Report: Baker Mayfield “not the only guy” on the Panthers’ list

Carolina Panthers v Cleveland Browns
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It’s not a pre-draft smokescreen. The Panthers are indeed interested in Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield. A league source has confirmed that the Panthers are exploring the possibility of making a deal.

But he may not be the only one they’re targeting.

Joseph Person of reports that Mayfield is “among the . . options” for the Panthers, and that “he’s not the only guy on the list.”

No other names are listed. As veteran quarterbacks go, the options are currently limited. 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo remains available in trade, and at a compensation package in excess of $25 million. Beyond that, the biggest names become Nick Foles, Ryan Fitzpatrick, or maybe even Jared Goff, if the Lions would be interested in moving on. The Panthers also could bring back Cam Newton, who will sell tickets even if his days of winning games at consistent pace have ended.

Mayfied’s $18.8 million fully-guaranteed salary continues to loom over the situation. How much will the Browns pay? How much will the next team pay?

These are two important questions that need to be answered before any trade can happen.

43 responses to “Report: Baker Mayfield “not the only guy” on the Panthers’ list

  1. If Kyler Murray is a disgruntled as everyone thinks, he’s the only one worth pushing a lot of draft capital after. Otherwise they should roll with Darnold, lose a lot, clean house at the end of the year and reset next year with a high draft pick to get a premium rookie QB.

  2. Foles, Fitzpatrick, Goff, Newton, Jimmy @$25 million. He’s not the only guy in the list but really is the only guy on the list

  3. I live near Charlotte. Cam would not sell tickets. Not sure where you cam up with that.

  4. They should go with Fitzpatrick. At least he will be fun to watch.
    It is getting hard to remain a Panthers fan.

  5. Wow an NFC South with Mayfield, Mariota, Winston and Brady. So basically you have one Masterchef and three guys manning the dish washer.

  6. I love Fitzpatrick but you cant count on him making it through a season…even at his current age though I think he could be a SOLID backup for next 5 yrs or more if he wanted to.

    As far as Mayfield…I never thought he was that good…but I guess hes better than Darnold…If I was NFL Coach or GM I would only go with Mayfie;d as a stopgap…and only if it made sense…NO Way would I ever build my team around him.

  7. Fitz is their best bet for a one year bridge. But if they REALLY want to bridge to draft a QB next year they should just stick with Darnold so they get a high draft pick. WIth FItz they’ll likely end up with a mid-first round pick.

  8. Baker should just say he’s sitting out the rest of his deal. If he goes to the panthers it will be a train wreck. Better to sit, lose the money then find the perfect fit on his own. He’ll make more in the future by sitting.

  9. I think all fans of the league would love to have Fitzmagic come to Carolina. Way better than Baker and a real good teammate and professional person!!

  10. It’s got to be Garoppolo. Honestly, they should just let things roll with Darnold and see what happens, but everybody there knows if they don’t make the playoffs in 2022 that everybody is getting fired.

  11. Jimmy G is the only real QB on that list.. and he’s a lot better than Baker. It’s not close either. I don’t get why anybody would want Baker. All hype and no real proven success unless you count Progressive commercials.

  12. With Darnold at $19M fully guaranteed it doesn’t make sense to bring in Garoppolo at another $27M plus give up decent draft picks in exchange.

    On the other hand Mayfield is less desirable but only making $18M and can be had for a bag of chips and possibly force Cleveland to pay for some of that salary.

  13. Panthers would be a perfect fit for the USFL. And they’d be the only team without a red uniform apparently.

  14. Judging by the recent track record of hiring playing personnel, no matter which QB they bring in (or don’t), things will not turn out well. Might as well bunker down with the existing QB, stick their fingers in their ears for 12 months and then reassess from there.

  15. Jimmy G is likely the only one on that list that can come close to playing competitive with Brady and Mariota in that division…
    In a qb driven league, your level of talent at QB determines your team success!

  16. Fitzpatrick will get you 3-5 wins with his limited skill set. Sure folks will have fun, but it will cost you draft position for no other reason but being happy Fitz won a couple meaningless games. Possibly costing you the #1 pick.


  17. Love the Jimmy G guys. Lol. Why pay a guy so much to play 5 games. Mayfield at least plays hurt. Jimmy G has a hangnail and sits out for 2 months.

  18. There’s no list…if there is one who else besides Mayfield or a QB draft choice would be in it?

  19. How would mayfield make more money by sitting out and not collecting his guaranteed 2022 salary if 19 million? That might be the most ridiculous theory I’ve heard about him so far. It’s free money, just show up.

  20. Interesting that all of these people are suggesting an aging Fitz over these younger Quarterbacks but add me to team Fitz I think he is the best option as a bridge QB.

  21. Im kind of lost with some of these comments…

    1. What has Mayfield ever done that is unprofessional? The guy is a tough qb who always backs his team up.

    2. Mayfield is by far the best available option for a qb aquistion. The guy had one arm last year and still played better than half the starters.

  22. Mayfield needs to stay in Cleveland, and stop asking for a trade. Play ur tail off, and then at the end of the year you walk. If you played well then you’re walking into a mega deal, and if you play poorly then you blame it on the Browns

  23. I REALLY want Carolina to work out a trade with Philly for Mayshew. Take Philly’s 15, Minshew, and a couple of other picks. Minshew excels in the short passing game, and that seems to be all Carolina can muster anyway.

  24. 50Stars Baker has publicly commented negatively about a teammate’s contract negotiations. He’s thrown teammates under the bus to the media. He also publicly commented about another team’s quarterback. Any franchise quarterback, be him young or a veteran, knows better than that. Just a continuation from his bad decision making in college.

  25. None of these QBs are going to make the Panthers a contender, and none of them are the long term answer at the position. But they may win you a few extra games, particularly Garoppolo (IF he’s healthy), which will get you a worse draft pick and a messed up cap situation. Or you could stick with Darnold, lose a ton of games, and get a great draft pick in a better QB draft class next year. Seems like a pretty easy decision to me.

  26. I’m what world did Mayfield play better than half the starters? He was only slightly ahead of Goff and the rookies in both quality of play and statistical categories. Injury or not, he was bad last year. The statistics only back up the poor performance we all saw

  27. Fitz is a leader and has the ability to bring out the very best in every player on the roster.
    No chance he goes to a team as a back up though. He wants to start and unfortunately for him those options are limited.
    What a fun guy to watch ans follow throughout his career.

  28. I saw an article that Kaepernick was “linked” to the Panthers. The link are tweets by a reporter and a tweet emoji response from the Wide receiver. Really get sad at this point

  29. It’s funny – many want to completely dismiss Mayfield’s 2020 season and give him no credit, but they also want to give him the full blame for how the Browns did in 2021. He was drafted by a 1-31 team, and the dysfunction of the team has been present during his entire tenure, even as they’ve improved. How the team has handled Mayfield while handing over the entire farm to Watson is, again, proof of that dysfunction.

    Mayfield is perfectly capable of being a good NFL starter, but he would function best on a team that isn’t a mess and that can’t go a week without being distracted by the next shiny thing.

  30. I don’t get the concern over a $18.8M contract. That is very cheap in the current qb market why would the Browns have to pay any of his salary?

  31. Garoppolo is the best available QB, but as a Niners fan and a Jimmy G fan, I’d hate to see him end up in Carolina purgatory.

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