Two arrests are made in the shooting death of Cameron Ray, one day after Kelvin Joseph


Cowboys defensive back Kelvin Joseph apparently told police exactly what they needed to hear.

A day after Joseph met with authorities investigating the drive-by shooting death of Cameron Ray, two people were arrested in connection with the crime. Per the Dallas Police Department (via Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News), police have apprehended Aries Jones, 28, and Tivione English, 21.

Joseph’s lawyer has admitted that Joseph was a passenger in the vehicle from which the shots were fired.

Joseph, a second-round pick of the Cowboys in 2021, has not been arrested or charged with any crime. The murder happened on March 18, following a fight outside a bar. Cameron Ray was 20 years old.

21 responses to “Two arrests are made in the shooting death of Cameron Ray, one day after Kelvin Joseph

  1. He was fairly simple: end his nfl career or cooperate. There really was no middle ground here.

  2. Stuff got serious real quick. Jerreh’s gonna have to put him in witness protection.

  3. Pretty sure he could still face some consequences. People have been executed in Texas for “being along for the ride”

  4. Everyone in that vehicle is equally guilty of murder. The only way out was to snitch.

  5. Pretty sure cameras can identify the other guys if they were in the club. They didn’t need joesph to “snitch”. I’m sure joesph will take care of the families so I wouldn’t go on a childish rampage of “snitching”

  6. I do not blame him for snitching. Life is not a rap music video. Street cred means nothing while your freedom, family, and peace of mind reign supreme .

    Good for him

  7. and a reasonable explanation for being in a car that does a drive by shooting is ?

    NONE !!

  8. Potentially make millions over your career, or stay loyal and protect the scumbag that shot out the vehicle in addition to going to jail yourself?

  9. So he cooperated, as he should. Great job headlining it. I’m sure his family appreciates it.

  10. The reality is that without snitches half the people in prison wouldn’t be. But then that’s the kind of people criminals hang out with. Each other.

  11. Pretty messed up how he sat back and said nothing until police approached him. I’m guessing he was going stay silent for the rest of his life and make the victims family suffer more than they or ready are.

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