Report: Apple is “likely” landing Sunday Ticket

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Apple is about to take a, well, something out of the NFL’s rights portfolio.

The tech behemoth reportedly has emerged as the favorite to land the NFL’s Sunday Ticket package, according to Matthew Belloni of, via Sports Business Journal. An unnamed source told Belloni that the deal is actually done, and that it’s being kept under wraps at Apple’s request.

The price could land in the range of $2.5 billion per year. And the deal would bring Apple within the NFL’s broader broadcast-partner tent. Belloni writes that the league “likes spreading its rights around so everyone is invested in its success.” (Some would phrase that a little differently.)

DirecTV holds the Sunday Ticket rights through 2022. We’ve previously heard that the winner of the Sunday Ticket package possibly would be able to sell a sliver of the satellite rights, either to people in areas that lack high-speed Internet access or to bars.

59 responses to “Report: Apple is “likely” landing Sunday Ticket

  1. thank you….get that away from Direct TV. Now everyone will have an avenue to it without feeling trapped by a satellite contract….i hope.

  2. Netflix should have moved heaven and earth to get this. It would have instantly been the original content that they’re trying to grow organically by throwing millions at all of these entertainers that other streaming services already have or are taking off of their service to put on their own.

  3. Hm…going with a channel with zero sports experience, who just utterly failed in their first MLB broadcast? Fortunately, they don’t have to actually produce anything.

  4. twizzlercrank says:
    April 18, 2022 at 1:43 pm
    thank you….get that away from Direct TV. Now everyone will have an avenue to it without feeling trapped by a satellite contract….i hope.
    The Direct TV Sunday Ticket app has been available without a Direct TV subscription for years.

  5. Dope! Watch the Chiefs on the big screen and the rest on my phone. We’re living in the future baby!

  6. No more doofus designed app and thankfully an out of market team specific package too please.

  7. Can we PLEASE have the ability to purchase our game (team) of choice without having to purchase all games, or purchasing away games only. Just let me choose my team, and purchase those games, it is really that hard?

  8. Do you people think apple is going to let you watch this for free? It’s going to be at least what DirecTV charges probably double

  9. Whoever ends up with it JUST GIVE US CHOICES!!! I only want to watch MY team’s season. Give me that option. Occasionally I want individual games. Let me buy a single game. Do not force me to pay a fortune for all 32-teams or I won’t even bother.

    Don’t repeat DirecTV’s mistakes…

  10. So now you went from being a direct TV user to Apple? Why not just make it for everyone already?

  11. There is no good reason in this day and age NOT to have out of market games available on a pay-per-view basis, and digitally. Hopefully this is a big step toward that.

  12. The NFL has finally realized the 1990’s are over. Now to get them off of the final cable channel – ESPN – so we can all enjoy all of the games.

  13. Great, looking forward to spending 20 minutes updating to right in the middle of a game. Oh, but there’s a new emoji, we can’t wait

  14. You know apple isn’t going to make this a reasonable price to pay.

  15. So if Apple gets it, would it be accessible through Apple TV+ or would you have to pay separately for the package?

  16. … in order to sell the third rate apple tv that those who don’t use apple won’t buy anyway. Count me out. The less money I give to the modern Fruit company the better. The older hardware (laptops) were more serviceable and better engineered.

  17. I hope the NFL and/or Direct TV figure it out so those of us outside our home team’s markets could buy a package with just our team of choice. Since I’m not a professional gambler, I don’t need Direct TV’s required 17-games per week package at some insane price….but I’d be happy to pay $100-$200 to get my team’s games.

  18. Finally! Been waiting 10+ years to cut the cable cord. This will save me a lot of money.

  19. This is great news – I’ve been stuck with DirecTV. Will be great to go all streaming.

  20. I for one cannot wait to cancel my DirecTV. It doesn’t work when it rains. Bring on the high tech alternative please.

  21. Big win for Apple, bigger loss for everyone else. Fewer subscribers than almost any other service, plus awful and expensive exclusive hardware. In what way is this better than DirecTV?

