Terrell Owens scores a touchdown in Fan Controlled Football

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On the night that the USFL returned (or, as the lawyers would prefer it, debuted), Hall of Fame receiver Terrell Owens launched a football comeback.

The 48-year-old, who last played in a regular-season NFL game in 2010, scored a touchdown during his first game with Fan Controlled Football.

It happened in garbage time, but it happened. Did we mention the guy is 48?

That’s an amazing feat. Maybe the NFL should give him a call. Or at least the USFL.

17 responses to “Terrell Owens scores a touchdown in Fan Controlled Football

  1. Nice that the QB hit TO. Was Ochocinco covered or did he run a bad route?

  2. Touchdowns should be worth the same number of points as the ball carrier’s age in FCF I mean… why the heck not? Does it really matter?

  3. It’s Fan Controlled Football. Pretty sure a 78 year old TO could score. Save your breath for his fan bois.

  4. Tampa should sign him that way you can have 50 year old Tom Brady throwing to him.

  5. I would take a 59 yr. old Jerry Rice over a 48 yr. old Terrell Owens any day of the week. Jerry Rice was a consummate professional and team first player his whole hall of fame career.

  6. T.O. could still likely play in the NFL, definitely the USFL. In fact, a basement team looking to improve quickly and sell tickets might consider him (Jax, Houston, Detroit, Washington, NYJ). I imagine Carson Wentz would love him.

  7. Some of you are delusional. TO wouldn’t be competitive on an NFL practice squad. He was a great talent but those days are gone.

  8. T.O. is not in the NFL because nobody wants him in the NFL. It’s been 12 years, the message is clear.

  9. Never one to shy away from the limelight, TO proves you can catch a TD pass at flag football level of play.

    That’s equivalent to selling hotdogs at an NFL game.

  10. 48 years old. Props to him. I’m not going to hate on it like some of the previous posters.

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