Derek Carr: Throwing to Davante Adams again is like riding a bike

Oakland Raiders v Green Bay Packers
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The Raiders shook up the AFC West when they traded for receiver Davante Adams and gave him a lucrative contract.

But that decision to bring in Adams also allowed the receiver to realize a long-establish dream with his college quarterback.

Las Vegas signed Derek Carr to a three-year contract extension on Wednesday, which potentially keeps him a Raider through the 2025 season. In Carr’s Wednesday press conference, he told reporters that it’s been “so good” to have Adams as his teammate again.

“It’s been a couple of years since we got to throw together because when we moved from the Bay, again, we were like almost neighbors,” Carr said. “And we’ve always been close, having dinner at each other’s houses and things like that. And then when we moved, obviously he’s not coming out here, I wasn’t going back to the Bay. But I told my brothers — I said after the first time we threw, they’re like, ‘How was it?’ I was like, ‘Honestly, it was like riding a bike.’ Every ball is right here and the guy is so freakishly talented, he makes me look better than I actually am.

“It’s a blessing to be able to play with him not only because of the player he is, but he’s one of my best friends in the whole world. We’ve tried to plot and scheme this thing for a long time, you know? But at the end of the day, we both loved our situations. He had a great situation, I had a great situation. But we always talked about it, one day we were going to make it happen. And the opportunity came and we worked hard to try and make that happen. And the fact that it’s here, it’s exciting. We’ve had success together, but that was at the college level — completely different. But we do have confidence that we can do it at this level, too.”

Carr and Adams were teammates at Fresno State, with Adams catching 233 passes for 3,031 yards with 38 touchdowns in their two shared seasons from 2012-2013.

They were then both selected in the second round of the 2014 draft, with Carr going to the Raiders at No. 36 overall and Adams going to the Packers at No. 53 overall.

16 responses to “Derek Carr: Throwing to Davante Adams again is like riding a bike

  1. Carr ain’t no Rodgers but if LV can get top 20 D play then there’s a chance at wild card and maybe a win.

  2. Carr is and always has been ALL TALK. Show us the rings and maybe we will listen.

  3. The difference is you’re not playing the WAC or Mountain west conferences opponents for 12 games a year lol….

  4. Davante will either help Derek or expose him. If their relationship doesn’t click right away the way Joe Burrow and Chase did, then it will not be a good look for Derek.

  5. Adams is nothing without Rodgers. The Raiders will regret signing this overrated receiver.

  6. Carr’s going to look like Mahomes next year with Adam’s running routes. Hunter is going to get some EASY looks.

  7. He better be good at riding a bike, cause PS2 is gonna make earning a living in football tough for them.

  8. Carr has had excellent NFL receivers to throw to so I’m pretty sure things will be the same.

  9. Adams traded in his Cadillac Escalade for a Ford Flex. What he didn’t think about is Ford Flex isn’t in the same league as the Cadillac Escalade! Soon he will find this out.

  10. I’m happy for Davante that he gets to live out a dream playing for his best friend and the team he supported as a kid.
    Yes we will miss him in GB. Helluva a player,… Tough as nails too.

  11. You’re still in for a big (and pleasant) surprise, Derek. Adams is exponentially better than he was coming out of college.

    Nobody gets off the line or into and out of breaks like Davante Adams. Best feet in the league, bar none. He is going to be sorely missed in Green Bay.

  12. Of course it’s like riding a bike…it’s April…with your next door neighbor! Keep hyping yourself up Derek and why exactly do you even need to bring it up? Again…it’s April!!!!

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