  22. The good old NFL… constantly “evolving” the rules of the game, but constantly slow to evolve in the way people watch the same game.

  23. I will definitely drop Directv without Sunday Ticket. Can’t say I’m a fan of Apple products though.

  24. Apple has about 100 Billion dollars in cash on their balance sheet. $2.5 billion a year is chump change to them.

    What a brilliant idea! Now the 50% of people that own a Android phone won’t be able to subscribe to Sunday ticket.

    Way to go NFL!

    (He said sarcastically while rolling his eyes)

  25. I hope they allow to buy just one team to watch a-la-cart and not the whole package that rarely gets watched.

  26. Been happily avoiding the over-hyped Apple prison yard for years now. It’d be fantastic if the NFL would just sell the NFL package directly so anyone could purchase it.

  27. heres to hoping you get it free when you buy or upgrade your apple products


    but like a Viking fan in August…. one can hope

  28. Apple tends to overprice everything, is too proprietary, and has the smallest footprint in the TV space.

    In what way will this be the best option for consumers? It will likely end up costing more, with fewer options and no customization, and require a new subscription for more people than would any other service.

  29. Let me know when there is an ala carte option.

    I’m only interested in Packers games.

  30. RedZone is way better than Sunday Ticket. That being said, Apple getting Sunday Ticket will be good for anyone that wants to watch their favorite team when not in the same media market. Apple already has the streaming capabilities and will make it far easier to obtain than the awful DirectTV contracts people used to get locked into.

  31. Still not going to pay an exorbitant amount for the measly 6% of content I actually want. Until I can pick the team(s) games I want at a reasonable rate, I’ll pass.

  32. Figured half the commentators here would have already cancelled their Direct TV due to the loss of OAN. Now they can can protest against Apple and their fees for the Sunday Ticket. unsuccessfully of course.

  33. If you think a one time payment of $293.96 or four monthly payments of $73.49 was bad, you’re in for a rude awakening.

  34. raiders247 says: April 18, 2022 at 1:43 pm Excellent! Can’t wait. Just killed Cable! ————— Ummmmm do you and the others who thumbed this up realize it doesnt change anything for cable? The cable games which are Sunday night, monday night aren’t shown on the nfl package. Same with your local games, this doesnt change how you watch those. This changes for people who buy the NFL ticket (to see all the games on Sunday afternoons) who they buy it from

  35. I just want to be able to pay per game, not for every game all season. I would gladly pay $20 a game.

  36. Mitch Kumstein says:
    April 18, 2022 at 1:58 pm
    twizzlercrank says:
    April 18, 2022 at 1:43 pm
    thank you….get that away from Direct TV. Now everyone will have an avenue to it without feeling trapped by a satellite contract….i hope.
    The Direct TV Sunday Ticket app has been available without a Direct TV subscription for years.


    True, and not true. Only those with no satellite option (is college kids, high rise apartments, rentals) were allowed to buy it thru streaming app. Those with no option for the satellite service were enormously less than those who could. In essence, since I had the ability to place a small dish at my residence and purchase their service, I could NOT buy and use the app and Sunday Ticket exclusively. I was trapped into a 2 year contract of regular TV too.

  37. 1. Sunday Ticket has had a streaming option for many years!

    2. The NFL needs to allow for a package that allows for one to purchase their team and red zone.

    3. They should also allow the locally broadcast games through the app so you don’t have to switch between. Also, they could just allow the local broadcast to stream through.

    4. Apple, I believe, will provide a better experience than DIRECTV has.

  38. Does this mean subscribers will have to buy a new, proprietary “NFL Sunday Ticket” charger every year?

    It’s great that it’s away from DirectTV (which the NFL dragged its feet on for way too long), but I don’t think Apple will be any better. They’re not about giving consumers a deal, they’re about overcharging for every product they release.

    There’s going to be a catch or two, like a multi-year commitment or something. If they’re paying $2.5 billion a year, that means they want this to generate much more than that. If it doesn’t create profit, it’s not worthwhile to them – gotta keep the shareholders happy, not NFL fans.

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