Mike Gesicki on appealing for WR tag: Up to agent, I’m not a big controversy guy

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Mike Gesicki is listed as a tight end by the Dolphins on their roster and he was listed as one when they franchise-tagged him earlier this year, but some have wondered if Gesicki has a case for being termed a wide receiver on the latter front.

Gesicki spent more than half his time lined up in the slot during the 2021 season and he lined up as an outside receiver more than twice as often as he was in the tight end’s  traditional in-line spot. The difference in payout between the two tags is almost $7.5 million, which makes for a lot of reasons why Gesicki might want to appeal the tight end designation.

At a Wednesday press conference, Gesicki said he is “obviously playing” while noting that he’s taking part in voluntary work in the team’s offseason program. He also said that it will be his agent who handles any matters having to do with how he’s tagged.

“I’m not a big controversy guy . . . I don’t want to be in the headlines for the wrong reasons,” Gesicki said, via Marcel Louis-Jacques of ESPN.com.

One way to avoid any haggling over tags would be to hammer out a long-term extension before the July 15 deadline for tagged players to do so. Gesicki expressed his desire that “hopefully, eventually, I get what I deserve moving forward” but offered no guesses about whether such a deal may be coming his way.

8 responses to “Mike Gesicki on appealing for WR tag: Up to agent, I’m not a big controversy guy

  1. If those numbers are accurate seems like a no brainer he is not a TE in actual use. Are there actually any TE’s in the traditional sense? They are either WR’s or glorified pass eligible tackles now days.

  2. Positional integrity means something. The Baltimore Murdering Black Birds should follow suit and apply truth to Lame’s position – running back.

  3. As a TE, he is worth the money. As a receiver, he is not. Comparing Gesicki to the top receivers in the NFL is ridiculous. I understand Gesicki’s side of it, but from a team perspective, he is not worth that kind of money.

  4. More players need to have this attitude. I’m so sick of the ME, Me, Me guys!!

  5. At least there’s one guy that realizes that $11M for a year’s salary is enough to live on comfortably for the rest of his life, not counting what he’s already made. Pretty sure that the other 99% of the world’s population would agree.

  6. Gesicki is smart enough that baring injury to himself and to Hill &/or Waddle he should have a career year.

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