Which teams would be interested in trading for Kyler Murray?

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This article presumes plenty of if’s coming to fruition. I know that. Regardless, I’m going there.

If Kyler Murray asks to be traded and if the Cardinals are willing to do it, who would make a move for him?

The most obvious candidates would be the three finalists for Deshaun Watson who didn’t get the new Browns quarterback: Panthers, Falcons, and Saints. This assumes that each of those teams would be OK with a quarterback who is on the very short side, by NFL starting quarterback standards.

The Eagles possibly would be interested. In the AFC, Texans also would potentially explore the possibility.

Whoever does it would have to be willing to pay Murray what he wants financially and to give the Cardinals what they would require by way of compensation. That could be more than some teams would want to invest.

And that ultimately may be the best thing the Cardinals have going for them. If no one wants to pay Murray or to give the Cardinals what they’d want to make a trade happen, no one will come to the table and Murray will continue to be a Cardinal. At least for now.

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  1. The Texans just gave a huge contract to a guy who then proceeded to go 4-12 and then quit on the team altogether because he wasn’t happy with front office hirings.

    I wouldn’t look for them to overpay any obvious malcontents any time soon.

  2. If the Cardinals are not convinced that Kyler is their franchise QB and want to see one more year from him (to see if he can reduce his injuries, improve his attitude, increase his ability to find receivers, and develop leadership capabilities), why would any other team be willing to give up anything for him and pay him over $40M a year?

    It is unfortunate that the Cardinals are in this position. They are probably wishing that they had Joe Burrow or Justin Herbert (or Kurt Warner!) right about now.

  3. There are “me first” and “team first” guys in the league. Holding the threat of playing baseball over the Cardinals head and sitting out after 3 mediocre years will not play well.

  4. Why Eagles? Lateral, more expensive move. Not sold on Hurts but what’s the difference

  5. Hmmm…a team that needs a QB that is okay with a short mobile QB? Hmmmm???? The Cardinals would have to look really far and wide for a team like that. I suppose if the trade is good enough or if Kyler holds out long enough; even an interdivisional trade would be fine for Arizona.

  6. Murray is still young, Kingsbury was enamored with him and the guy’s got some skills. I have no idea what’s going on in AZ – why the cold feet? Can someone explain?

  7. Am I the only one that thinks Murry is overplaying his hand? He is good, but he isn’t that good.

  8. Why are the Eagles in every QB discussion? Jalen Hurts is without a doubt worth seeing if he can develop year after year. A better than 2:1 td/Int ratio and 10 rushing tds last year with near 1000 yards? Oh, and not nearly a distraction as the Kylers/Bakers of the league.

  9. As Mick said “You can’t always get what you want”. He has not played well enough for what he wants. Kingsbury was brought in to maximize the investment AZ made in Murray. Derek Carr works in private. Maximize your opportunities. Bite the hand that feeds you then ….

  10. I’ve watched NFL football since 1978 (I’m 55) I can count on 1 hand the times a Franchise QB became “available” via trade. This year alone there’s been Watson, Wilson Mayfield (probably)even Ryan and Wentz (who are both better then many QBs) traded..Now Murray? Franchise QBs don’t fall out of trees! What is going on?

  11. The only team on your list that would pursue Kyler Murray is the Panthers. Ridiculous to think the Falcons, Saints, Texans or Eagles would trade for him.

  12. Please Eagles, stay away from him. We already had a prima dona in Wentz. I’d argue Murray has even less talents than Wentz

  13. At this point in his career, Murray has shown himself to be more of a gifted athlete with potential rather than a polished quarterback with a knack for rising to the moment. He seems to have all of the physical tools to succeed but there seems to be something missing on the mental side. Is it maturity? Leadership? Self awareness? Maybe he needs better coaching and someone to challenge him to grow up a bit.Whatever it is, teams would be smart to make him prove himself before handing out bigger bucks.

  14. There are red flags with Murray.
    On the other hand the Cardinals are not a well run organization, and without Murray they will be sub .500 again.
    I can see Murray not wanting to be on a poorly run team long term.
    And I can see the Cards not wanting a Goff/Wentz situation in a few years.
    Its a lose – lose.

    This is a bad yaer to draft a QB. If Im the cards I want to hold onto him this year, see how he does, and if I still have concerns then trade him next year for a kings ransom and draft a QB.

  15. The Browns probably figure they need another QB. They only have four on their roster now.

  16. No, if they know football. Some teams might not have the correct GM in place and think this guy is really good.

  17. I don’t think there is a team stupid enough to trade for a player who has to have a blanket in order to succeed. I doubt the blanket Hopkins is willing to relocate on a 2 for 1 deal.

  18. Baker and Kyler have 2 things in common, neither has shown they deserve a huge contract but both want(ed) it! At least Murray will more than likely get the 5th year option but it doesn’t look like he’ll play the way things are going, he’s trying to pull a Watson, sit and get paid in 2022 and then get traded with a huge new contract somewhere else in 2023.

    I think he’s hoping to get a Watson type deal but it’s not going to happen!At least Murray is doing it before he signed a new deal.

  19. dales says:
    April 16, 2022 at 1:37 am
    Baker and Kyler have 2 things in common, neither has shown they deserve a huge contract but both want(ed) it!

    I don’t know that I ever heard Baker demand a huge contract or refuse to play, but as this is his fifth year, the conversation needed to happen, regardless of what he or the team wanted. He also got them to the Divisional round of the playoffs in 2020, and last year was a wash because of his injuries. Baker has been a team guy in Cleveland, he never played any of these social media games and he sacrificed his body for the team last year.

    Similarly, Murray will eventually have to have a contract talk at some point, but he’s a year early. It seems odd for him to push so strongly after only three seasons. One of the benefits of having a QB on a rookie deal is that the team has cap space to devote to the rest of the team. There’s not a huge incentive for the Cards to handicap themselves a year early.

    I will also add: that pick 6 Murray threw while going to the ground in the end zone in that playoff game was easily one of the worst QB plays in NFL history. It’s not all about one play, but that if you’ve got a play like that on your resume from the last game you played in, it’s tough to have it not stick out like a sore thumb.

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