Will the Rams make a run at Tyrann Mathieu?

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While recently discussing the lingering free agency of safety Tyrann Mathieu, we pointed out one team that can never be forgotten in situations like this.

The Rams.

The longer a high-profile player lingers on the market, the greater the likelihood that the Rams will explore the possibility of making the move and perhaps try to make it.

This week, word has emerged that the Rams reportedly have been in contact with Mathieu. Where it goes remains to be seen. The former Cardinals and Chiefs safety has visited the Saints, but nothing seems close to imminent in New Orleans. He had a virtual visit with the Eagles.

The problem is that, four weeks into free agency, he has yet to get the kind of offer he wants. That’s the main reason why high-profile players like Mathieu, receiver Jarvis Landry, running back Melvin Gordon, cornerback Stephon Gilmore, defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, and tackle Duane Brown remain available. They want more than they’ve been offered, so they’re waiting.

At this point, interested teams likely will wait until after the draft to make a move — unless they can use the possibility of addressing a given position in the draft as the final nudge to get the player to take the offer on the table.

Each of the men listed above can still play football at a high level. It will be interesting to see whether they end up, and when. For the eff them picks/eff that cap Rams, there’s always interest in a proven commodity. Which is why they apparently are interested in Mathieu.

24 responses to “Will the Rams make a run at Tyrann Mathieu?

  1. They should do it now before the cap audit. Should be able to sneak in another Super Bowl before it comes to light in a few years.

  2. His value is that of an average, aging player .. nobody is touching him till after the draft.

    When you are joining your 4th NFL team.. you are at the end of the line .. unless you are Ryan Fitzpatrick and have 9 lives.

  3. If the system can be gamed this badly, then we don’t have a system. Goodell should resign.

  4. Well, he’s a free agent that’s been to 3-4 teams hoping to sign and remains a free agent. Not sure you have to “make a run” at a guy who is free to sign wherever he wants.

  5. Eh, we’ll take him I guess. He can play a hybrid safety / LB position, but that would be on a rotational basis. Not a real need for the Rams. If he wants to enjoy life in So Cal and get himself a ring, he should come on over at a reasonable price.

  6. All of the players mentioned in this article, IMHO, should only be considered on one year contracts with a team option for a second year. They are all past their prime and on the way down, so they should have to produce on a year to year deal or get kicked to the curb!

  7. Never in the history of football at any level has a QB needed so much help
    to win. And the guy still threw the season ending INT against SF. Too bad for SF he dropped that gift wrapped pick.

  8. Even though The Badger is a free agent….The Rams are offering a 3rd and a 5th for him

  9. Any team that offers Clowney a big deal is throwing their money away. He parlayed a great college career into an injury filled NFL career making far more than deserved. All based on his “potential”.

  10. When the Rams lost two Pro Bowlers from the offensive line Jarred Goff’s slide was immediate. They need to replace the loss of Andrew Whitworth at LT or Matt Stafford might suffer the same fate. They also need a power runner for the short yardage plays.

  11. For every one of those listed players, the Rams are the preferred destination. The Rams have everything. A great team, a great coach, a great stadium, a great culture, a great stadium, a great qb, and you get to live in the greatest city in the world! The rest of the NFL is just the rest of the NFL. You think those guys want to live in Green Bay, or Pittsburgh, or Detroit. Come on, Stafford just bought two houses owned by Drake. It’s the RFL now, and the Rams are huge worldwide. There is no shame in dropping your childhood team and becoming a Ramsfan, guys. Climb on board, there’s room enough for everyone in the Rams train

  12. Ruth Langmore is working furiously on those cap numbers for the Rams.

  13. Like Wagner, only if he is willing to take a very large haircut to his perceived value of about $14 million or so. He is maybe in the $4 to $5 million a year range, one year prove it deal, not anywhere near what he and his agents think. Not-to-mention, the longer he waits, like all the others, as possibilities keep disappearing eventually he will have to decide to “retire” or let his ego take a hit and accept a 1 year near league minimum deal just to keep playing.

  14. I’m not a fan of the Rams but they are under the cap so I don’t know what all the complaining is about. They’ll have to worry about it down the road but in this NFL might as well go for the rings when you can–something Green Bay should have done with Rodgers. It won’t last forever and eventually they’ll have some tough decisions to make–like Dallas will have the next several years.

    I don’t see why they would be interested in Matthieu…or OBJ for that matter. Too much drama. Too expensive. Not enough production.

  15. Yet another players the Colts are too cheap to go after. It’s completely ridiculous how cheap the Colts are. The Dollar General front office of the NFL.

  16. The reason a lot of players like to come to LA is the team’s culture of positivity. The team isn’t run like a boot camp with coaches constantly yelling at players during practice.

    People said Von Miller and OBJ were washed up before they came to the Rams and showed they are still difference makers. There was no drama – is no drama. OBJ’s Super Bowl injury was awful and I’m still hoping the Rams re-sign him.

    I’m curious whether Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey are helping recruit any of the players on this list. Offense sells tickets, defense wins championships.

  17. Why not? That team is going to be blown apart in the next several years as they have cap problems coming. If you have as narrow a window as they have, best to try to see if Ewwin Donald has five more playoff plays in him!

  18. Rams defenders don’t drop interceptions. 49er defenders do. Just another way in which the Rams are better than the 49ers.

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