Colin Kaepernick throwing to Jarvis Landry, others during workouts in Florida

Michigan Spring Game
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Colin Kaepernick became a best-selling children’s author this week as his book, “I Color Myself Different,” debuted in the top 100 of USA Today’s best-seller list. Kaepernick surely would rather have a chance to work in his other job.

The quarterback last played in the NFL in 2016, when he began kneeling during the national anthem. The Seahawks brought him in for a visit five years ago, which is as close as he’s ever gotten to a return.

But Kaepernick has not given up, continuing to work on his craft while hoping for an opportunity.

This week, he is in Weston, Florida, working at the House of Athlete. Free agent receiver Jarvis Landry, Browns receiver Jakeem Grant and Browns tight end David Njoku are among those catching passes from Kaepernick.

Former NFL players Brandon Marshall, Chad Ochocinco and Michael Vick are in photos and videos from the facility.

Kaepernick threw for NFL scouts during halftime of Michigan’s spring game two weeks ago. It was the second time the former NFL quarterback has gotten in front of NFL scouts since becoming a free agent in 2017.

Kaepernick said following the UM workout that he “absolutely” can still play and would accept a job as a backup.

33 responses to “Colin Kaepernick throwing to Jarvis Landry, others during workouts in Florida

  1. If he’s ever going to get a chance, this year with this draft class of QBs would be the time. But even then it’ll probably take a few QB injuries around the league.

  2. This is America. Everyone deserves a second chance. Sad Kap isn’t getting it.
    Downvote away.

  3. You haven’t played in 5 years. Maybe start with the XFL first and prove you can still play.

  4. The Browns should sign him to heal all the pain theyve caused their fans with the Watson contract

  5. Throwing to a bunch of FA receivers hardly classifies as “honing” his craft. Do you know what would be? Playing in another league or dropping the contract demands and coming into a teams training camp as purely a camp arm. That would show some dedication to his craft. Whining in the media and posting on social media hardly seem like a ways to show teams your ready to play. Putting some tape on films in some of these lesser leagues seems like the correct move. No one is bringing him in. As writers and football analysts you should at least put the truth on paper. Quit acting like he had his legs taken from him at the top of his game. He made his choices. No one wants to sign a player who is going to bring hundreds of protesters with him when he doesn’t start.

  6. CK’s legacy will be seen as being greater than any perceived difference he made during the course of his life.

  7. Unfortunately for Kaepernick, the House of Athlete won’t provide him any opportunities to learn how to read a defense.

  8. Let’s end this once and for all

    Snyder, sign this guy to vet min and let’s see what happens.

    And then, Snyder, sell your team and restore competency.

  9. Good for you Kaep!

    Hope a team has some courage to give you a shot to see what you got!

  10. He has a future as a social justice leader, but not as a NFL QB. His skills were diminishing when he last played in the NFL and that was 5+ years ago. Time for him to move on. I’m certainly ready for these “headlines” to go away.

  11. Fair or unfair, he should know by now that teams just don’t want to bring him in. He should really focus on the other things that he has been involved in and give it his full time. That will be time better spent

  12. Sounds like Kaepernick is in the southern branch of the Factory of Sadness, w/ Njoku and Landry. How appropriate.

  13. No one cares about a 35 year old used to be QB, who relied on his legs more than his arm, and boasted a career 58% completion rate no matter who he’s throwing a football to.

  14. If Pete Carroll was so moved by the cause to lambast owners at the Owner’s Meetings, why hasn’t he signed Kap?

    Is Drew Lock better?

    Or was Pete just providing lip service?

  15. “Kaepernick said following the UM workout that he “absolutely” can still play and would accept a job as a backup.” If he had this attitude 5 years ago he may have been gainfully employed all this time. The kneeling was a distraction, but many players kneeled. What Kept Kaepernick out of the league was his opinion of himself as a better quarterback than he actually was. Let’s all remember… He didn’t start kneeling until after he lost his starting job.

  16. Colin walked away the last time he had an NFL contract. Nobody told him to opt out he did that all by himself. Colin had a scheduled workout with NFL teams that HE canceled. Nobody told him to do that either. The last time Colin played he was benched for Blaine Gabbard. Any other questions?

  17. Can he throw the ball as well as he threw his career away without any thought.

  18. It’s just sad and pathetic at this point….Colin Kaepernick’s “professional protesting” funded by Nike is far more lucrative than any NFL contract he could potentially land.

  19. I used to love the guy when he first played then he met the girlfriend and things changed. Sad really that his whole life was ruined by that one thing.

  20. LOL it’s all over at this point. The coverage of this guy is hilarious and pathetic at the same time.

  21. If a team brought him back, would he take a knee again during the Anthem, or would he become a total hypocrite and just take the $$$…

  22. Kaep has a great arm, and can throw wearing shorts and a t-shirt with no defense. Yay. (shrug)

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