Will Kyler Murray request a trade?

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Last year, all hell broke loose between the Packers and quarterback Aaron Rodgers on the day of the draft. This year, battle lines are apparently being drawn between the Cardinals and quarterback Kyler Murray with two weeks to go until the draft commence.

Murray has been angling for his second contract. The Cardinals have not yet made an offer. Per a league source with knowledge of the situation, the Cardinals have told Murray they’ll take care of him this summer.

He apparently wants to be taken care of now. More accurately, he apparently wants to know whether the team and Murray will be in the same financial ballpark sooner than later. If, as it turns out, Murray ends up hoping to get (for example) in the range of $45 million to $50 million and if the Cardinals are hoping to pay (for example) in the range of $30 million to $35 million, that’s a potentially irreconcilable impasse. Isn’t it better to know about that now and not later?

If they know about it now, Murray can ask for a trade. He can wait to see whether there’s a team that wants to pay him what he wants, and that will make the Cardinals a trade offer they’ll accept. In the absence of negotiations before the 2022 draft, the question becomes whether Murray will simply presume that the two sides won’t be able to strike a deal and then ask to be traded.

In this age of player empowerment, maybe Murray would be willing to make such a request, privately or publicly. How the Cardinals would respond is a different issue. The first question is whether Murray will respond to the team’s unwillingness to negotiate now by telling the Cardinals that he would like for them to negotiate with a team that could be interested in trading for him.

7 responses to “Will Kyler Murray request a trade?

  1. The Murray camp chose to urge for a second contract based on a subset of last season. Like if the poor ending of regular season and wild card game had no importance in the evaluation of the season. The Cards should wait late in the 2022, and let’s hope Murray will concentrate on being the best he can be on the field, and show maturity in the process.

  2. Requests aren’t Murray’s style.
    He’s more accustomed to making demands.

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