Report: Cardinals have not made contract offer to Kyler Murray

Arizona Cardinals v Dallas Cowboys
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In March, quarterback Kyler Murray claimed his social-media scrub had nothing to do with the Cardinals, in what was an apparent olive branch from him to the organization.

Then at the annual league meeting, Arizona head coach Kliff Kingsbury said the franchise and Murray were “in a good place.”

But there still could be trouble in paradise.

NFL Media’s Tom Pelissero reported on Tuesday that the Cardinals have yet to make an extension offer to Murray. And Murray’s agent Eric Burkhardt informed Arizona weeks ago that he was pulling his opening proposal off the table.

Pelissero adds that while other teams are monitoring the situation, the Cardinals insist Murray will not be traded.

Murray just became extension eligible after the conclusion of the 2021 season — his third year as a pro. The 2019 No. 1 overall pick is set to make about $5.5 million in base salary for the upcoming season. With Las Vegas’ Derek Carr becoming the latest in a string of quarterbacks to sign a lucrative contract extension in the last couple of months on Wednesday, apparently Murray wants to be next.

The Cardinals have to make a decision on Murray’s fifth-year option by May 2, but it seems obvious that they’ll exercise it to put Murray under contract through 2023. That is, unless something dramatically changes and Murray gets traded to another team before then.

Murray has been named to the last two Pro Bowls. While the Cardinals did improve to 11-6 and earn a postseason berth after finishing 8-8 last year, they collapsed toward the end of the season. They lose four of their last five regular-season games and were not competitive in a loss to the Rams in the wild card round.

In 14 games, Murray completed 69.2 percent of his passes for 3,787 yards with 24 touchdowns and 10 interceptions in 2021. he also rushed for 423 yards with five TDs.

36 responses to “Report: Cardinals have not made contract offer to Kyler Murray

  1. They better hurry up or he may delete the Cardinals from his social media again.

  2. Talented kid, absolutely worth the money if he stops with the bad body language and diva behavior that’s being reported.

  3. Decent stats but with 2 interceptions, 137 yards and a 7.9 QBR rating in the loss to the Rams, he needs to show significant improvement if he wants the big contract. He could end up like Mayfield. I want out but the production does not justify a BIG extension.

  4. The numbers Murray has put up the last couple of seasons suggest that he is slightly better than an average quarterback in the league.

    Cardinals would be better off trading him for some good draft picks and looking for a QB from the free agent pool or through the draft. Once again, the gimmicky RPO quarterbacks just aren’t worth the money that the club will have to pay them for a new contract.

  5. Might as well trade the guy for as much as you can get for him next year. Guy isn’t worth the pain in the butt he has become.

  6. Baltimore and Arizona should trade their QB’s. One has a QB that wants to get paid and the other has a team that wants to pay their QB…….problem solved

  7. Why??!! He’s not that good considering he’s got 2 years left on his rookie deal

  8. Nor should they… he’s not deserving of one. He chokes in all the big moments, and falls apart in the second half of the season. This is a big contract year for him. Maybe he’ll perform well and play like it. Otherwise, move on.

  9. 3800 yards passing. That’s middle of the pack for the 2nd tier of NFL QB’s. Which is right about where he is. But because he was #1 pick of his draft he is perceived to be special. Although that would be top 10 if it was 1998.

  10. Why would you offer him a contract? I never understand this when teams have all the leverage.

    They have control over him for 2 more seasons. In the event he does hit free agency after that period, they are in the best position to re-sign him. Not many teams can just blindly absorb 40M-45M in salary from someone not on their roster

  11. He also reportedly won’t play without getting a new contract. Which is stupid considering he’s only played 3 seasons in the NFL and has made $35,658,014 guaranteed through this upcoming season. The 5th year option next season would be 29 million more. I understand maximizing your value if you have the luck to get it, but why is he being this openly greedy when he hasn’t even fully proven himself yet? If he throws for the first 4k yard season of his career this season, leads his team to the playoffs and actually plays well in the playoffs, then maybe the Cardinals will be more inclined to commit to him longterm.

