Robby Anderson doesn’t want Baker Mayfield to join the Panthers

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The Carolina Panthers linger in the conversation regarding potential destinations for quarterback Baker Mayfield. Panthers receiver Robby Anderson is not a fan of that possibility.

Via USA Today, a fan Instagram account posted an item with a report from Ian Rapoport of NFL Media that the Panthers are the most likely destination for Mayfield. Anderson responded with one word: “Nooooo.”

Here’s the reality. Players talk to other players. And there has yet to be a single Browns player who has spoken out on Mayfield’s behalf, through every twist and turn of an topsy-turvy offseason. Most recently, for example, Mayfield said he believes the Browns disrespected him. To our knowledge, not a single current or former Browns player has agreed with Mayfield publicly.

There has to be a reason for Anderson’s animosity to Mayfield. Maybe he has spoken to Odell Beckham Jr. or someone else who has played with Mayfield. Someone like Jarvis Landry, who is pictured talking to Anderson.

If there’s anything to that, the question then becomes whether other players with other teams will feel the same way. It’s a fair question, whatever the answer. And it could become a very real impediment to Mayfield’s ability to continue his career, anywhere.

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  1. In before Baker talks about how it’s okay Robbie hates him, but how he just needs to earn Andersons respect…

  2. With zero intent of defending Baker, Robby Anderson has quite a history of disliking his QBs, no?

  3. Better at filming commercials than playing football, it was probably smart to milk that for all it was worth while he could.

  4. Well…Baker will always have that sweet Brett Favre draft day reenactment photo.

  5. Wow. A lot of negativity thrown Baker’s way, especially here. Anderson and Darnold are friends going back to their time in NY, and Anderson is showing support for his friend.
    Like him or not, Baker is a fierce competitor, something the Panthers could use and a huge upgrade over what they have.

  6. What player is going to speak out in defense of the old QB when the big-dollar new one is just around the corner? Who wants to make the QB, coach, GM and owner look bad or even just awkward? Not great criteria to use in evaluating the situation.

  7. For a 5’9” WR who DID NOT catch over 1/2 the passes thrown to him last year – you would think he’s smarter than this.

    Now I want Baker there just so he’ll torment this backup.

  8. Totally agree players talk to other players. I dont blame Robby Anderson one bit. Mayfield is a career killer. Look what OBJ did once he left, look at what Austin Hooper was before he joined the Browns. On top of being an awful QB, he is a 1st rate dope and Drama Queen.

  9. It is pretty obvious why Robbie Anderson. He is friends with Sam Darnold from their time in New York. Baker’s presence is a threat to his friends job.

  10. Come to Pittsburgh, If Tomlin can handle AB he sure as hell can handle Baker!

  11. On the other hand… there hasn’t been a teammate who has disputed Baker’s claims.

    Seems like at least SOME comment would be leaked out either way. I haven’t seen anything from any current Browns player.

  12. Ever since Mayfield ran down the sidelines of the Georgia Oklahoma Rose Bowl swinging his arms around like a clown after scoring a TD, you could see the guy has big problems

  13. Pretty bush league thing to do. He could privately make his organization know of his feelings on the matter. Anderson deserves Matt Ruhle and no ring

  14. Remember when Baker Mayfield criticized Duke Johnson for requesting a trade?

    Chickens are coming home to roost, Reagan.

    Humble yourself!

  15. Browns fans and fantasy football dorks who believe media hype of almost every new qb in the league, were warned.

    It was so obvious.

  16. Baker has an ego bigger the good year blimp and is the main reason the browns haven’t lived up to the expectations that have been placed on them ever since he was drafted. He is a cancer with the way he runs his mouth and a choke artist in key moments of the game but with that being said the browns created the monster he should’ve never been drafted #1 overall it made his head swell even more then it was coming out of oklahoma.

  17. I remember when everyone said Baker would be better off without Beckham. The Browns offense got worst. I’m tired of this ego maniac. Baker thinks Seattle is his next destination. They don’t want you ya bum.

  18. Face it the Panthers stink. BUT, any team picking up Baker needs to make a commitment to time. You can’t expect Baker to be a stop gap. That would not work out well. This is Baker’s issue with finding a new team!

