Baker Mayfield not present for Browns voluntary workouts

Cleveland Browns v Green Bay Packers
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The Browns are getting their offseason program underway on Tuesday and their new QB1 is in attendance.

Their former starter is not.

According to multiple reports — and to no one’s surprise — Baker Mayfield is not at the Browns’ facility for the start of the club’s voluntary spring workouts.

In theory, Mayfield could have made things a little more awkward for Cleveland if he had decided to show up. After all, the Browns are still on the hook to pay him $18.8 million guaranteed for the 2022 season after picking up his fifth-year option last spring.

But instead, Mayfield has elected to train on his own as he awaits the organization to find a trade partner.

During a podcast interview released last week, Mayfield said he thinks the Seahawks are his most likely destination. The Panthers have also emerged as a potential trade partner for the Browns, though Mayfield is reportedly not the only QB on Carolina’s list.

12 responses to “Baker Mayfield not present for Browns voluntary workouts

  1. Baker needs to show up, and then he can make it as awkward as possible for the Browns, and their new quarterback who’s probably getting suspended anyway. Welcome to the clown show that is the Cleveland Browns franchise

  2. Too bad, would have been hilarious and a big middle finger to the owners. He would also have proven he could rise above the nonsense but Bakers gonna Baker.

  3. Of course he wasn’t….Baker is hangin’ out with Alice Cooper. And Pick up his wheelbarrow he let Alice borrow,too. Everybody knows that!

  4. I don’t blame the guy one bit. I dont blame them for going to get a superior QB, but the way they let Baker twist in the wind was pretty brutal. I kind of always rooted for the Browns to succeed, but I can’t say I will going forward. This combined with bringing in a slimy guy like Watson seals it.

  5. And if things dont pan out, he can become the OC at Grambling State University !!

  6. If I was Baker, I wouldn’t show up either. Browns have shown 0 good faith in him, so why should he give them any?

  7. Seems to be a lot of Baker Bro’s and Browns haters here. I say good bye, good riddance and don’t let the door hit you in the… GO BROWNS!

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