Could this be the first draft with no QB, RB, WR, or TE taken in the top 10?

NFL: MAY 08 National Football League Draft
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The only glitz and glamor in the first 10 picks of this year’s draft may come from its location.

For the first ever draft to be held in Las Vegas, and as noted by Peter King in the latest edition of Football Morning in America, the NFL could see its first ever draft have the first 10 picks unfold with no players who touch the ball on a regular basis.

No running backs or tight ends, obviously. Quite possibly no receivers or quarterbacks. If that happens, it will be the first time since the NFL instituted the draft 86 years ago.

King notes that the Jets, at No. 10, could take a receiver. It’s also impossible to rule out a quarterback-desperate team rolling the dice in the top 10. Or someone not in the top 10 could draft up to take a quarterback.

Regardless, there’s a good chance that the first 10 players taken will come from the decidedly unsexy positions, especially as the opening night of the draft goes.

12 responses to “Could this be the first draft with no QB, RB, WR, or TE taken in the top 10?

  1. No, we will probably see at least 2 wide receivers get picked in the top 10 & at least 1 QB is a real possibility (Carolina).

  2. Oh give me a break. There will be at least one QB and probably 2 taken in the top-10. Teams get crazy once the draft actually starts. “You have to have a franchise QB” is the new mantra of every NFL team. You have to go back to 2014 to find the last time there was only one QB drafted in the top-10… the other years were all 2+ in the top-10. Teams are way more willing to take a chance now on guys with “fixable” flaws or lack of experience than they used to be.

  3. Game are typically are won in the trenches. An average QB playng on a team with a better than average OL and a better than avearage defense is playoff bound.

  4. I would be surprised if there were two QBs taken in the Top 10. That’s just how the league is these days.

  5. Believe me when I say some desperate team WILL step up and over-draft a QB in the top 10, maybe even two teams, they ALWAYS DO!

  6. If Carolina does not take an Offensive linemen with their pick, then they are still heading backwards. It should not be a question with what they need.

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