Steelers interested in signing Tyrann Mathieu, if the price is right

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Pittsburgh Steelers v Kansas City Chiefs
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Add the Steelers to the list of teams interested in signing free agent safety Tyrann Mathieu — if Mathieu will accept the contract the Steelers offer him.

The Steelers’ website posted an item saying that the Steelers have an interest in signing Mathieu. However, the item said that the Steelers would want Mathieu to agree to a deal for “what they believe he is worth,” and that Mathieu may not agree with the Steelers’ assessment of what kind of contract he should get.

That’s always the case for any free agent, of course, but it appears this offseason that teams aren’t placing as high a value on Mathieu as he was hoping for. Mathieu acknowledged he was disappointed by the Chiefs declining to bring him back, and interest from other teams appears to be lukewarm so far.

The Rams, Eagles and Saints have all been reported to have interest in Mathieu, although reports have suggested that he’s not particularly close to signing with anyone.

19 responses to “Steelers interested in signing Tyrann Mathieu, if the price is right

  1. Safety would come off the board as Day 1 pick as has OT and LB with FA signings.
    Before the tragedy over the weekend that would have left WR (they have 2 left from ’21) and DL as likelihood. Now QB is in play for sure. There’s no FAs left.

  2. Good luck, the guys whines about fans during the week; then hides from ball carriers on Sunday. All while collecting a check thinking he’s a gift from the gods. So glad KC didn’t even offer him, shows what they thought of him. KC’s defense can stay around the bottom line 1/3 in the league just as easy without him… Cause that’s as good as they were with him…

  3. I’d rather see him in Pittsburgh then LA. He just seems like a Steeler. They don’t need him to roam the middle either so he could play downhill. Be fun to watch

  4. A lot of teams would show interest as long as he is willing to work for just a few million a year (so far hasn’t showed that willingness) on a one year prove it deal as a back up/dime coverage type. The Chiefs, Like the Seahawks and Wagner, were no way going to pay him the $14 million or so on his contract. And the FA market is showing his skill set no longer has much value.

  5. I cant see him running down on nick chubb joe mixon and whoever the ravens put out at RB twice a yr and staying healthy at this point in his career

  6. He wanted too much from K.C. or he would still be there. He played cards he didn’t have and then the market opened up and they signed someone else to take his job. Maybe he didn’t appreciate what he had and now it’s all gone.

  7. I can see him working very well in that system. His intensity will be rewarded by the fans. As long as he stays healthy.

  8. Can someone explain the Mathieu hate? I don’t get it… he’s been consistently good his whole career.

  9. He should sign with Tampa Bay…would fit right in and bolster their defensivebackfield.

  10. If he can’t come back to KC, Pittsburgh is an excellent landing spot for him. Good head coach and a reputation for tough defense. He’d do fine there.

  11. These guys have to realise ones they reach 30 years old they aren’t going to get the big money anymore.

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