Deebo Samuel says he’s endured death threats and racist comments

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49ers receiver Deebo Samuel has earned a major contract. The issue became a major focal point in recent days, after Samuel removed all references to the 49ers from his social-media accounts.

Fans of the team are aware of the situation. And they’re letting Deebo hear about it.

Samuel has posted a video in which he says he’s getting death threats and racist comments in his direct messages on social media. It’s sad and it’s shameful, but it’s not surprising. Fans consistently line up behind the laundry when contract disputes arise. The player, in the eyes of most fans, is always at fault — even if the team is being unfair or unreasonable. Because the player, in the eyes of most fans, is the one who should be happy with whatever he’s getting.

Death threats happen consistently on social media. For whatever reason, they’re don’t seem to be investigated and prosecuted in the same way that, for example, a death threat delivered verbally or in a letter mailed to someone’s house would be.

It’s not just 49ers fans. Fans of every team behave this way. Shut up and entertain us. Quit being greedy or selfish. Take whatever they give you.

It’s bullshit. It’s wrong. The players take the physical risks. The players are the reason people tune in. The players need to get what they can while they can. And the fans need to understand that they’d want the same thing for their son, their brother, their nephew, their cousin, their friend, or themself.

60 responses to “Deebo Samuel says he’s endured death threats and racist comments

  1. If true, then he shouldn’t worry about what losers say. I’m a Niners fan but I’m also not a loser like some “fans”…

  2. It’s quite possible to want players to take less money (so there’s more for others) and to also think that death threats are never ok.

  3. A little advice for Deebo: Don’t negotiate through social media. There are enough football fans who love Deebo Samuel. There are plenty of people out there who hate America and Americans. They’re weak. Can’t let strong people be too concerned about weak people.

  4. Most people do not do this just the stupid ones that do not have a clue or were not taught to respect All people.

  5. What’s the point in the players doing this petty removing of the team from their social media…when they know it’s just going to rile up the fans?

    Then of course the fans take it too far because fans is short for fanatics

  6. People are all brave online. Case in point, this message board. Total BS making threat against an awesome player. I would will take him in 2 second and pay him 25-30 mil a year easy. He’s worth 3x Christian Kirk IMO

  7. Why are any of these celebs, sports or any celeb on social media? It’s nothing but negative crap. Social media was the very worst thing ever invented for humanity to use.

  8. I’m not automatically against players or the team when it comes to contract negotiations. It’s really not personal, it’s business. At least it is with a broad stroke viewpoint. That being said; death threats should be investigated and criminal action taken.

  9. Then there’s the fact that most people expect both sides to live up to a contract that they signed, whether they’re a billionaire or a millionaire.

  10. If you threaten a school or a business on social media, the FBI will immediately arrest you on the spot for years. I don’t understand why they don’t hold the same standards for individual people.

  11. Has anyone seen the evidence? Was it a direct threat? If it was, I imagine the police would be involved.

  12. Cap hell continues to throttle NFL teams with a path of destruction to be felt for years.

  13. “None of that in NY bro… welcome home.”

    Buffalo doesn’t have the cap space. Oh, you meant one of the jersey teams? lol.

  14. Death threat? Report to the Police to the FBI. Negotiation tactics? Don’t do it over social media, won’t help

  15. Reason #3 why social media sucks – death threats from idiots. Reason #117 – using social media as a tool to help negotiate your next contract. Pay the man, but the man has to be a pro regarding the negotiation process.

  16. Problem is alot of fans think it’s all about loyalty but in the NFL it’s a business just like any other profession I say get what they willing to pay

  17. The 49ers have a long line of strike outs at reviver. Debo is the best in years but Shanahan is going to get him killed. like his running backs that are each injured multiple times throughout the season. I am sure he is worth every penny of the 25-30 million a year for another team but not with the 49ers

  18. There are just some trash humans walking this planet.. always have been, always will be. Unfortunately the internet gives these people a voice.—-Deebo is w/o a doubt one of the best receivers in the game. Come to the Chargers Deebo! We don’t even have enough fans to berate you.

  19. I just don’t, and never will, completely understand getting that wrapped up in player contract negotiations. Especially to the point of driving you to send death threats and slurs on social media. The 49ers (even if they didn’t sign him) are well run enough that they’ll survive with or without him. If you’re a fan of the TEAM, then have faith that the TEAM will be fine with or without someone. Did it suck the Cheetah got traded almost overnight? Sure, but most of us know we’ll move on and wish him well on the other side. It’s pro sports. This happens to every player at some point.

    Freaking grow up.

  20. If the person threatening his life while also calling him racial slurs can’t they get them for a hate crime? So no police involvement would mean they are ignoring both?

  21. Players need to get what they can, sure. But its hard to feel bad for a guy making 45mil a yr, even if its a physical game. Most of us will never see even a 3rd of that in our lifetimes..yet, many deserve much more.

    Get real.

  22. One great year with over 1000 yards is earning a new contracts. He had a heck of a year but let’s see if he can do it twice

  23. Sorry I don’t buy Debo will be great without Shannhan designing all the play calling

  24. If rather than childishly scrubbing his social media accounts of team references he just quit monitoring them and commenting he would not see the comments and would be better off . Win/win. But millennials gotta millennial… Deebo fan BTW and also think players should get all they can as fast as they can.

