Justin Jefferson excited for Kevin O’Connell to “change the whole program”

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When wide receiver Justin Jefferson joined us on PFT Live shortly before the Super Bowl, he gave his thumbs up to the team’s plans to hire then-Rams offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell as the team’s next head coach.

That excitement hasn’t dissipated over the last couple of months. Jefferson spoke to reporters at a press conference from the team’s facility on Tuesday and said he believes O’Connell “can connect more with us” than his predecessor Mike Zimmer because he brings a “younger vibe” that’s closer to the players he’s going to be coaching.

“Just for him to come in and be a laid-back coach ready to change the whole program and get us back on that winning stage,” Jefferson said, via the team’s website. “We’re all excited. We’ve seen so many new faces in here, so many new coaches. We have so much potential on this team. We’re all ready to get this thing started back up.”

Jefferson likes more than the vibe O’Connell brings to his dealings with the team. As he noted in February, he also likes what he saw Cooper Kupp do in the Rams offense and has designs on making the same kind of impact for Minnesota this season.

Pulling that off would mean a big third season for Jefferson and a better direction for the Vikings offense as the NFC North club tries to find its way back into the playoffs.

12 responses to “Justin Jefferson excited for Kevin O’Connell to “change the whole program”

  1. Good luck, with that QB situation. They need to release/trade him so he can go to a real contender. #FreeJJ

  2. It will be intersting to see what Cousins can do, since being in Minnesota he has had amazing WRs and Rbs that have helped make him look VERY good, but I feel his ceiling has been reached. QBs dont tend to go from good to Elite 10 years into their career and if somehow he gives that apperance, don’t be fooled, its a combo of the great playmakers (like JJ possibly becoming elite) around him, which they could likely get someone else on the cheaper to succeed. kind of the like the season McCown had with the Bears going well in ’12 or ’13.

  3. Coincidently Devante Adams is also very excited to be in a whole new program.

  4. This is it, JJ!!! With all that talent, and now a new coaching staff bringing in a new energy, this team will DOMINATE for years to come!!! Let the DYNASTY begin!! SKOLLLLL!!!!

  5. Are they going to go trade away all their picks and go 50 million over the cap too?

  6. Seems like everyone is blaming Zimmer for all the problems of the last couple years. He does bear some responsibility of course, but there were personnel problems as well. There are a few high-end stars but a real lack of depth. We’re going to finally have a modern offensive system but I’ll be interested in seeing if Kirk can handle running it. To some extent, I think the offense has been held back by Kirk’s limitations, not just the play calling.

  7. “Pieces are in place.” . . . for what??? A wildcard berth if we’re extremely lucky???

  8. bbb82 says:
    April 13, 2022 at 10:34 am
    Good luck, with that QB situation. They need to release/trade him so he can go to a real contender. #FreeJJ
    When I read this, I was giving some thought to a place where the sun doesn’t shine that you could visit but I then thought about how JJ would handle it. As a really good Viking he would be “considerate”, “cooperative”, and consistent with the decision

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