Antonio Gibson: We’re tired of backlash, we won’t get it if we win

Washington Football Team v Dallas Cowboys
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Running back Antonio Gibson has been in Washington for two seasons and he’s seen his team go through a lifetime of off-field turmoil.

They’ve changed their name, been fined for workplace misconduct, seen owner Daniel Snyder accused of harassment, and they now face allegations of financial misconduct on top of everything else. Gibson hasn’t been involved with any of that, but he’s heard the negative comments about the organization from around the football world and is ready to hear a different tune this year.

“We get a lot of backlash on the team,” Gibson said, via Aaron Wilson of Pro Football Network. “We’re tired of it. We just got to show ’em. We don’t get that talk if we’re winning games, we got to start winning games and people forget about all that. That’s what we plan on doing.”

Gibson’s words echo the sentiments shared by Commanders head coach Ron Rivera about winning being a disinfectant for the organization. Others will argue that there’s so much rotten about the organization that winning won’t overshadow the mess, but the Commanders might as well try winning on the field to balance out all that’s wrong off of it.

7 responses to “Antonio Gibson: We’re tired of backlash, we won’t get it if we win

  1. And that is why they traded for Carson Wentz instead of trying to sign him as a UFA. Anyone with options won’t sign there.

    I’m pretty sure even Wentz would’ve steered clear of the commanders given a choice.

  2. I hope they do have a good season. It’s not fair for the players and coaches to suffer for the sins of upper management and ownership.

  3. Be careful what you wish for. One reason the NFL (read: Jerry) keeps Snyder around is the on-field incompetence. If they start winning a lot, the NFL will surely bring the hammer down. Actually this helps WFT and the players in the long run.

  4. Patriots had all kinds of turmoil and scandal and appeared and won Super Bowls during some of these peak times. Winning didn’t make Robert Kraft’s massages, Belichek’s video camera stooges, or Brady’s deflated balls go away.

    The only way to clean up an organization is to CLEAN UP an organization. No amount of winning does that…

  5. The rampant dysfunction within the WTF is unfortunate for the players, coaches and employees. Winning will help, but when the dysfunction is fueled from the top down, it affects every aspect of the organization.

  6. People hate Washington….Not me! Best thing for this organization is for the NFL to remove Snyder and that would be a major step in a positive direction!….Wentz could surprise and remember I told you so!!!! 27 tds to 7 Ints are not bad stats! But some people want you to believe otherwise!

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