Michael Irvin wonders whether Davante Adams, Tyreek Hill will regret leaving Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes

Receivers Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill changed addresses last month, moving from Green Bay and Kansas City, respectively, to Las Vegas and Miami, respectively. Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin has concerns about their decisions to exit teams that have future Hall of Fame quarterbacks.

“You left Aaron Rodgers and Patrick MahomesI don’t know if I could’ve ever left Troy Aikman,” Irvin said, via Ryan Glasspiegel of the New York Post. “I don’t think I could’ve done that.”

What about the idea of living in Las Vegas instead of Green Bay and Miami instead of Kansas City?

“You can still go live there in your house in the offseason, but I’m not leaving those quarterbacks,” Irvin said. “Let’s see how this plays out. You’re making $30 million and you can have houses in two places. I think the most important thing is taking care of what’s on the football field. . . .

“They had some great quarterbacks. I’m interested in seeing how it works out with Tua [Tagovailoa] and [Derek] Carr, but it’s surely not Mahomes and Rodgers. If you make that move, do you shorten the time you’re making $30 million a year because all of a sudden, you’re not making the same impact? This is a meritocracy. If you’re not putting up the numbers to support that $30 million, they’ll come for you, just like Dallas did with Amari Cooper and his $20 million. It would’ve been hard for me to make a business decision on leaving those quarterbacks.”

Amen to that. Will Adams be as good without Rodgers? Will Hill have the same impact without Mahomes? It will be an interesting case study for the 2022 season, and perhaps beyond.

It also will be interesting to see whether the replacements for Adams and Hill thrive as the No. 1 options with Rodgers and Mahomes.

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  1. They look at it differently. They are not going to regret leaving Wisconsin & Missouri for sunny and state-tax-free Vegas & Miami.

  2. as a raiders fan, im critical of Carr and what’s he done with the raiders, but he’s made plenty of WRs 1K+ type guys and has gotten Nelson agholor and Jared cook nice paydays after they left the raiders. Tua on the other hand? Two very different situations when it comes to raiders vs dolphins QB room.

  3. Depends on what each of them value more? Championships or Money. Right now, looks like they’re jumping for the ca$h!!

  4. I think Adams had enough of Rodgers. When a WR doesn’t want to play with the best regular season QB it should tell you something.

  5. Exactly right. They left knowing that their windows had shortened but offset that with guaranteed money over the next 2 or 3 yrs. It’s an interesting decision. I support pro athletes making as much as they can as fast as possible. Most of us do the same in our everyday jobs.

  6. I wonder if Mahomes and Rodgers will regret breaking the bank so their WR1’s had to leave to get paid?

  7. Rodgers and Mahomes will make any WR look great. Tua and Carr not so much. I see Adams and Hill having decent years this year, then falling off.

    And I have BOTH of them in my fantasy keeper league. Sigh.

  8. The real question is whether Mahomes will be as good without Hill (hell NO!) and whether Rodgers will be as good without Adams (No way). Hill was the number one threat at KC (not Mahomes).

  9. Another interesting question is will those receivers help to elevate the play of Carr & Tua.

  10. Only until they cash their 1st paycheck….then it will be Aaron & Patric WHO??!!

  11. I keep thinking of others who left great QBs and teams for money. Guys like Jimmy Graham with Drew Brees or LeVeon Bell/Antonio Brown were on pace for Hall of Fame careers. Then they left and flamed out. Their big contracts were short lived & career money less, along with missing championship windows & gold jackets. I get not being valued by your team and moving to someone who does value you. But how many players look back and realized they traded a potential legacy for short term money? And how many players still make money off their name long after their career is over, because of that legacy? Anyway, time will tell.

  12. Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown… Both potential HOF receivers left Big Ben. And that was the end of that story.

  13. #1 options status has to be earned. We’ll see who emerges in Green Bay and Kansas City.

  14. Adams will be fine bc he’s a total WR. Hill is not. So unless the scheme gets him open, he will struggle much more than in KC.

  15. These guys got paid because they were lucky to play with a super star QB. They won’t regret making bank!

  16. He’s absolutely right. They both had much more long-term job security w Mahomes and Rodgers. One bad year w Tua and Carr can derail a career.

