Cooper Kupp: I’m not trying to beat anybody with new contract

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals
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Cooper Kupp‘s contract was a topic of conversation at Rams offseason workouts on Tuesday.

Kupp’s current deal runs through the 2023 season, but a slew of big contracts for wide receivers with more on the horizon has led to chatter about when Kupp and the Rams might revisit his pact. Head coach Sean McVay told reporters on Tuesday that the team has had “good dialogue” with Kupp about a new contract and Kupp also addressed his status later in the day.

Kupp said, via Andrew Siciliano of NFL Media, that he’s “not trying to beat anybody” and that he doesn’t “think that’s the approach that I take” when asked about whether he wants to be the highest-paid wideout in the league once he signs his new deal.

“There’s a place you want to be. There’s a place that I think is fair,” Kupp said.

We’ll have to wait to see if the place where the Rams and Kupp wind up puts him above the likes of Tyreek Hill and Davante Adams on the list of best-paid wideouts, but any deal will be a lucrative one for the wideout who scored the winning touchdown in Super Bowl LVI.

36 responses to “Cooper Kupp: I’m not trying to beat anybody with new contract

  1. Cooper needs to be paid more than Christian Kirk. He may not want it, but he definitely deserves it more.

  2. That is why he is talented and who he is and not like the other rats who jumped ship to grab that dough.

  3. It is interesting that we are getting to the point where being the highest paid at a position isn’t what it used to be since there is so much $$$ now. Does it matter, is the difference that great, if you make $23, $24 or $25Mil per year?

  4. I don’t like his attitude. It’s in-American to not want more money than everyone else.
    Someone should talk to him.

  5. Kupp is my favorite receiver in the league simply for how he conducts himself.

  6. The well-run teams must be thrilled that the dumb teams (Jags, Raiders, Dolphins) have blown up the receiver pay scale. It’s no coincidence either that the Jets wanted in on overpaying Tyreek Hill as well.

  7. There doesn’t seem to be any honor to signing a contract anymore except for Kupp.
    Seems like the only man of the bunch.

  8. Kupp doesn’t care but his agent won’t let him get off cheap. His agent deserves as much money as possible!

  9. Brady believed in leaving some money on the table for others this got him a long ways on team and life.

  10. I’m certain there isn’t a working person here that intentionally took a pay cut to “help” their company.

  11. Are you paying attention Deebo and Clara fan? THIS is how it should done. Stay classy and stay humble and hungry Kupp. Go Rams and run it back!

  12. apparently Kupp is the only WR in the bunch mentioned who knows there’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’;

    didn’t the NFL once use a pop song pregame about men like him?

  13. Let’s first see how things work out for the Raiders and Dolphins before we go hog wild on WRs getting $25M plus per year. Haven’t seen anyone win it with a receiver anywhere near that amount.

  14. lasersepi says:
    April 19, 2022 at 5:45 pm

    That is why he is talented and who he is and not like the other rats who jumped ship to grab that dough

    Why you gotta be a rat, if you want the max money you can get? And don’t let Kupp fool you. You think when his agent brings him that mega-deal, he won’t sign it? These words sound all nice for the media and the fans, but we will see what happens, that’s for sure.

  15. He says this now. I guarantee when he signs, he’s gonna be the highest paid WR in the league. Smart man, knows all the things to say. He’s gonna get rewarded.

  16. He says this now. I guarantee when he signs, he’s gonna be the highest paid WR in the league. Smart man, knows all the things to say. He’s gonna get rewarded..

  17. Back up the Brinks truck and pay the man. He’s more than earned it and will keep earning it.

  18. Cooper, you deserve the contract restructure. If not for you, and Matt Stafford, no ring for LA-RAMS. Be fair, be humble, but above all be resolute. Deserves are in your future, or they should be.
    Love from a Lions fan!

  19. Do a Diggs like extension for Kupp if he’s willing. Fair for both the team and player.

  20. The NFL is a BUSINESS! If Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos can make unlimited money, why not NFL players? To the fans, it’s a sport. To the players, it’s a JOB! If a competitor offered you a ton of money to leave your daily job, do you stay loyal to someone who will lay you off as soon as times get rough? Or would you take the money to secure your family’s future? Fans don’t have BIG strong dudes chasing after them as they risk CTE. Aaron Rodgers had NO MERCY, did he? HAVE NO MERCY on the owners! They have no mercy on cities when they get corporate welfare to build stadiums, do they? This is American ENTERPRISE. Go get paid, Kupp! Go get paid!

  21. Looking at the NFL bylaws now; the Salary Cap apparently does not apply to the Los Angeles Rams?- someone please point me to the applicable addendum-

  22. I like what Cooper is saying here and I definitely think he should be given a wedge of money for his services. However, let’s see how this plans out and when/who he signs for, before we pat him on the back for high moral standards.

    His agent has plenty of time to get under the skin.

  23. Great guy and awesome WR, but not smart at all by waiting on a new contract. If not for yourself, do it for your family. Remember you are one hit away from never playing again. Go get what is yours!!! I seen where someone said Brady took that road and look what it got him. Well you don’t have all those men blocking for you either, it is you against the world.

  24. Head & Shoulders above all the rest, both as a wide receiver and a Man! 👏👏👏

  25. Seeing him take that hit for a TD in the Super Bowl makes me wanna see him paid. Best route runner in the league; Love his attitude. This passive aggressive tactic of removing pictures from social media is the WORST and is confined to the NFL. Also, you are disrespecting your teammates, like they don’t matter. Be like Cooper kids.

  26. Kupp embodies the culture in LA. Just look to Arizona and San Fran and you’ll see what I’m saying. Running it back, and that’s what Coop is about.

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