Will the Lions eventually make a play for Baker Mayfield?

Detroit Lions v Cleveland Browns
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The news that the Lions have taken a closer look at Pitt quarterback Kenny Pickett opens the door to the possibility that the Lions are thinking about life without Jared Goff. If they are, they need to be thinking about life with Baker Mayfield.

First, there’s the fact that former Browns G.M. John Dorsey works for the Lions. Second, there’s the fact that Mayfield’s attitude meshes completely with the kneecap-biting vibe that coach Dan Campbell is trying to instill in the organization.

Third, there’s the fact that Jared Goff is, well, Jared Goff. Remember when Campbell recently said that the team can win without an elite quarterback? That sort of says it all.

If the Lions are thinking about Mayfield, they’re keeping their cards close to the vest. But they should be thinking about him. He had two solid seasons. He could still be a very good NFL quarterback. And he would give the Lions their first quarterback with genuine, in-your-face swagger since Bobby Layne.

So let’s do it, Lions. For years after Dorsey welcomed his buddy boy Baker onto the Browns, Dorsey should be chomping bubblegum in the ear of anyone with the Lions who will listen to him.

45 responses to “Will the Lions eventually make a play for Baker Mayfield?

  1. Not sure he’s a culture fit in Detroit, nor a Dan Campbell guy. He’s got his head up, distracted too often when he should have his head down, working hard and ignoring the noise.

  2. Four years for 120 million, fully guaranteed, but only after he hangs out to dry for a while. Then let him go as an UFA in 2026.

  3. Goff took his team to the Super Bowl. Detroit needs better players around Goff. Mayfield would be a good fit in SF, Arizona, Houston, Seattle, Baltimore, Miami, Pittsburgh…

  4. Goff is better than Mayfield but if Detroit were able to get Mayfield, could anyone imagine a scenario of the Lions playing in the SB against Watson and the Browns ?

  5. You say Mayfield had two solid seasons. Goff’s two best seasons were far superior to Mayfield’s two best seasons.

  6. As bad as everyone makes Goff sound, let’s not get this screwed up, he’s not Osweiler, he’s played in a SB and could have won it. I’m no fan but what’s Baker? Baker’s more likely Manziel than almost a world champ that McVay almost won with.

  7. If Dorsey had drafted Josh Allen instead of Baker he wouldn’t be the Brown’s former GM. Unlikely he makes the same mistake again.

  8. There are about 5 teams that NEED Baker Mayfield on their team. There are another 10 or so that could upgrade their QB situation by trading for Baker. Don’t let the mouth turn you off. His ego and attitude are what make him special.

  9. Willis, Pickett, etc. Goff, Locker, Wentz, RG3, etc QB needy teams will always reach. Expect no difference this year. Teams have their own scouts not media evaluators. Remember Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, the media evaluated that class low, they just misevaluated the talent. Allen, Jackson were much better than Darnold and Rosen.

  10. Could you imagine Josh Allen behind that pro bowl O-Line with two pro bowl RB’s. Jesus.

  11. Honest question, is he a better talent then Jared Goff? And if the talent levels are close, why would you take the Dysfunctional QB?

    Hope the Lions stay away and keep building the team the right way.

  12. You mean like Mayfield and a second round pick for Goff?

    Goff was a top 5 QB in the last 5 games last year, after he finally had someone to throw to. I’d draft a backup who can learn behind him at the end of round 1, but the Lions have no reason to be interested in Mayfield.

  13. Yes lions please grab him so Seattle doesn’t. Whiner and thinks he is better than he is. Will be a journeyman backup most likely in the rest of his career.

  14. Geez. It’s simple, we have 2 first round picks this year, get defense. Next draft we have 2 first round picks, use the Ammo to get the best QB next year in a way more talented pool. Don’t need a QB this year at all, definitaly don’t need Baker Mayfield. Watching him last year was depressing.

  15. Mayfield is the farthest thing from a Dan Campbell guy. Thinking that arrogance and childishness is the same as a hard-working attitude is where you lose me.

  16. I am sure they have called him. I bet Baker wants a multi-year deal and the Lions want a looksee. If Baker has confidence his talents he would take the one year deal, light it up and leverage a good season with another team.

  17. Perhaps the proof is in the pudding, and it’s because Dorsey was GM with Baker at the helm that he won’t hitch up again.

    If they can get him for peanuts and min salary, would make for great theatre to have two above average former 1st overall picks competing against one another

  18. This Mayfield nonsense is the best way to absolutely derail this rebuild thats happening. For once Detroit is doing it right by building through the draft and the trenches, that move would just brings us back to being the SOL.

