Report: Kelvin Joseph a person of interest in Dallas murder investigation

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Dallas police want to interview Cowboys cornerback Kelvin Joseph in a murder investigation, Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports.

Cameron Ray, 20, was killed in a drive-by shooting March 18 following a fight outside a bar.

Joseph, whose rapper pseudonym is “YKDV Bossman Fat,” has admitted to Cowboys’ officials he was at the scene but was not involved in the shooting, according to Hill.

The team declined comment.

Police released surveillance video to KDFW-TV that appears to show Joseph, wearing a YKDV necklace, among the group of people who fought with Ray and his friends earlier that night.

The Cowboys made Joseph a second-round choice last season, and he played 164 defensive snaps and 142 on special teams in 10 games with two starts. He totaled 16 tackles and two pass breakups.

36 responses to “Report: Kelvin Joseph a person of interest in Dallas murder investigation

  1. Sigh.
    Yay. Another football player who wants to be a rapper.
    There goes both of those options for this dude.

  2. The level of intelligence, to be a professional with the opportunity to make millions of $$$ yet getting in barfights and putting yourself in a situation of catching a murder charge, seems striking low.

    When will these idiots learn to get away from trouble and people who can ruin your life like this

  3. Before anyone gets out over their skis. As the article states Joseph is a person of interest and video appears to place him at the scene, which he has admitted. A person of interest is more often than not a witness, known to have been at the scene.

  4. Weren’t there character concerns with quite a few of the cowboys picks last year?

  5. At the very least the “Conduct Code” is going to be a factor for “North Dallas Forty” Why do these NFL players who have everything going for them risk everything by being in bad this case someone lost their life and some coward took it for no reason.

  6. To start with no fortune at all to then having one from a once in a lifetime opportunity and still not being able to recognize it? You can’t even teach that kind of stupid. All so he can keep it real. Mind blowing.

  7. This guy is just like the Cowboys in the playoffs. He was there but didn’t do anything.

  8. Well the Cowboys do have a history of taking high character guys, and this sounds like no exception!

    Cowboys gonna cowboy.

  9. And with the 24th pick in the 2022 NFL draft the Dallas Cowboys select cornerback…

  10. I guess the money that comes with being an NFL player wasn’t enough. Some people need the recognition of being a tough guy a little more.

  11. As long as I live I’ll never ever understand why pro athletes get themselves in situations like this.

  12. Ok. It’s time the NFL starts holding open tryouts. Like wide open. This would allow thousands upon thousands of football hopefuls to make rosters. Guys that want to play. I absolutely cannot believe the amount of money NFLers make and the choices they make. No pro athlete should even be included in conversations about murder. Seems rather easy to make the NFL, but hard to stay in.

  13. Maybe, just be a rapper and quit football. He’s obviously not committed to playing ball.

  14. In my business they have OBA requirements. Outside business interests. Sometimes they are approved , sometimes not. The NFL needs to start doing this.

  15. He was keeping it real but it’s about to get really real for him now. I get the feeling he’s going to get charged with being an accessory. If they have video of him at the scene with others, one of whom was probably the shooter, then he’s toast.

    I’m trying to figure out why he was even drafted in the first place. He was suspended from the bowl game in his freshman year for an unspecified violation of team rules. He then transferred to Kentucky. He played one year and had four INTs. He ran a 4.35 at the combine. Last year he had twelve tackles and zero INTs. It’s not like he had a lot of production. And with a looming suspension from the league he may have a lot more time to work on his rap career.

  16. It’s quite possible that Joseph did nothing wrong. I remember years ago when I was in my mid twenties I was at a party at an apartment complex. I was walking toward the parking area with two acquaintances to go get more beer. On the way, another resident of the complex made a comment about the noise and one of my acquaintances pulled a gun and stuck it in his face. Me and the other acquaintance were shocked and quite scared. The gun wielder took off and me and the other guy went back to the apartment. We were appalled. Somehow, the police never came but had they, I would certainly have been considered a “person of interest”. I did nothing wrong. So maybe we wait to hear more before we assume Kelvin Joseph is a bad person.

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