mayfield on the Browns: “I feel disrespected”

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Browns (for now) quarterback Baker Mayfield has broken his silence regarding the events that eventually will see him no longer be a member of the Browns.

I feel disrespected,” Mayfield said in a lengthy appearance on the YNK Podcast. “One hundred percent. Because I was told one thing, and they completely did another. That’s what I’m in the middle of right now.”

He nevertheless said that he has no regrets regarding his time in Cleveland. And while he expressed no preferences regarding his next destination, Mayfield addressed what he wants generally.

“I’m just looking for stabilization right now,” Mayfield said. “And like I know what I need to do for me to be the best organization of me and be able to lead an organization. And like I’m in a good place right now. I have no clue where I’m going.”

No one does at this point. He called Seattle “the most likely option,” and he acknowledged that the Colts would have been a possibility. (They traded for Matt Ryan.)

The real question is whether Mayfield will cooperate with efforts to trade him or take the position that he should be cut, so that he can choose his next team. Given that he feels disrespected and, based on his own words, lied to, he may not be inclined to be a good soldier when it comes to the team’s effort to treat him as a pawn in the game to get value for him — and to keep him away from a team like the Steelers.

Either way, he’s making $18.8 million next year. The goal, then, is setting himself up for a deal in 2023. Ideally, then, he’ll go to a place where he can play and play well in 2022.

80 responses to “Baker Mayfield on the Browns: “I feel disrespected”

  1. I don’t blame Baker. He played last year injured and gets a middle finger in return for his services.

  2. If he feels disrespected now just wait until he gets traded and becomes a backup

  3. 18.8M disgruntled backup QB. With a prima dona 40M+ QB. And needing to carry another QB because the backup is likely to hand off to the other team.
    Quarterback room: north of $60M. Yikes.

  4. If you pay me $50 million over 5 years you can dis me all you like.
    I’ll go elsewhere and make a little more.
    Maybe I’ll work at improving and earning a lot more.

  5. Because of all those tiresome commercials he did, especially around the Browns’ stadium, Baker has made himself a pinata. He needs to go somewhere and shut it down and shut up and let his play do the talking.

  6. Disrespect from the Browns and the 31 other teams that have passed so far. It would be entertaining if he ended up in Pittsburgh.

  7. unfortunately you are nothing more than a lower tier Quarterback. you have been paid a lot of $$ . if you keep quiet you can hang around for a few more years . the ball as they say is in your court.

  8. I’m rooting for the guy. He strikes me as a genuine guy, an honest one and no one likes those types usually. he’s a guy with heart. Good luck to him.

  9. He played injured last year because he was afraid of losing his job , which he did anyway is the funny part. He held the team back.

  10. Mayfield played poorly last season, ranking 21st in EPA per play, behind Carson Wentz and barely ahead of Daniel Jones. Ya should be disrespected!

  11. The real loser in this is Progressive. Now they can’t just re-run all of those At Home With Baker commercials.

  12. The Browns just proved that they are willing to overpay for an elite quarterback with character issues. If Baker had played better, HE could have been the overpaid quarterback with character issues.

  13. You would of still been our qb right now if u would of gotten surgery after week 2. But instead u took a gamble and that gamble didnt pay off so….tough luck

  14. A couple years ago I thought Cleveland was an up and coming team with a QB and tons of draft picks. Now the have managed to “Browns” it all up and get passed by about 6 other teams in the AFC

  15. I think the MLBPA and NBAPA might disagree with you!

    jr4real says:
    April 13, 2022 at 1:59 pm
    Can’t believe this guy. There are no guarantees in life dude.

  16. Not a Baker fan, but I don’t disagree with him. The Browns acted as the Browns always do. They’re a dysfunctional organization and that’s the reason they’ve won bupkis over the last 25 years. If he goes to the right team that take the “I” out of him, he may do well.

  17. I agree with him that for him, “Seattle’s the logical choice.” It sure would be interesting to see him and Drew Lock in the QB starting competition. I’m just no sure it happens unless the Browns cut him outright or agree to help pay his 2022 salary.

  18. Browns fans probably don’t have such hard feelings towards Baker. After all, Mayfield was their QB for their first playoff win since Bill Belichick was HC.

    Let that sink in for a sec.

  19. I believe he played injured because he’s a leader and wanted to be there for his team. His injury impacted his play but not his heart. He’s the kind of QB I’d want. Those of you posting negatively are out of bounds. He’s a good kid and deserves better. I hope he gets a chance elsewhere and wins.

  20. Ah, Cleveland, when it looked a year ago like the franchise had turned the corner to competence, I was happy for the long-suffering Browns fans. With this latest cluster at QB, looks like that was a mirage. This team should be better than it is, but they’re weak where it’s most important — ownership.

