Washington Commanders send lengthy response to House Oversight Committee’s letter to FTC

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In many cases involving a potential criminal investigation, the suspect exercises the prerogative to say nothing. Sometimes, a party that believes it is wrongfully accused shouts its innocence from the rooftops.

The Washington Commanders are shouting their innocence from the rooftops, as it relates to the recent allegations of financial impropriety made by the U.S. House Committee on Oversight & Reform to the Federal Trade Commission.

In an 18-page letter, lawyer Jordan Siev makes the case on behalf of the Commanders that no wrongdoing occurred. To summarize, Siev says former Washington employee Jason Friedman has repeatedly and extensively lied.

Siev’s letter refers to Friedman as, for example, a “vindictive former ticket salesman,” and it calls his testimony “uncorroborated” and “false.

“Friedman is, by his own repeated admissions to the Committee, a serial liar,” Siev alleges. “During the course of his testimony to the Committee, Friedman admitted to having previously perjured himself in a civil litigation connected with his employment with the Team. He also admitted that he sent at least two letters to Dan Snyder, the content of which Friedman now claims he fabricated out of whole cloth. Yet Friedman now asks the Committee and by extension, this Commission to accept as true his testimony and his letters to the Committee, the very types of arenas in which he already has admitted to freely lying on a whim.”

Siev’s letter also claims that Friedman was fired for “professional misconduct” in October 2020, that he thereafter made multiple attempts to get his job back, and that the team has “recently learned that, in addition to the abusive behavior for which he was fired, Friedman had been involved in a lengthy sexual relationship with his former intern . . . 15 years his junior, who later became a part-time employee at the Team, still reporting to Friedman.” Siev’s letter claims that Friedman “took steps to conceal that ongoing relationship from Team officials, the National Football League and other organizations,” and that the “Committee was aware of all of these facts, yet pointedly declined to reference them in its letter to” the FTC.

The letter quotes sworn declarations from former Washington general counsel David Donovan, who calls Friedman “untrustworthy,” from former COO Mitch Gershman, who describes Friedman’s testimony as displaying a “willingness to fabricate facts” and containing “numerous false and speculative allegations,” and from former director of finance Paul Szczenski, who calls Friedman’s statements “false, speculative, uninformed, and guesswork” and who contends that Friedman “has attempted to fabricate claims about the Team’s accounting staff.”

It’s a strong collection of allegations against Friedman, one that is bound to trigger a response from his attorney, Lisa Banks. Whereas a previous attack on Friedman’s claims to Congress didn’t mention him by name, Siev’s letter constitutes an all-out offensive against him.

Right or wrong, true or false, the Commanders have made their case in a loud, clear voice. They believe Friedman was lying and/or grossly misinformed. And they claim that the Committee was aware of these alleged flaws in his credibility.

20 responses to “Washington Commanders send lengthy response to House Oversight Committee’s letter to FTC

  1. I have no idea how this is going to end up, nor do I personally care.

    However, it’s amazing how the plot thickens after you hear both sides of a story.

  2. This is the perfect example of what an S show the Commanders are. We don’t hear about this level of drama from the other clubs. It is one thing after the next with the Commanders. Dan Synder (Tanya) could do a 100% better job running this club if he just stayed home and did nothing. The finger pointing is junion high school level.

  3. I’m sure the denial of allegations from the Washington franchise is probably false, but I bet everything they claim about Friedman’s behavior and his intern are true. They’re probably both scum. Although, the franchise claiming Friedman had an ongoing inappropriate relationship that was hidden is a curious move considering they’re currently dealing with several allegations of trying to hide similar behavior. Doesn’t seem like a smart move, then again, when has Snyder and his lackeys ever done anything smart?

  4. This isn’t about personalities. This is about numbers. Personalities lie. Numbers rarely do. If the books were cooked, it doesn’t matter what kind of credibility the reporting party has or doesn’t have.

  5. So your telling me that a corrupt company had an employee for over 20 years, that employee became a whistleblower, and we are supposed to be surprised that the employee of 20 years for the corrupt company doesn’t have a perfect track record??

    Isn’t witness protection full of not-so-great people that helped get the big fishes caught?

  6. Maybe they’re right, or maybe they’re just trying to cover .. the Commanders and DS have lost so much credibility and goodwill to this point, however, you can’t believe their defense on the face of it ..

  7. A Congressional committee failed to give a complete report? They withheld information about the integrity of a key witness? Our tax dollars at work!

  8. I have said it from the beginning that there’s NO WAY they could hide ticket sales from the league office, or the 31 other teams. There are MULTIPLE independent accounting auditors that monitor the books to ensure that those types of underhanded financial Shenanigans ARE NOT POSSIBLE. This is another attempt at forcing Dan Snyder to sell his franchise, and I have some bad news for all of the haters out there – It’s not happening

  9. Drag the whistleblower through the mud…typical textbook play for a guy like Snyder. I’m sure he already has hired goons tailing Friedman anytime he leaves his house…

  10. I’m not expert, but the way I understand it, they building-full of government attorney’s and the other building full of their staff will evaluate whether Snyder’s a crook or not and THEY will determine if there’s nothing to see here! I guess Al Capone and Teflon Don got raw deals! Snyder’s special!

  11. They are trying to scare him off by being loud with their statement. Problem is, they have a terrible track record.

    I’d guess 1 of 10 buy their story.

  12. If he’s just a “liar” then they should drop his NDA he signed. The team is putting all this out there while Friedman – lying or not – can’t defend himself publicly while the NDA is still in place

  13. I predict there will be a new owner. And my hope is the new owner brings the old name and logo back.

  14. The guy is a liar either way. Anyone ever thought that just maybe this team and organization as a whole was not the problem and it was and is like it is from a group of employees like Bruce who were all canned around the same time everything started to come out.? Now they are all trying to dump it on Snyder and the team. Very well could be true. I always thought Snyder was to stupid to have ruled over all of this. This could be the type of situation where the leadership style goes from the bottom up without the top being smart enough to keep control.

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