  12. Why should they? In fact, maybe they should cut him. JUST KIDDING, but I think he’s massively overrated and never going to win the big one. Too short, and not enough heart.

  13. I’m all for betting on yourself but in order to do that you need leverage. Kyler doesn’t have any leverage, he’s been subpar at best. His current level of play isn’t deserving of a new deal.

  14. I think he knows he has reached his “5 foot+” ceiling and is trying to get that guaranteed money bag…before he is shown for who he is now and in the future. He has no leverage! There is empowerment, and then there is entitlement…he is not that good!

  15. I don’t know if I would want him in Seattle even. (Yeah I know Cards would never trade him to Seattle.) He just has too many question marks to offer him top dollar at this point. And I doubt he’d be willing to take $20m season. He’s going to want $30M+, maybe even closer to $40m. So the Cards might have him for one more season, but if they don’t give him the big money now or trade him to someone that will, he is going to talk after next season and let the highest bidder have his services.

  16. It’s obvious at this point that Arizona isn’t sold on him. At this point if you aren’t going to show a commitment to him and you don’t think he’s your franchise QB, then you are probably better off trading him. It’s hard to see the relationship between him and the team getting anything but worse at this point.

  17. There is absolutely no reason to pay a QB with ZERO playoff wins earlier than necessary.

  18. Over 4,000 yards of offense and 29 td’s total. So at or better than Carr’s numbers.
    Seems like he will get paid when rookie contract is near the end. Until then he should shut it and play or quit.

  19. Hes already under a contract. These diva players have to respect the deals they signed and then we can make up a new one after its done with not before it runs out. Cut him and move on he’s not worth any type of Elite money contract.

  20. He’s shown progress over the past three years and is definitely worth an extension.

  21. Admiral Ackbar says:
    April 14, 2022 at 5:20 pm

    Lamar 37-12
    Murray 22-23-1

    And yet the criticism for Lamar is greater than Murray, Tua, Jones, Mayfield and Cousins combined. smh

  22. The problem with Oklahoma quarterbacks: Kyler thinks he’s Russell Wilson and Baker thinks he’s Brett Favre…

  23. nite2al says:

    And yet the criticism for Lamar is greater than Murray, Tua, Jones, Mayfield and Cousins combined. smh
    Lamar’s better than any of those guys mentioned but let’s not portray him as a victim. He still has to prove himself as a quality thrower of the football and not always a run first QB.

  24. The quality of a QB can be seen as the sum the positive and the negative. In his case, he must be seen as no more than slightly above average so far. That’s why he should concentrate on season 2022, and show the management why he deserves a second contract.

  25. A team in their division made the mistake of giving a bonkers extension to a mediocre QB that was drafted too high, but I doubt AZ will find another Stafford the way the rams did. They are at least learning from past mistakes other teams have made? Maybe? And at least Goff played in the big game before he showed he wasn’t worth the money.

  26. What has he done?
    Media keeps bolstering contracts and seems to be a driver in unnecessarily large contracts to kids who play a game.
    Entitlement is an ugly look.

  27. billzondarise says:
    April 14, 2022 at 7:29 pm

    nite2al says:

    And yet the criticism for Lamar is greater than Murray, Tua, Jones, Mayfield and Cousins combined. smh
    Lamar’s better than any of those guys mentioned but let’s not portray him as a victim. He still has to prove himself as a quality thrower of the football and not always a run first QB.

    Please stop. Lamar is not a run first QB. Do you actually watch Raven’s games? Lamar stays in the pocket way too long trying to find an open receiver or make a big play. You do not lead the league in getting sacked, if you are a run first QB, no way! So many fallacies surrounding this dude, it’s ridiculous. He has definitely regressed as a passer and so has Mahomes and Murray. These guys are just trying to do too much instead of getting back to basics, plain and simple. They were at the top of their game in year two because they took care of the ball. Now they are all too willy nilly with the ball because they think they have mastered the NFL game. Same thing will happen to other QBs like Burrow and Herbert, just watch.

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