  19. Those of you who are saying he’s a good kid don’t actually know him. You know his public persona and what can be gleaned from media sessions and interviews.

    The players he played with know him. Both as a teammate and as a person. Apparently NONE of them like him enough to offer even tepid support for the QB.

    That is a problem for him. He’s done numerous things to rub everybody the wrong way. Not just the coaches and the front office, but the players too. People don’t turn on you like this after a single incident.

    I don’t think the hype coming in from college was helpful to him and the multi-year commercial deal with Progressive likely went to his head. It’s the kind of advertising deal a long term franchise QB gets. I think he began to believe and act like he was the long term answer in Cleveland long before it had been decided.

    The comment about him not being an “adult” is the worst thing you can say about somebody in a professional setting. They are stating that he’s acts like a child and inferring that he is impossible to work with.

    For a WR on another team to publicly voice disapproval of Mayfield coming to the team is shocking. As Mike said, somebody must have told Anderson their opinion about Mayfield and they obviously believe the person who told them.

  20. Between the Browns knucklehead GM hiding the fact of Watsons pursuit, and Mayfield’s continued immature ” I was disrespected” whine, seems like every team even remotely interested in Mayfield is going to wait til he is cut b4 they show interest. I wouldn’t offer the Clowns more than a carton of cigarettes for this guy – in addition to at least paying half of his dreadful $18mill cap hit.

  21. Hope mayfield ends up in Carolina and this a-hole never sees another ball thrown his way.

  22. Anderson’s dad is calling OBJ’s dad for game film editing tips and tricks.

  23. “And it could become a very real impediment to Mayfield’s ability to continue his career, anywhere.”

    I’m going to go out on a limb and predict Mayfield is on a roster in 2022.

  24. kevpft says:
    April 15, 2022 at 6:49 pm

    What player is going to speak out in defense of the old QB when the big-dollar new one is just around the corner? Who wants to make the QB, coach, GM and owner look bad or even just awkward? Not great criteria to use in evaluating the situation.


    One who respects Baker. This isn’t a mutually exclusive thing where showing respect for one player equates to disrespect for the other. Defending the former quarterback and supporting the new one are two entirely separate, unrelated things.

  25. Here’s the reality…… the one you missed. Anderson and Darnold became friends when they both played for the Jets. Anderson was thrilled when Darnold joined the Panthers and he made it clear in interviews.

  26. Why does the NFL give up so soon on young QB’s ? Darnold was in a no win situation with the New Jersey Jets. Give him an actual shot. Grade still incomplete.

  27. Not one Browns player has defended Baker publicly or wished him well. Tells you all you need to know.

  28. It’s ridiculous that so many people think Anderson shouldn’t have the same ability to express his feelings & opinions just like everyone else.
    Just because he plays in the league means that he needs to keep his mouth shut?

  29. I don’t get it, baker seems to be a decent QB. A lot of teams do not have a good one… not sure why he’s getting hate. Reminds me a lot of the Rams QB with huge shoulder pads but he had a huge injury list so that made some sense.

  30. Who? He has the right to have any opinion he wants but it’s not professional in ANY profession to bad mouth people you’ve never even worked with before a single day in your life.

  31. Just want to make sure I understand: Baker gets dinged for commenting on teammates, but it’s fine for Anderson to make a negative comment about Baker just upon hearing that he might become part of the team? Seems like a double standard.

    I’m not saying Mayfield is perfect – he’s obviously abrasive at times. But OBJ is some kind of model teammate? He wore out his welcome in NY and made it clear from day one he was unhappy in Cleveland – but now that’s all Baker’s fault?

    I also think there’s a possibility that Mayfield’s teammates don’t want to speak up on a guy that they team has already all but jettisoned – what do they have to gain? But it’s also not true that no one has spoken out in his favor.

    Let’s try to remember that all of Cleveland’s dysfunction and problems start at the top of the pyramid. Haslam is an awful owner. The Browns are finding Mayfield a convenient scapegoat and the media seems happy to buy into that narrative without any critical appraisal of the team’s role in all of this.

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