Denzel Mims got “bigger, leaner” this offseason

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Many mock drafts predict the Jets will take a wide receiver with one of their two first-round picks later this month and one of the reasons that’s a need is that Denzel Mims has not panned out.

The Jets took Mims in the second round of the 2020 draft, but he’s only played in 20 games over his first two seasons. A hamstring injury hampered him as a rookie and Mims dealt with both an offseason gastrointestinal issue and in-season COVID-19 while falling down the depth chart last season.

Mims may be down to his last chance to earn a major role with the Jets and he’s spent the offseason working with trainer Chad Marr in order to get in the best shape possible for that bid.

“We did put more size on him, but we leaned him out at the same time,” Marr said, via Brian Costello of the New York Post. “He is a bigger, leaner version of himself. The leaner and the stronger guys are, the more efficient movers that they are. He definitely needed to put on some size. He had lost quite a bit of size.”

Marr predicted Mims will have “an amazing year” and that would be a welcome development for the Jets, although they’re likely to take more time coming to any conclusions about a breakout than members of Mims’ camp.

4 responses to “Denzel Mims got “bigger, leaner” this offseason

  1. Just trade him already.

    They only played him when other WRs were injured and clearly have no favor for him; even saying that he doesn’t fit the offense. Playing him so few snaps and not allowing him to display his potential only hurt his trade value. Now they’re probably trying to get his original 2nd round value in trade after playing him like a 6th round reserve.

    Just another example of a team wasting, and possibly ruining, a talented player’s opportunity for success.

  2. he looked good his rookie year.. he was terrible last year..” i don’t understand how he doesn’t fit the scheme”.. maybe when your defensive tackle (who went to Miami) and your high draft choice WR don”t fit your scheme maybe change it.

  3. The terms “Jets” and “an amazing year” should never be used in the same article or paragraph, much less sentence.

  4. “after playing him like a 6th round reserve”

    He’s lucky he got that much playing time. He lacks the ability to run a route or catch a ball.

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