  17. If they do not play out the contracts in full then it’s worth looking into what the packers and chiefs offered and whether playing those out in full, more likely with Rodgers abs Mahomes, than Carr or Tua, was worth the move.

  18. Adams is choosing Carr over Rodgers. His best years statistically were with Carr in college. Adams will shine brighter than he did in Green Bay without all the diva drama. Hill is going to a team on the rise and will be a major contributor to their success. I wish Irvin would just fade away from the public eye. He most certainly would have left Aikman given the opportunity to make that kind of money on another team with playoff opportunities.

  19. Not thinking Adams is going to have many regrets. Carr is the most tenured QB in the AFC so the Raiders have some stability there and Adams wanted to play with him because they were college teammates.

    Hill is a lot more likely to have buyer’s remorse with Tua. He left a perennial contending team with arguably the best QB in the NFL for a team that doesn’t yet totally believe in their QB. Gonna be dicey for the Cheetah.

  20. Hill and adams got their money , let’s not kid ourselfs, that’s what they wanted. Both will stay silent UNTIL another WR makes MORE guaranteed $$$ than them.

  21. Michael, that’s because today’s NFL player doesn’t care about wins and losses, Superbowls, or team success. They just want to get paid. Period. Greed has supplanted ambition.

  22. Rodgers will be as good without Adams (No way).
    So we are ignoring the fact that the Packers haven’t lost a game under MLF when Davante was out? 7-0 I believe.

  23. Kelce was and is the #1 option in KC. But Hill has gone to a QB that won’t be able to get him the ball down field. He better hope for short dump passes with lot’s of YAC. Adams went where he can get the ball about the same amount but the team still won’t win. He can get the same numbers and not worry about playing in the playoffs. Shorter season…more money…he can cry all the way to the bank.

  24. jonathankrobinson424 says:
    April 14, 2022 at 9:15 am

    Hill and adams got their money , let’s not kid ourselfs, that’s what they wanted. Both will stay silent UNTIL another WR makes MORE guaranteed $$$ than them.

    You make it sound like Adams has some kind of history of being a malcontent? Not that I know of. To the best of my knowledge he’s been a model player. Why are you so bent?

  25. Let me remind everyone that Carr is the guy who revived Agholor’s career from ashes. The guy was sucking fumes, Carr got hold of him for ONE season, turned him into a legit deep threat, and Agholor cashed in BIG-time with the Pats.

    Carr is not elite like Mahomes or Rodgers but he’s not average either. He’s a top-10 QB.

  26. Hill and adams got their money , let’s not kid ourselfs, that’s what they wanted. Both will stay silent UNTIL another WR makes MORE
    You haven’t been paying attention if you think that. At least in Adams case. He wasn’t chasing the $$, the Packers offered him just as much. He wanted to be out of GB, near the west coast where his family is. I can understand that.

  27. You can’t blame them for taking the money this is the NFL where your career can come to an end in one play. But Irvin is right that their output will probably suffer from leaving their elite QB. Although Carr has proven that while not elite has is still pretty dang good, while Tua hasn’t proven anything

  28. When you’re signing paychecks like Adams, Hill, Rodgers and Mahomes then “regret” is a pretty small word. Hill has gotten his Super Bowl ring, now it’s about maximizing $$$. Adams on the other hand, is 0-4 in NFC title games, and really didn’t do much to lift his team in those games (like his MVP QB) and he made a quality of life choice and a dollar choice. He could win a Super Bowl in LV, but you have to think his odds would have been better in GB….so it was a dollar choice, not a career accomplishment choice. People make such choices all the time, don’t forget, this is the last big contract either of them will sign, I can’t really blame them.

  29. I am hoping that the greed of those players will be quenched by their paychecks. They were lucky to have such skill at the position that could make plays happen when plays broke down. The guys they now have are 50/50 when the plays are going as called.

  30. Hill will probably regret it. But I don’t think Adams will. Adams and Carr have history and assumed chemistry. That counts for a lot with QB/WR pair.

  31. tyreeks speed and mobility geys him open downfield. i think tua will benefit the most because he will have a wider open receiver. tyreek can adjust to less than perfect passes.
    should be interesting to watch

  32. AB is a WR that left and got a ring……..Moss almost did…..,but not many who have chased $$$$ had better careers…..

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