Damien Wilson arrested after his ex-girlfriend accuses him of threatening to kill her

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Panthers linebacker Damien Wilson was arrested in Frisco, Texas, last week after an ex-girlfriend accused him of threatening to kill her, Michael Williams of the Dallas Morning News reports.

Wilson faces a charge of assault with bodily injury of a family member.

His attorney, Toby Shook, denied the allegations.

“Damien Wilson did not commit any type of assault,” Shook told the newspaper. “We look forward to all the facts coming out so his name can be cleared.”

A Panthers spokesperson told the DMN that the team is aware of Wilson’s arrest but had no comment.

Wilson’s ex-girlfriend talked to a reporter from the DMN and agreed for her name to be used. Ryan Sokolosky said after she broke up with him, he showed up at her apartment drunk and enraged, and she feared for her life.

Sokolosky accuses Wilson of damaging her patio, threatening to kill her with a tire iron, destroying her laptop and choking her friend. He then tried to run over her with his car as he drove off, she told the DMN. She shared photos of her destroyed laptop and damage to her patio with the newspaper.

Wilson was arrested on aggravated assault charges in 2017. He was accused of hitting a woman while trying to back his truck into a parking spot after an argument with people who were using the space for a tailgate party. Wilson also was accused of taking out a gun during the argument and was reported to have told police that “road rage” led to his behavior. A grand jury declined to indict Wilson.

The Cowboys drafted Wilson in the fourth round in 2015, and he spent four years in Dallas before spending a couple of years with the Chiefs. He was with the Jaguars last season.

10 responses to “Damien Wilson arrested after his ex-girlfriend accuses him of threatening to kill her

  1. Obviously this guy has anger management issues. For every incident of assault or threatening confrontation that is reported you can rest assured there several we don’t know about.

  2. The grand jury should definitely NOT decline to indict the guy this time……

  3. NFL needs a one strike policy. All of these arrests are getting out of hand. No character anymore whatsoever.

  4. This guys history doesn’t help his case – pulls out a gun over a parking spot and then hits a woman over the fact tailgaters won’t give in to his demands- this guy needs major counseling or his incidents are going to get worse

  5. These charges if true are the worst. No man should ever do this to a woman. Please suspend the man for life.

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