A Kyler Murray holdout would get very expensive

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Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray reportedly won’t play under the current terms of the fourth year of his rookie contract. This implies that he’ll hold out, if he doesn’t get a new deal that he deems acceptable.

He has every right to do that. Despite the terms of his individual contract, the Collective Bargaining Agreement gives him the right to withhold services in order to get whatever he wants, whether a new contract from the Cardinals or a trade to a team that will give him one.

If he ultimately holds out, what will it cost? Per the CBA, he’d be fined $40,000 per day. Far more importantly, he’d lose the vast majority of his 2022 compensation — a 90-man roster bonus in the amount of $4.524 million — if he doesn’t report by the third day of training camp.

If he’s willing to forfeit $4.524 million by not showing up by the third day of camp, why not also give up his $765,000 salary and sit out the whole year? Well, doing so would result in the forfeiture of more than $5.8 million in paid but unearned signing bonus money.

So, yes, it could get very expensive for Murray to stay away in order to force a new contract or a trade. Still, the overriding question would be whether the Cardinals would relent and trade or pay him, or whether the Cardinals would take the old-school play-for-us-or-play-for-no-one approach, squatting on Murray’s rights indefinitely.

If that happens, Murray has an ace in the hole. He can go play baseball in the Oakland A’s system. If push comes to shove, maybe he will.

51 responses to “A Kyler Murray holdout would get very expensive

  1. It’s obvious he doesn’t know his worth. He will get paid like an elite QB when he plays like one.

  2. He’s worth 25 million a year, and not a penny more. He likely wants 40+, which is not based on reality of his skills compared to other QBs. I’d let him rot.

  3. He’s in the top fourth, maybe the top third of NFL QBs. If he wants the tenth-best QB contract, fine. But something tells me he wants much more than that. Good luck with MLB curveballs, Kyler.

  4. I can’t remember a player I went from liking to disliking quicker than Kyler Murray.

  5. “Playing baseball” doesn’t equate to success in baseball. Hitting a 97mph fast ball or a big league curve isn’t an easy thing to do. It’s why so many high draft picks wash out, because they can’t cut it. It’s far from automatic that Murray will have success and be able to make a living playing baseball. It’s a short term option but if he struggles early on, all the leverage shifts to the Cardinals sitting on him.

  6. The Oakland A’s are not an ace in the hole. The A’s offered $14 million guaranteed for a guy that would go to the minors (starting in late July or August of this year) and owe back the Cardinals the prorated signing bonus of $5.8 million. He would be in the minors for at least 2 years (if he was lucky) and then make the MLB Minimum for at least 2 years. That ace in the hole would cost him over $100 million.

  7. Don’t worry Kyler….if you’ve seen Moneyball, the A’s are one of the highest paying franchises in MLB. Oh, wait….

  8. Cleveland should trade Mayfield to Arizona for a fifth round pick to back up Murray. That would be interesting

  9. Career per game passing stats wise Murray is lining up pretty well with Matt Ryan. If you compare passing and rushing Murray has an edge. I know that sounds like cherry picking but it’s the best honest comparison between QBs of the same era. Given that Ryan had a hall of fame TE in Tony Gonzalez and that the Cards were embarrassed by the Panthers without Murray, I think it’s safe to say he’s worth a payday. Most teams would have addressed his contract by now, but the Bidwells are notorious for low balling players. Murray is the kind of player that can get you to the big game, talent wise not sure about his EQ, but the market for a top 10ish QB is high. The playoff teams without a solid QB are few and far between.

  10. So many posters on this site are pro-owner that it’s mind boggling. You’re rooting for billionaires. Well done guys.

  11. To reiterate what I’ve posted previously relative to Kyler Murray, GET RID OF HIM!

  12. So in the span of three hours, we went from “everything’s Ok,” to “he should ask for a trade,” to “maybe he already has asked for a trade,” to “hey, a holdout could get expensive.”

    Escalating quickly much?

  13. The man wilted at the end of the season, when his team needed him the most. Don’t pay him.

  14. Me, me, me, me, me, me, me. Ok, I’m old-fashioned, but I yearn for the days when guys played football because they loved the game, they loved being part of a team… and get this: they didn’t make all that much money, AND THEY PLAYED ANYWAY.