  21. I’m siding with Baker here. Could he have made his own destiny by being a better QB? Sure – but CLE has been nowhere before he showed up. Look at his QBR, and the fact they actually made a playoff for the first time ever in the past 10 years? If you don’t like him – I get it? But, boy.. you just are going all in on DeShaun Watson and his mess? Wow… okay? Hopefully Baker can go to Seattle, or somewhere else and get healthy. I didn’t like the tone from ownership on the DeShaun thing where they were like “oh it’s all upper management – we didn’t approve it?” That’s *insert expletive*.. C’mon…

  22. And btw.. I’m a packer fan – I don’t care about the Browns, but I feel bad for the fanbase

  23. If anyone knows disrespect, its the guy that stared down the opposing bench and while he grabbed his crotch.

  24. I like Baker and he played well in 2020, when he was healthy, so I think he can still have a productive career in the right situation. Also I agree with him that the Browns didn’t treat him particularly well. However, that’s the nature of sports … if your team finds somebody who’s better than you, they’ll replace you. That’s nothing new; it’s always been that way. Also it’s a bad look for a guy to be complaining when he’s guaranteed $18.8 million this fall, especially at a time when the nation as a whole is struggling. The better option would have been for him to say that he enjoyed his time in Cleveland and that he’s looking forward to a fresh start elsewhere, period. Not only would that have been classier, but it may have improved his chances of landing his next gig. A GM in some other town would be far more likely to bring him in if he’d shown himself to be a positive-attitude guy who doesn’t blast his previous employer when things go sour. But I guess that ship has sailed now. He’ll still get another chance at some point, anyway.

  25. This delusional fool still thinks he’s going to lead another organization. No, Baker, that’s not how this works.

  26. “cma1973 says:
    April 13, 2022 at 2:15 pm
    The real loser in this is Progressive. Now they can’t just re-run all of those At Home With Baker commercials.”

    Since Progressive is based in Cleveland, maybe they’ll cary on with “At home with DeShaun Watson” They can use the a PG-13 rating warning at the start of each commercial and he can be getting a massage from a different Craigs List/Back Page/ Snap Chat/ Facebook/ Instagram “masseuse” in every episode.

  27. I like quarterbacks who just play ball, and win or lose keep their mouth shut. Respect is earned not given

  28. Baker could still be a Brown- Watson gets suspended for year by league’s conduct policy J truly think this is going to happen, 22 civil cases against him ain’t just one and with ur $130 Million contract u are absolutely ripe for paying and writing a lot of cheques or E transfers! He is really in a huge jam therefore Baker will still be around!

  29. Hope the Panthers draft the best O-Lineman available at #6 and make a deal for Baker.

  30. Awaiting Moderation-What is that, really it’s either a go or no, how long does one have to wait? Approval by whom? Please advise

  31. Play better football, and this doesn’t happen to a good QB. Dry your tears with your dozens of millions of dollars. Wah Baker, wah.

    Watch me care about a multimillionaire not getting to play a sport where they want to while being filthy rich. That’ll be the day.

  32. There’s not one of us here who wouldn’t be jealous of the guy making a cool quarter billion in guaranteed money even if we had Baker’s incoming paycheck. But, ultimately, that’s the business in this league. If you want respect, focus more on the sport and less on the optics.

  33. Not a Baker fan but people who act like he’s a bum seem to forget that he played through injuries last season and the season before that he led the Browns to their first playoff win in 25 years. They came awfully close to defeating the defending Super Bowl champions in the divisional round.

    Browns are gonna Brown…

  34. As a Browns fan I still appreciate what Baker tried to do and hope for the best for him. I think healthy and in the right situation he can be a solid starter. Not elite, but solid. Still, the talk of being lied to is nonsense. They said he was their likely starter unless a top-level QB became available. They didn’t expect to land Watson but they did. Sounds like they were honest about it.

  35. Lets be honest, we’re all gonna miss those Baker living at the stadium commercials.

    Perhaps they can bring him back as stadium groundskeeper?

  36. You can believe that between signing a guy to 230 million fully guaranteed that has 22 civil suits against him and totally bailing on Baker, other players will look at Cleveland as a team that has no loyalty to their players. Players will avoid them in the future and the Browns will have a hard time re-signing existing players. I know it’s a business but you have to also not lie. This is why the Browns are the Browns.

  37. He wants the respect of a superstar QB … but plays like a mediocre one. That’s going to cause imagined disrespect.

  38. None of the other 31 teams want to trade for you and pay $18 million this year. If you want respect, try spending more time watching game tape and less time making a fool of yourself in commercials.

