Al Woods believes “winning culture” will help Seahawks gets past departures of Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks
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Whatever “re” word applies — rebuilding, reloading, restocking, etc. — the Seattle Seahawks are entering a new phase as they move on from two of the most important players in team history, quarterback Russell Wilson and linebacker Bobby Wagner. Defensive lineman Al Woods was asked by reporters on Thursday why he believes the team can compete without Wilson and Wagner.

“Just the culture we have,” Woods said. “The culture we have is a winning culture. Us being competitive at practice. It’s not going to be the same group of starters however, everybody has got to go out there and compete. The best players are going to play. I feel like once we get out there and we start the camaraderie, the togetherness, and start working with each other. Iron sharpens iron, I think we’re going to be all right.”

Someone will eventually have to step up to replace both Wilson and Wagner. Woods knows exactly what it takes to make that defense work. He was asked what the team will be losing with Wagner gone.

“He’s a hell of a communicator,” Wood said. “Hell of a communicator, hell of a leader. You know, the dude could see stuff that other people couldn’t see. He could always tell me, “Hey bro, the play might be going this way. Let’s play our eyes this way.” And a lot of times that stuff would work. I would go in early to maybe just sit down and talk with him.

The departures of Wilson and Wagner open the door for someone else to fill their shoes. Those shoes, however, are very big.

5 responses to “Al Woods believes “winning culture” will help Seahawks gets past departures of Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner

  1. Glad Russell(BLA-BLA-LOOK AT ME-BLA-BLA) gone. Wish hawks keep Wagner one more yr.

  2. As a Rams fan, I have to say there is truth to this. I feel like the Seahawks always have two or three more wins then you would expect, given their roster. The over / under is 6.5 for them. Have a hard time believing they won’t find a way to get to 8 wins.

  3. Recent history suggests that even with both of them, the team didn’t convert that culture to winning.

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