Drake London won’t run 40 at USC’s Pro Day

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Teams that may be interested in drafting wide receiver Drake London will have to do so without seeing him run a 40-yard dash at USC’s Pro Day.

Field Yates of ESPN reports that London will not do the 40 during Friday’s workout. The Pro Day was originally scheduled for April 5, but was pushed back at London’s request because he was recovering from a mild hamstring strain.

Teams will get a chance to see London run routes and do some other drills on Friday.

London’s 2021 season was cut short by a fractured ankle. He had 88 catches for 1,084 yards and seven touchdowns before getting hurt, which should make for enough film to allow teams to make a decision on how early to call London’s name despite the lack of the 40 as a data point.

4 responses to “Drake London won’t run 40 at USC’s Pro Day

  1. It amazes me that with all the game film, combine, etc/etc that teams still feel the need for more info. It certainly doesn’t help them keep from drafting about 50% busts in round 1. Probably because running in a straight line without pads is only marginally reflective of how good a football player a prospect is. Yet it is constantly hawked as a key indicator. How fast was Jerry Rice? How often did he get caught from behind in an actual NFL game?

  2. That will concern some teams. He wasn’t expected to run fast but how slow is he running in training that he won’t even run at his pro day?

  3. With a loaded WR class and injury issues, I can see him falling into day 2.

  4. He hasn’t played a game since December. He hasn’t recovered enough yet from a hamstring to run a 40 in April?
    But he can run routes & cut & do everything else?
    Seems weird to me, but I think he’s simply concerned that he doesn’t have blazing straight-ahead speed.

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