  15. I see Murray going to Carolina and Mayfield going to Arizona. Carolina picks up the tab and AZ gets the 6th overall pick plus a couple more.

  16. It’s the analytics era. Pay him by size x foot speed x throwing accuracy x yardage per throw x run yards per scramble….. I’ll take turkey legs Fout’s. That guy was a baller!

  17. Pickingnup Baker to make Murray sweat as another QB1 on the toster seems genius on the surface, but the saying goes “if you have 2QBs you don’t have any Qbs” is true. Those two headcases would rip the locker room apart. Also, then you have 2 qb salaries and Baker is $18m. Too much.

  18. Admiral Ackbar says:
    April 14, 2022 at 8:51 pm
    Easy report and don’t practice.
    Then get listed as a healthy scratch for games.

  19. Hopefully, teams have learned from paying too early for a QB who hasn’t shown they are elite. Geoff and Wentz should be a constant reminder. Kyler has the right to hold out, and the Cardinals also have the right to say, ” show us you are elite before you get elite money or you will be getting fined.”

  20. Kyler Murray has all the LEVERAGE in the world because he doesn’t even have to hold out, Just FAKE any random injury( in PRACTICE or in game ) and go chill on the sidelines and not lose a paycheck while you see the season out preparing for your next move.

  21. “I’m likely drunk right now says:
    April 14, 2022 at 7:45 pm
    He’s worth 25 million a year”

    …25 million what? Smirks?

  22. Kyler, just TRY being a leader & go prove your worth….show up do your job & do it well & the contract & money will come….we as fans are sick of all the Diva actions…..

  23. Why is he acting like Aaron Rodgers? What exactly has he accomplished in the NFL? Dude is acting like he’s carrying hardware on his fingers. This is the modern day athlete. No one wants to actually put in the work or prove that their worth it.

  24. I think some people are underestimating Murray… the dude only missed two games in 3 years…in 2020 had over 3900 yards passing over 800 yards rushing running for 8 tds and passing for 26 tds albeit
    12 ints…this guy is a dual threat when healthy…losing Christian Kirk hurts but a healthy DeAndre Hopkins and maybe draft a Drake London or John Metchie lll or Alec Pierce in the later rounds could really help Murray stats…Arizona has a tough decision to make…either pay him competitive money or risk getting him hit in the head with a 100 mph inside fastball…

    Then again I think people don’t give a damn on about what I think…

  25. All Murray had to do was watch what happened to Mayfield. He plays and gets injured and his team disrespect him in a heart beat.

    Murray will find out what his market is. I think it will be more than Mayfield and less than Wilson.

  26. Pay the man! What’s the going rate for a mostly middling QB that had one kinda good year and still two years left on his current deal? Guaranteed 4 years of “sit on it” with a bonus payout of “and spin”.

  27. Oh this is rich. He’s been figured out by so many DCs in this league and it’s why he struggles in the second half of the season. Then that Wildcard drubbing. And to try and hold the team hostage after all that? So glad he’s a Cardinal.

  28. He has baseball to fallback on and he is not using that leverage. Who’s his agent?

  29. If I’m the GM….I don’t pay him. I’ve never seen such an uncaring, disinterested facial expression on an NFL player. Whatever “It” is….he doesn’t it.

  30. Or he just show up for training camp, preseason with the understanding a new deal is being worked on. And he doesn’t like the offer, just sit our regular season games until the offer improves.

  31. Note to Murray. Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face. Neither your nose nor your face will be happy with that.

  32. He runs too much, gets injured every year and fades as the season goes on. He also hasn’t played well in big games. The last two off seasons there has been a QB frenzy. That is, veteran QBS are fetching large amounts of compensation and moving freely. If I am the Cardinals, I dump this guy and draft one of the strong QB prospects in the 2023 draft with the draft picks.

  33. I guess he thinks hes like Rodgers, look what he got by holding the Pack hostage for almost a year. No way is he worth it. Move on Cards and cut him.

  34. Any kind of holdout by Murray would be a mistake. Including the collapse in the wild card game, he ended up 2021 season with a 1-6 record. That’s a major red flag. His height will always be a factor. Let your play in 2022 do the talking, show you can act as a true leader on and off the field, not a ‘run for your life’ scrambler in the pocket seeking top tier money.

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