Derek Carr gets only $24.9 million fully guaranteed at signing

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The early tweets trumpet quarterback Derek Carr‘s extension as having a new-money average of $40.5 million per year. As usual, the truth comes out later.

Per a source with knowledge of the terms, the Raiders have basically given Carr a $3.9 million raise for 2022 and a significant injury guarantee for 2023 and beyond, in exchange for the flexibility to cut him after one season, if they so choose.

Carr was due to make $21 million in 2022, the last year of his contract. He’ll now make $24.9 million, fully guaranteed. Another $40.4 million is guaranteed for injury until the third day of the 2023 waiver period.

Although it’s generally regarded that triggers based on the early days of the waiver period won’t result in a player being released, the Raiders have the right to do it. And if they decide after one year to move on to someone else, they’ll be able to dump Carr (if he’s healthy) and move on.

A full breakdown of the contract is coming. For now, the truth is fairly obvious. It’s not the kind of deal that other high-end quarterbacks recently have gotten.

30 responses to “Derek Carr gets only $24.9 million fully guaranteed at signing

  1. I doubt they find a better QB despite how much the fan base seems to rag on him.

  2. We really have lost the plot haven’t we? ONLY 25 million dollars to play a kid’s game. Give me a break.

  3. Actual team friendly deal that still gives the room for this year if they want to go get Gilmore. QBs who claim its all about winning should take notes.

  4. Carr said he would leave money on the table if they got his friend Davante. Guess he wasn’t lying.

  5. Carr told them he’d take a more team friendly deal if they got DeVante Adams. So there you go.

  6. Now sign Stephon Gilmore and make all the so called experts and armchair geniuses look like idiots by winning the division.

  7. Adams, Waller, and Renfrow aren’t going to be easy to defend no matter what Raider haters want to believe

  8. Makes him tradeable next offseason (like he was this offseason) assuming the new team would either accept that $40m next year or give him a new contract.

  9. The media decided years ago fans needed to know every detail about players money. Minute details of bonuses. Now the sports media obsessed with money. It’s sick how they ram that down our throats especially when so many Americans struggling to buy food and gas. It’s a sickness, brought by the ESPN’s of the world. Sick.

  10. And so how many of you were commenting like this when Brady did the same thing?

    Crickets……. thought so……. wimps

  11. tyreehelmetcatch says:
    April 13, 2022 at 1:40 pm
    We really have lost the plot haven’t we? ONLY 25 million dollars to play a kid’s game. Give me a break

    Kid’s game? $18 billion in revenue. I agree that some players are overpaid but most of these players are the best in their field. It may be crazy what they earn but they are professionals. This is big business. If you have sticker shock and don’t like it, don’t support it.

  12. It’s a small raise this year, and injury insurance, for Carr in exchange for team options each of the next two seasons for the Raiders. Effectively, the Raiders get to choose before 2023 and 2024 whether it’s better to go the next season with Carr at 40 or someone else at a different price.

  13. He had a great 2021 year. But his career record is average at best. This extension is a way to show they still believe in him, but in a prove it 2022 year. For him to show he can lead his team to the playoffs, and win a couple of games. If so, he gets the 40 millions at least in 2023. That’s the approach the Vikings should have taken with Cousins, who happens to be less talented than Carr.

  14. Only? That’s funny. So he gets $137-138 for three year extension, as long as he’s good enough to warrant the price. As it should be with any player. Not worth it, you can be fired. Welcome to America.

  15. The Raiders can’t do business like some of the richer owners. Guaranteed money has to go into an escrow to ensure a team can make payroll. That’s why the Rams can do business the way they do; their owner is a multi-billionaire. Anyone that plays for the Raiders, Bengals and other small market teams understand that.

  16. Win-Win Across the board. Leave the team space to continue to build! Look forward to see what Zieglar and McDaniel’s do next. OL, Safety, and CB????

  17. 57-70 career record and coming off 23 TD’s and 15 turnovers that seems about right 25 million a year I’m a Raiders fan and think it’s delusional to pay this man 40 million a year lol….

  18. $25 million to play a ‘kids game’?

    Definition of Kids Game: A game where grown men weighing 250-340 pounds try to pound you into the ground, crippling injury is a high risk, brain damage likely, job security is virtually non-existent, and careers are short.

    And you mean to tell me an actor can get paid $20-$30 million just to play ‘make believe’ for 3-5 months? And also get a share of the profits? And they can do this for decades?

  19. Of course it’s not the same high end contract other QB’s have gotten, bc Carr openly said he would take a team friendly deal if they traded for Adams. He said he saw what happened to the team the last team he went for every penny he could get, and didn’t want it to happen again. So, he gave Raiders a really good deal. Let’s face it, he’s not getting cut either way, even if he has a down season (he won’t). Carr will be the starter in 2023-2025, the same as Adams. It’s structured that way to give the team great cap flexibility, so they can sign who they want, end of story. It seems some don’t understand how much Carr loves this team. Rodgers? Nope, raked GB for every penny he could get. Even sacrificed weapons to do it. Had Raiders had Rodgers, Maxx doesn’t get an extension, nor does Adams. Carr did what he did bc Raiders gave up 2 premium picks to get his best friend (who’s also a great WR), and so they could keep Maxx instead of having a Mack repeat. It’s really not that hard to understand.

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