NFL confirms Mary Jo White is investigating the financial allegations against the Washington Commanders

House Financial Services Committee holds hearing examining the SEC's Agenda, Operations, and FY 2018 Budget Request
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In February, the NFL hired Mary Jo White to investigate former Washington Commanders employee Tiffani Johnston’s allegations of misconduct against owner Daniel Snyder. At some point since then, White’s assignment has grown.

The NFL has confirmed via email to PFT that White is investigating the financial aspects of the allegations made by the U.S. House Committee on Oversight & Reform against the team. The league declined to comment on the timing of the expansion of his investigation.

News of alleged financial improprieties emerged fairly recently. It started with a claim of two sets of books and ticket revenue allegedly being diverted from the visiting-team pool surrendered to the league and shared by al 32 teams. The letter sent by the Committee to the Federal Trade Commission includes allegations regarding a security-deposit shell game involving season-ticket holders.

Some connected to the league have predicted that the claims of shorting the league’s ticket revenue will become the “death knell” for Snyder as an owner, if proven to be true. If it’s shown that the Commanders basically stole from some of its most loyal customers, Snyder and others could be facing prosecution, not to mention class-action lawsuits.

As to White’s investigation regarding the revenues allegedly withheld from the league, it will be interesting to see whether she explores the league’s responsibility for failing to spot the alleged practice as it was happening. That quite possibly will fall beyond the assignment given to her by the league office, given the potential implications of the findings to certain key employees of the league office.

20 responses to “NFL confirms Mary Jo White is investigating the financial allegations against the Washington Commanders

  1. The league won’t force Snyder out. They know he will go nuclear, and all the dirty laundry of the other 30 owners (GB does not have a sole owner) will be exposed for public viewing. The oligarchs can’t have that. Expect salary cap and draft pick penalties. I really feel sorry for the legit people of this franchise who are trying to make it work (Rivera, Mayhew, etc).

  2. Normally I would say the NFL investigating another team is toothless but this time the team actually did something other teams will care about. Stealing their money. Stealing from an oligarch is serious business.

  3. Lmfao & let my guess ….the NFL will ask her …no written REPORT ?!? OMG & yet we’ll STILL watch these ‘games’

  4. Doesnt the league already have all of the Emails sent from the team? Cant they just look through that?

  5. Because her last report was so thorough? lol
    The NFL is just doing what any successful entity would do under these circumstances. They aren’t evil nor stupid, we are. We consume their product and pay for their venues no matter how they run their empire.

  6. What does Snyder need to do to get kicked out?? Drag the Lombardi trophy with a car up and down Park Avenue until the NFL decides it’s had enough??

  7. The only certainty in this situation is that the fans will be underwhelmed by the outcome. It will blow over, slaps on the wrist will be administered, a few finance team members will take the fall, and maybe there is a settlement with season ticket holders. But, Snyder will remain.

  8. “Mary Jo White is investigating” is NFL code for “we will stretch this out until the season starts and everyone gets distracted”.

  9. They might wanna look into MR.Snyder’s other companys he owns also,odds are he’s done this before.

  10. Its one thing to get the other NFL owners to act when Washington is screwing over its fans and employees, it may very well be another if Washington is screwing them over.

  11. I wonder how many other teams are doing something similar in hiding revenue in creative accounting

  12. I sometimes wonder if the people that say the Commanders is the worst name in sports realize that there is an NBA team named the Pelicans. I’d say it’s more likely a tie.

  13. I will be so disappointed if this thing ends and Snyder gets away scot free.

  14. The League wants Snyder out but needs to tread lightly. Snyder is petty and vindictive and the league knows he won’t go quietly .

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