Fox, NBC to use drones, helmet cameras for USFL coverage

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The USFL debuts on Saturday night. The two networks televising the games will be embracing a new way of capturing the images.

As explained by Joe Reedy of the Associated Press, the two networks will use drones. Also, two players from each team will have cameras in their helmets.

The World League used helmet cameras more than 30 years ago. These innovations could make the presentation of the game more compelling. They also could prompt the NFL to adopt the measures that work the best.

Fox and NBC will be televising the USFL launch on Saturday night, with both networks televising the game between the New Jersey Generals and the Birmingham Stallions. It’s the first time multiple broadcast networks will televise the same sporting event since CBS and NBC televised the 2007 Week 17 game between the Patriots and Giants.

13 responses to “Fox, NBC to use drones, helmet cameras for USFL coverage

  1. It doesn’t matter what gimmicks and fancy tricks they use. If the football sucks, no one will care.

  2. Thank you for breaking the news that Fox has been pimping on the the AM news for the past week. Now let’s talk turkey…if it’s any of the tech is good the NFL will be too pig-headed to use it…!

  3. Misconceptions people have when starting these 2nd leagues and why they fail so often. 1) People are crazy for football. WRONG. People are crazy for NFL football. The college game has seen a steady decline with its ratings. 2) Football players could use a league to develop their skills. WRONG again. Football isn’t like baseball where you can play in the minors until the your 25 and still have a long career ahead of you. Outside of QB this is not a reality in this sport. Careers too short to invest in a minor league system. NCAAF is that already.

  4. Quit trying to re-invent the wheel. There is a reason the most expensive seats in a stadium are the sections behind the team benches. Just show the game the way it’s been shown on TV for years.

  5. The NFL tried the helmet cameras as well. I forget the players but will never forget Matt Millen wearing the “hat cam” as referee.

    I hope that a gimbal mount has been developed that can counter the running and hitting.

  6. I hope they plan to work real hard on the commentators. I am always stunned by the number of times the commentators point to something and then in slow Mo it didn’t happen. It isn’t rare for them to talk about a player making a great block, and then in the replay he completely wift. Or credit the sack to someone standing next to the play.Or they prattle on endlessly about some personal story, while the game is going on. And we never find out who the penalty was on or what player made the tackle. Some of the stories are interesting and there’s a place for them, make a separate show about player and commentator stories and experiences. When the game is going on, I wanna know who made the play on both sides of the ball. I want to know the down and distance, and I don’t care about the locker room food, or what happened 40 years ago when you played. I kind of want to know what’s going on now. I know a lot of this is on the local stage. The national stage has to be a little more professional . But there’s a lot of room for improvement in play-by-play. Many of these teams seem to have two or three color people and no play-by-play. Perhaps the USFL will raise the bar there

  7. There are NFL games I have no desire to watch. I doubt a lesser product will keep my interest.

  8. Ratings may good at first… as usual but will eventually tank… as usual.

  9. Hope some of this works out and the NFL can cherry pick the best ideas that did work…..

  10. Hopefully the NFL will find something to adopt in place of this portrait mode nonsense they’ve been putting us through the last 2 years.

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