  25. You are not the best receiver in the league. Take top 5 money maybe with a team option to “opt out” if you dont produce.

  26. I always laugh when I see people saying that a player should take less out of loyalty. Like they would do that themselves. Mans gotta do what he’s gotta do. It’s his life and decision right or wrong.

  27. The issue is you’re lecturing the 1% off and this pertains to…and they won’t listen. Fans might ruthlessly criticize players and former players, but 99% wouldn’t be racist or issue death threats.

  28. Social media is a cesspool. If you go there you will get trashed for something or everything. Keep your life private and stay off the publicly viewed internet. Pretty simple stuff. Any threats received in other ways should be reported to the police, but keep in mind that San Francisco doesn’t enforce basic laws like assault, armed robbery, breaking and entering, etc, etc, etc.

  29. The only real response here is this is very, very wrong.

    There are no excuses for it.

    I can understand why Mike Florio showed more passion on writing about this one, good for him.

  30. Why do people care. If he takes less money, it’s not like the rest goes into your pocket

  31. The typical American is struggling. These athletes bitching about getting paid millions to play a kids game will NEVER resonate well with the fans.

  32. I’m not a fan of players asking for new deals with multiple years left on their current contracts. But I think a young guy entering the final year of his rookie deal and coming off an All-Pro type season should be rewarded. If he isn’t in the 49er’s future, they should trade him.

  33. As a Rams fan I hate Deebo (he’s kills us), but somehow after reading this I I have some sympathy for him. I hope he leaves that team and their obnoxious fans

  34. Does any of that surprise you? Fans, gamblers and people that have an actual or imagined attachment to any team, do and say some crazy nonsense.

  35. I miss the days when you sign a contract and you live up to the contract and I certainly wish I could “eek” by with 4 million a year. Deebo is a rare talent but Clara usually manages to run the ball, regardless of who runs it, so why would they pay him when they could just run him into the ground? However, Clara’s offense currently goes through Deebo and it will be even moreso with Lance at QB next year, which will minimize the passing game and overemphasize the run game and Deebo’s skill set. Deebo and his agent sees that and knows that could potentially reduce his shelf life and his career earnings. The NFL has deep pockets and you can’t blame Deebo for wanting to maximize his earning potential while he can because in the end, he knows he’s expendable in the eyes of management. Regardless of who’s side your on, it is never ok to threaten a player over his contract negotiations, but when you negotiate publicly and not behind closed doors, you envite public opinion, which is like putting out flypaper for crazy.

  36. Kind of shocking these days hearing some NFL fans go psycho on a pro athlete who has nothing to do with the death of their cat or dog – who doesn’t pay their bills or who did nothing, absolutely nothing to wreck their life in any way…these fans are some utterly disturbing individuals. Hopefully they get help. Jeez unbelievable!

  37. Deebo Samuuel CLAIMS…I repeat he makes a claim he is getting death threats and racist comments via direct message on social media. Its written and accepted as factual and stories are written that points the finger at the fan based on a claim that has not been verified. Was bleach involved or a trip to the SubWay sandwich shop ?

  38. Spoken like a rich man, Mike. For those of us scuffling to get by, someone making $1,000,000+ PER GAME is suffering a whole different kind of “abuse” as you call it than we’re used to. I know, the owners have the “real” money, but somebody bitching while collecting $20,000 per PLAY is hard to take. Half a dozen plays and they’ve earned more than nearly anyone on this board makes in a year.
    None of this excuses death threats in any way… but to be shocked, to lack the appreciation of the resentment these kind of negotiations is disingenuous or totally divorced from real life. And if you’re going to start arresting people for their idiocy on social media, we’ll overnight have TEN times the prisoners of anyone else in the world, instead of just three times like now… you figure out a way to enforce civility on Twitter, there’s a Nobel in it for you, genius.

  39. Disgusting for sure, and not right. AND the agents have to be loving this. What the NFL needs is a series of Superbowl wins by teams that build largely through the draft and not free agency. Can’t wait for the first “billion dollar contract.”

  40. joe1975 says:
    April 16, 2022 at 9:16 am
    The typical American is struggling. These athletes bitching about getting paid millions to play a kids game will NEVER resonate well with the fans.

    Yes, many of us are struggling, but it’s a fact of life that some people earn hideous amounts of money. I get more upset about CEOs getting millions in “golden parachutes” when they’re fired by a company after failing to meet expectations. NFL players earn what they do because they contribute to a hugely popular entertainment product.

    Let’s also remember that every contract is signed by TWO parties. The players must first be offered these huge contracts in order to agree to them. And, far more often than players holding out for new contracts, NFL teams cut players before their contracts end. It’s a cold, difficult business and players deserve to get whatever they can, because their opportunities are limited. The vast majority of NFL players have short careers and never get “rich”.

    If a fan can’t watch a sport without getting emotionally invested in player salaries, then perhaps you should find a new hobby. Teams and owners make lots of money, too. Is that hard to relate to, as well?

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