Matt Patricia involved in Patriots’ trade for DeVante Parker

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
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Matt Patricia attended the NFL owners meetings last month, possibly the only non-head coach among coaches in Palm Beach, Florida. But Patricia, whose official title is senior football advisor, is more than an assistant coach.

Bill Belichick described Patricia’s duties as “very broad” and said Patricia will help in “a lot of ways.” Patricia will coach on the offensive side of the ball, is working in player personnel and will manage the team’s salary cap.

Matt Groh, the new director of player personnel, twice mentioned Patricia on Friday during a pre-draft news conference. He credited Patricia for the trade for receiver DeVante Parker from the Dolphins after Miami acquired Tyreek Hill.

“(The Dolphins) weren’t just going to be able to keep everybody, and when a player became available, I would say Matt Patricia did a great job of being on that early and kind of getting the information to us as quickly as he could,” Groh said, via Matthew Fairburn of “And we were in on that early, and it really came together well for us, and we’re really excited about having DeVante here.”

It is becoming apparent that Patricia is playing and will play a big role in the building of the roster.

30 responses to “Matt Patricia involved in Patriots’ trade for DeVante Parker

  1. I’ll go on record and say this is the beginning of the Patriots being in the top15 every year in the draft. Devante Parker is no catch (pun intended) at this stage of his career or any stage of his career honestly (only went over 1k yards once in 7 years. BB does not know how to draft receivers or which ones to trade for.

  2. If Matt Patricia is one of the people involved in bringing in talent then this Fins fan is excited for the next decade in the AFC East. I’m OK with them trading a 3rd rounder for a 1st round bust WR. He’s great when he’s healthy but he’s had his problems keeping his body in check. It’s a commitment issue and with BB I don’t think he’ll ever crack the top 3 on the depth chart there. I was honestly surprised that Miami held onto him for so long.

  3. Nobody from New England, including Bill Belichick has ever won anything without Tom Brady. Do you remember the scene in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy’s dog pulled back the curtain and exposed the great wizard as just an ordinary man? Well, that has happened in New England.

  4. So a staff member of a professional football needing to add receivers suggests that they acquire a receiver from a team that has a surplus and now gets credit for initiating an obvious deal for an obvious need? It’s not exactly a shrewd acquisition but as long Matty Patty doesn’t have to lead young men or implement an on field strategy of his own design, the Patriots should be just fine.

  5. So he did his homework and brought in a busted player,he found a guy in his own division that rarely has been available to play against his team for injury and decided,hey we need that guy. Um,thank you from Maimi,we look forward to seeing him on your bench when we play you.

  6. When I read that Patricia was running the salary cap I almost spat out my milkshake. It sounds a lot like Matty could be training to replace Bill when his heart gives out.

  7. I can’t believe this dude is still employed after the total gut-job he did with the Lions roster. Not only that, his defenses those 3 years were historically atrocious.

    I guess it pays to have friends in high places.

  8. Good luck Pats fans. Patricia was a hot mess with the Lions, couldn’t control his team and traded Sly and Diggs in their prime and got nothing in return.

  9. Miami could of and should of kept him. Saved a little salary cap but Miami still needs to get another WR. Unless they sign Fuller or Wilson back.

  10. Bill Belichick described Patricia’s duties as “very broad”

    Funny. I think this means he’s the guy they send for lunch since he obviously knows all the best spots in town.

  11. The Detroit fiasco will hang over his head for the rest of his life, what a buffoon

  12. BB will be stepping down soon and all of New England can celebrate something that will never be replicated again.

    Because Tom’s in Tampa.

  13. The Patriots were nothing when Patricia left for the Lions. They barely won the Super Bowl 7 years in a row.

  14. Replace the name Matt Patricia with Josh McDaniels and most of these comments sound like the same thing people said about McDaniels after he lost the Broncos job and returned to New England.

  15. The rest of the league agrees with the hoodies thinking. He was an utter failure in Detroit with personnel right??

  16. Matt Patricia and Matt Millen are two of the most destructive forces to ever hit sports in the Motor City.

  17. Love the kid, can’t fault his effort and commitment to the Dolphins since 2015, he just can’t separate. He’s absolutely lethal in a jump ball situation. Probably as good as anyone in the NFL at highpoint a ball and his body control is also top notch.

    He just can’t separate in a route or after a reception. Out of 64 starting WR’s, he ranked 64th in separation.

    The Dolphins flipped him for a guy who is the exact opposite type of player. Hill is going to command A LOT of attention.

    The problem for the rest of the league will be Jaylen Waddle. How many teams have the corners to run with Miami? Other than Miami?

    I suspect Jets, Bills and Pats will all be taking CB’s in the first or second round and by suspect, I mean I am warning them that they better take corners.

    JC Jackson gone, Tre’Davious White is returning from an ACL tear and the Jets….

  18. golions1 says:
    April 16, 2022 at 10:35 am
    Matt Patricia and Matt Millen are two of the most destructive forces to ever hit sports in the Motor City.

    21Rate This


    Keep spinning those wheels. Hint: The Fords are the greatest sports ownership embarrassment in nfl history. The McCaskeys in Chicago are a close second.

    Decades of ineptitude. At least the McCaskeys attended a sb 15 years ago, though.


  19. Patricia is and has been thoroughly incompetent.
    But he looks mean and keeps a pencil behind his ear.

  20. The posts claiming Belichick isn’t a winner are delusional. He has 8 super bowl rings, the last 4 years ago. Miami hasn’t won a super bowl since the 70s, the Jets since the 60s, and the Bills have never won a super bowl.

    He derailed two dynasties (Rams snd Seahawks) after their first Super Bowl victories.

    Despite a decimated roster in 2020, and going with a discounted Bounce Pass at QB, he missed the playoffs only once in 12 years.

  21. Patricia is building the team he wants. BB is 70. My bet is Patricia already knows he’s the coach in waiting and is building his roster with full approval from above. Don’t let the Flores lawsuit fool you. Teams always have, and always will, get around the rules and hire without giving the proper process a chance.

  22. I wonder what will the haters say when the Patriots win the wide open division this year. I can smell the fear.

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