  19. Detroit not interested. Will wait for the ’23 QB draft class where they’ll find Goff’s replacement.

  20. When the Lions trade Goff for two first round picks . Then yes , take Mayfield off Cleveland’s hands providing they throw in a fourth round pick for eating his salary.

  21. This draft is loaded at DL, WR and LB. Detroit needs to plug some holes and have another long year next year. The QB class is much better next year so if the shoe fits draft a QB next year. Otherwise roll with Goff and fill the holes around him.

  22. No way should the Lions Even think about mayfield.. Draft a young unblemished QB and bring him up the way the Lions need to. Mayfield just isn’t a good QB.

  23. As a Lions fan, I’d rather have Goff. Baker provides zero advantages over Goff, much less the enormous cap that would be dedicated to a backup QB who is more of a distraction and detriment than any advantages to a rebuilding club.

  24. sundanz56 says:
    April 16, 2022 at 8:51 pm

    There are about 5 teams that NEED Baker Mayfield on their team. There are another 10 or so that could upgrade their QB situation by trading for Baker.


    Wow, you’re saying there are only 17 teams that wouldn’t upgrade their QB situation with Mayfield. NFL GM’s don’t appear to agree with you. Houston could have had Mayfield for free and would rather start Davis Mills.

  25. You want a QB who is not elite? Look no farther than Mayfield. He’s as not elite as they come.

  26. bobwhitequail says:
    April 16, 2022 at 8:59 pm
    Yes lions please grab him so Seattle doesn’t. Whiner and thinks he is better than he is. Will be a journeyman backup most likely in the rest of his career.

    Go Hawks!

  27. Not a fit with Detroit’s culture change nor a personality fit with Campbell. Detroit is building a team first organization…Baker is a me first personality.

  28. Lets see, $32M for Goff in 2022 + $18 M for Mayfield is the same $50 M QB cost as Rodgers in Green Bay. OBTW, the Lions have to throw in some picks while rebuilding. This not happening this year. goff costs too much now.

  29. The Lions would have to build a bigger locker room so Baker and his ego would fit. They are better off with Goff and his tiny hands than Baker and his big head.

  30. Goff is better. They most likely will draft a QB to see if they hit the lottery, but the issues lie elsewhere on the roster.. like everywhere else

  31. As a Lions fan. No.
    This is not a fit with the coach, nor is a bunch of guys who just punched above their weight with less talent but kept fighting best served by Mayfields erraticism.
    I will agree with Others here, Goff has provided unexpectedly what’s needed for this rebuild and I was proven wrong on him and Campbell. Campbell is the right coach. Goff NEEDs to be replaced by the right guy who has talent, and years ahead to grow with the youth. Until the right guy is available Goff is just fine. This is a bad fit. IMO

  32. Lions should draft a 3rd round QB with the hope of getting lucky or at least have a good backup for the real 1st round QB to be taken next year, if needed.

  33. Well their last QB trade worked out so well, I can’t imagine why they look for alternatives. Holy moly Goff is terrible without someone telling him what to do on each and every play. Barf

  34. I’d be very surprised if the Lions move on from Goff this year. The only place I ever read about Mayfield going to the Lions is right here. One of the traits I see Dan Campbell bringing the Lions is team unity. Every man has each other’s back. Dumping the QB who just went through the trenches with everyone goes against that.

    The Lions should focus on upgrading the defense. They should get a playmaker WR and as many defensive playmakers as they can.

  35. It’s coming for sure – The Vikings should go after Baker Mayfield because Kirk Cousins is, well, Kirk Cousins.

  36. I get that Mayfield needs to keep his mouth shut more often, but the idea that he’s a cancer in the locker room and/or not a hard worker (b-b-but he filmed commercials!) are false. The Browns have effectively trashed and defamed their former number one draft pick. Because, you know THEY’RE such “adults”, right?

    People hate Mayfield, and that’s fine. But saying “what has he ever done” is ridiculous. He was drafted by a 1-31 team and the fortunes of the franchise improved immediately, and they got to the divisional round of the playoffs. MVP Jackson hasn’t done that.

    No one has to like Baker, but how about we recognize that the Browns aren’t some storied, tight-ship franchise that picked the wrong guy. They picked a perfectly capable guy who did well playing for a dumpster fire, and who the team should’ve taken off the field early last season. That was THEIR fault. THEY kept him on the field when he shouldn’t have been playing. They still went 8-9, and then Baker became the scapegoat for all of Haslam’s idiocy.

    Hate Baker all you want, but so much of the vitriol is overblown and uninformed.

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