Deshaun Watson reports to the Browns for offseason workouts

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On a snowy April 19 morning in Cleveland, the team’s latest starting quarterback has reported for voluntary duty.

Deshaun Watson is in the building, as announced by the team on social media.

The league has taken no action against Watson regarding the 22 civil lawsuits he’s facing, or the 10 criminal complaints that resulted in no indictments. Watson is accused of sexual misconduct during multiple massage therapy sessions.

The Browns and Watson are bracing for an eventual suspension. Last month, Commissioner Roger Goodell made it clear that paid leave is unlikely. If the league decides to do anything before the 2022 season begins, the league will simply suspend him without pay.

The 22 cases pending against him aren’t expected to go to trial until after the 2022 season.

We continue to believe that the best option for all concerned would be a fair and appropriate settlement. Watson can afford it. Neither he nor the Browns can afford to have this cloud hovering over him for another year.

8 responses to “Deshaun Watson reports to the Browns for offseason workouts

  1. I disagree. If he did nothing illegal, don’t settle. Gonna be hard to punish him with no charges, and no settlement.

  2. I don’t know why you keep pushing for a “fair and appropriate” settlement. Fair to whom? He wasn’t criminally charged, which could very well mean he didn’t do anything wrong. Fair and appropriate in that case is $0. Perhaps he should just let this all play out. Win a case, get paid. Lose a case, get nothing. In an ideal world, those bringing a lawsuit should pay all legal fees if they lose the case. That would stop a lot of money-grabbing efforts. Suspending him after criminal charges have been declined is ridiculous, regardless of precedent in the NFL. This is still America, where you’re supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. If he loses one or more cases and they want to suspend him, so be it, and rightfully so. Otherwise, no comment needed while the court cases play out.

  3. Did the Texans not already suspend him for a year with pay? Why not dock him for the amount of games the NFL wants to suspend him. Is the NFL still investigating a certain owner who was also involved in massage shenanigans?

  4. In a way, Watson would be better off settling now for a small amount and getting a suspension this year rather than next year where that will cost him tens of millions

  5. The four-letter network said it was snowing when he arrived at the facilities. He was wearing a heavy winter coat. They also said one of the reasons he didn’t want to go to Cleveland was because of the winters. He’s going to be in for a real surprise next December and January.

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