Report: Kyler Murray will not attend Cardinals voluntary workouts

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As the Cardinals get their offseason program underway, there will be a few significant absences — highlighted by one quarterback.

Per Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, Kyler Murray will not attend Arizona’s voluntary workouts and will instead train on his own. Rapoport adds that’s the plan for several of the team’s veterans, who have communicated the plan with the Cardinals for weeks.

As the workouts are voluntary, there’s no obligation for Murray to attend them. But the quarterback is still seeking a second contract from Arizona. NFL Media’s Tom Pelissero reported last week that the Cardinals had not made a contract offer to Murray and his representation. Pelissero added that Murray’s agent Erik Burkhardt informed Arizona weeks ago that he was pulling his opening proposal off the table.

To this point, no trade request has been reported. Though either way, the Cardinals have reportedly been insisting that Murray will not be traded.

Murray is set to make $5.5 million in 2022 and multiple reports have indicated that it is highly unlikely he’ll play for the Cardinals at that number in the coming season.

Murray threw for 3,787 yards with 24 touchdowns and 10 interceptions in 14 regular-season games last year. But he had a rocky playoff debut, completing 19-of-34 passes for 137 yards with a pair of interceptions in the Cardinals’ loss to the Rams.

57 responses to “Report: Kyler Murray will not attend Cardinals voluntary workouts

  1. Good, pay this man. Players deserve more money. All the money they need, give it to them.

  2. Nice to see him putting in the work, really showing how he deserves that second contract. First one in, last one out nobody says. Pay the man, he clearly thinks he deserves it!

  3. So now we’re supposed to reward “potential” instead of results? What has he accomplished to get paid? Next up is participation trophies teams that don’t make the playoffs can display. smh

  4. Haha…..but wasn’t it just last week Murray was telling us there was nothing to his social media scrubbing of the team from his accounts?

    So many of these guys are just big babies nowadays.

  5. Kyler Murray has no leverage here, unless it’s to make himself look so bad they Rosen him. &His agent is clearly out of his depths for going even further down this path.

  6. As he should! He accounts for pretty much the entire offense and getting paid a pittance compared to others in that same stratosphere.. Get that man his 45 mill a year!!!

  7. 4 years..2 probowls and he IS the Cardinals offence. One of the best duel threats in the game. He deserves a second contract but it’s no secret AZ has been notoriously cheap over the years. Pay him or trade him for a bounty of picks..

  8. Rockpilersays: What has he accomplished? Year one, rookie of the year. Year two, pro bowl. Year three, pro bowl. And about a dozen cardinals and a dozen NFL qb records and he’s only been there three years.

  9. I think Murray may deserve a second contract, but not after year three of a five year deal. He’s asking the Cards to negate one of the main advantages of having a QB on a rookie deal: the cheap salary. He’s a year early, and I just don’t think it’s a good idea to put his team in this position with two years left on his rookie deal.

  10. After his ankle injury he showed without his running, he ISN’T a top tier QB at all

    OR even a decent one

    and his mobility won’t last long, if it’s not already gone

  11. Total diva not worth more money and all he does is run around all the time. Maybe spend some money for the O-line??

  12. Unproven player. If he doesn’t want to play this year let him sit. If he is as good as he thinks, let him prove it this year.

  13. I don’t understand all the “pay him now” comments. He was the 1st pick in the 2019 draft and has the biggest contract of any rookie from that draft class.

    Additionally, no QB has received a contract extension prior to the summer going into their 4th year. Goff got the earliest and got one in June. Allen and Mahomes got their extensions in July/August. Teams need to focus on draft/FA in March/April.

    Kyler’s agent isn’t doing any favors by talking thru social media.

    Gotta be awkward for coach, he shares the same agent as Kyler.

    Kyler isn’t a top 5 QB. But wants to paid like one.

  14. Being the worst HC in the NFL by far, I’m sure Kliff Kingsberry will get his QB and locker room focused on the upcoming season

  15. Keim should have lost his job when he drafted him, but he probably won’t here either. What does Keim have on Bidwill?