  39. I don’t know how people can so easily trash this guy. He’s had 3 head coaches, and 4 offensive coordinator, a pandemic and busted shoulder, OVER FOUR YEARS! That’s like having to learn 3 languages, most of us speak one and we are calling him a backup worthy QB after he played through all those injuries? And wasn’t all of that on his rookie contract? The last playoff game you won before him was when? He’s an upgrade in Miami Carolina Pittsburg Detroit Houston New Orleans New York, New York, Seattle and (dare I say) Arizona, oh and of course whatever backup the browns bring in to play for Watson as he’s out for work who knows how long. Hell, I don’t think he loses that game if he’s wearing a titans jersey when they played the bengals.

    He’s not elite, but he’s no backup. He’s an upgrade a lot of places and the browns did him wrong just like they’ve done so many times in so many ways in the past.

    Chiefs fan.

  40. Don’t pay much attention to the teams in that division, but I’m definitely rooting for Baker over the Browns. What they did with Deshaun is pretty sleazy. IMHO

  41. You guys are funny. If your employer told you one thing similar and did the opposite, you would feel more than disrespected.

  42. “If your employer told you one thing similar and did the opposite, you would feel more than disrespected.” …Yes, we do feel that way, because it happens all the time and we don’t get news coverage for it or 19 million bucks to ride the pine next year.

  43. He will likely get to choose his destination anyway. Between what Mayfield makes, and what the Browns are now paying Watson, something’s gotta give. Mayfield will get cut before training camp opens.

  44. He played hurt when he shouldn’t have done it. The bad thing is he’s really not that good and I don’t blame the Browns for moving on from him. I love the guy but he’s not elite we’ve seen enough on tape he’s gonna have to be a backup for less money if he wants to continue playing.

  45. Nothing like the old “I feel disrespected” card. Translation: Just because I play like a 3rd rounder I still want to get paid as a 1st rounder.

  46. He should feel disrespected because they don’t respect him. He hasn’t earned respect. It’s not something you get because you’re somehow entitled. He’s going to have to live with it. Or, let it fuel him and make him better. Because right now, he’s not worthy.

  47. Maybe Progressive can choose a baseball player who actually plays in Progressive Stadium for their next round of commercials.

  48. Next step for the Browns winning the Super Bowl is calling a wambulance for Baker and getting him out of town

  49. He’s not wrong. I’m not a big a baker fan but he’s only 1 year removed from being a top ten guy and as far as an organization, we all know about the Browns. I’d like to see him in Pitt. Playing the Browns twice a year.

  50. Jimmy Haslam should send flowers every day to Dan Snyder. If not for Dan, Jimmy is easily the biggest piece of crap within NFL ownership.

  51. You live by the ego. You die by the ego. It’s a business Baker. Sorry. Seeya.

  52. Going “celebrity” before accomplishing anything showed disrespect to the Browns and the sport.

  53. I hope he is successful wherever he goes just because the Browns are a trash organization!

  54. Dysfunctional Browns. Delusional fans. Average QB who thinks he’s elite lol. Yeah what can I say, Made In Cleveland?

  55. It’s funny how everyone wants to say it’s Baker’s fault that he continued to play after being injured. Why is the team given a pass on that? That’s the TEAM’s decision. The TEAM has medical professionals to make these decisions. It’s an organizational failure that they allowed an injured player who clearly couldn’t perform stay on the field.

    The Browns have apparently done a great job of throwing Baker under the bus. They trashed him publicly, like idiots, and killed his trade value. They weren’t honest with him.

    And let’s remember that he was drafted by a team that had gone 1-31. Shame on him for not turning around the fortunes of an entire organization that has been a dysfunctional sh*tshow since’ ’99, and has only gotten worse under the ownership of super-mature adult Jimmy Haslam.

  56. ogre4nerds says:
    April 13, 2022 at 4:08 pm
    “If your employer told you one thing similar and did the opposite, you would feel more than disrespected.” …Yes, we do feel that way, because it happens all the time and we don’t get news coverage for it or 19 million bucks to ride the pine next year.

    This is entirely irrelevant. It’s like saying to a complaining cruise ship employee, “Yeah, well I don’t get to work on a boat!” Our personal realities are very different from those of NFL QBs. Mayfield has $19 million guaranteed because he was drafted in the first round, and he was drafted in the first round by an NFL team because he was perceived to have the talent of an NFL QB.

    Neither his vocation nor his salary negate him being a human being with thoughts, feelings and opinions.

  57. florioisableedingheartlib says:
    April 13, 2022 at 3:02 pm
    “cma1973 says:
    April 13, 2022 at 2:15 pm
    The real loser in this is Progressive. Now they can’t just re-run all of those At Home With Baker commercials.”

    Since Progressive is based in Cleveland, maybe they’ll cary on with “At home with DeShaun Watson” They can use the a PG-13 rating warning at the start of each commercial and he can be getting a massage from a different Craigs List/Back Page/ Snap Chat/ Facebook/ Instagram “masseuse” in every episode.

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