Jaylen Waddle says his average yards per catch needs to improve

New England Patriots Vs. Miami Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium
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Dolphins receiver Jaylen Waddle says he needs to make more big plays in Year 2 of his NFL career.

Waddle said on the “I Am Athlete” podcast that his yards per catch average wasn’t good enough in his rookie season and needs to get better this year.

“I ain’t going to lie,” Waddle said, via the Palm Beach Post. “I think my average was like 9.5 or something like that a catch. I’ve got to show something.”

Waddle was actually selling him short by saying he averaged 9.5 yards per catch. It was actually 9.8 yards per catch. Still, the Dolphins were expecting more long gains than that when they traded two first-round draft picks for the opportunity to select Waddle last year. And although part of the issue was the Dolphins’ offense, which had Waddle catching lots of short passes, Waddle admits he needs to make things happen and gain more yards after the catch.

“I’ve got to be YAC crazy out there,” Waddle said.

More big plays from Waddle, along with the big plays that new arrival Tyreek Hill is sure to make, could make the Dolphins’ offense look a whole lot better in 2022 than it looked in 2021.

12 responses to “Jaylen Waddle says his average yards per catch needs to improve

  1. Lots of injuries happen when receivers don’t get down quickly. Not his fault Tua is a short pass specialist.

  2. When you draft a WR in the top 10, you better be getting a gamechanger.

    So far, that’s not the case.

  3. Chase averaged 18. Almost double. Burrow just a tad better than Tua. Despite having a week line. But Waddle also coming back from knee. See if he jumps in year 2.

  4. I love the kid. He is humble as anything. Those that look at his numbers and say he isn’t a star didn’t watch the joke of an offense Flores rolled out last year. Typically, offenses get better with time. Miami’s regressed. The OL got worse and to compensate, the co-OCs decided to ratchet down the routes to almost high school level. Waddle gets open in short range ALL THE TIME and scored his fair share of TDs. All on a high school JV offense. It wasn’t as much Tua as it was the OL coaching and subsequent schemes that scaled it all in. With actual offensive coaches, Waddle is a legit superstar. He already broke the rookie record for catches. Those that think he’s not a game changer are in for a rude awakening. The kid is amazing…

  5. touchback6 says:
    April 16, 2022 at 11:33 am
    When you draft a WR in the top 10, you better be getting a gamechanger.
    Leave it to a Patriots fan to be all-knowledgeable about an inability to draft game-changing receivers in the first round!

    I recall some first rounder BB the genius drafted by the name of named N’Keal Harry. He caught 33 passes for just 309 yards with three touchdowns in 14 games last year.

    Heck, BB can’t even trade for a productive receiver. Does the name Nelson Agholor ring a bell?

  6. Jakobi Meyers. Julian Edelman. Troy Brown. David Givens. Deion Branch. All players drafted by the Patriots and developed into key WRs. It’s not that NE can’t develop WR’s.

    Unfortunately, N’Keal Harry seems to be on the Aaron Dobson, Bethel Johnson, PK Sam, Chad Jackson track.

    As Parcells would say, “Some guys just don’t get it.”

  7. Waddle may never reach his true potential playing with Tua and Miami will propably never trade him in his prime. So he is stuck for now.

  8. While I personally thought that Miami should have picked Sewell at number six Waddle had an excellent rookie season. With the addition of Hill it would stand to reason that Waddle will be targeted less this season than he was last season.

  9. I watched Edelman early on his career and Waddle can be the next
    Edelman or even better. He’s fun to watch for sure.

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