  16. His level of play overall, which is mostly second tier, calls for a prove it year in 2022. Let’s not forget that because of his height, more and more teams have him figured out. The more he goes, the more he will be running for his life and take hits. He wants a contract now, because he knows he is not even sure his level of play in 2022 will justify a second contract. As the leader of this team, for him to skip voluntary workouts might put in jeopardy his fifth year option due in May.

  17. Imagine your boss offers you a deal. You give up a small concession, and Friday afternoons become voluntary.

    You take the deal.

    Then the first time you take a “voluntary” Friday afternoon off, your boss convinces your friends and neighbors that now you’re lazy, and a diva, and whatever else.

  18. Nothing helps your career as much as behaving like a petulant child. This is the best way to convince an organization to invest millions in you. Brilliant move.

  19. Once again, the sheep appear to be siding with the billionaire owners — the workouts are voluntary, and why shouldn’t he be allowed to use all avenues to seek a second contract? And I don’t even like the guy.

  20. Force him to play in year 4 of his contract, then trade him, and draft a real QB!

  21. I’m guessing instead of attending Cardinal’s workouts, he’ll be attending Oakland A’s games and “like” them on social media. This is how the mind of 24 year-old diva works!

  22. religionisforidiots says:
    April 19, 2022 at 11:35 am
    Good, pay this man. Players deserve more money. All the money they need, give it to them.

    12132Rate This

    And if the Cardinals don’t have enough cash, can they come shake out your sofa for any loose change? Murray might not ever win a playoff game, but ok.

  23. Dude looked absolutely Horrible against the Rams….now if he took them on a Joe Burrow type run and AZ made it to the SB or even Championship game and he played great the whole way I’d be like Sure …pay him…

    but to flame out like that in playoffs…nah – well catch you next year..

  24. It’s a catch 22. Had AZ signed Kyler as the season ended they could have gotten him signed at 24-28 mill a year. Now with Watson and the other deals AZ is going to pay $40 mill a year. Kyler might see this as a loss, but in the end he’s going to win big. Know for a fact AZ will not be trading Murray no matter what the press says or anyone else. AZ has been hunting for a QB1 since Kurt Warner and Palmer. They’re not going to let Murray leave over starting qb money. Keim isn’t dumb….ask any Texans fan….Hopkins for David Johnson.

  25. I enjoy when teams do dumb things, I find it amusing.

    I say play him similar to Watson, and I’ll enjoy the wreckage for several years.

  26. 1phillyphan says:
    April 19, 2022 at 11:53 am
    4 years..2 probowls and he IS the Cardinals offence. One of the best duel threats in the game. He deserves a second contract but it’s no secret AZ has been notoriously cheap over the years. Pay him or trade him for a bounty of picks..
    “He is the Cardinals offense.” So the blame on the embarrassing playoff loss is all his then. Has his worst game in his biggest game in the NFL. How does he respond? He wants paid.

  27. Murray is still on his rookie contract. Like it or not the way the NFL is currently structured that’s four years with a 5th year option for being a first round pick. I’m not a fan of that structure, but it is what it is. The rules agreed to by his union say that the team controls his contract for at least the first four years. Deal with it or go play baseball.

  28. I get not attending for a new contract, it’s pretty much the only leverage players have. I also would like to think, if it were me, I’d show up to build the chemistry with my teammates and show the coaches and front office that my head and heart are in the right place. I’ve never sniffed anything close to these dollar amounts though so what do I know.

  29. Sign Kap and trade this guy. He’s not worth the drama. So sick of today’s athletes that sulk when they get a little criticism.

  30. Pay him and you’ll regret it.

    You think he pouts and looks disinterested now……just wait until the money is in the bank.

  31. Careful! No one call him a “diva” or else it might hurt his wittle feewings. And he’s just as sensitive ‘a multimillionaire athlete as the rest.

  32. Yikes. Should’ve just dealt the contract before Watson’s deal shook everything up. Now the Cardinals are stuck with, yes, he deserves a second contract at a really good number. No doubt.. but not some 50 mil/year all guaranteed.

  33. Somebody better teach him that you skip the voluntary stuff AFTER you sign your big contract!

  34. Murray thinks he has leverage. What about Mayfield? Trade for Mayfield and force the Browns to pay all but the veteran minimum salary. That would give the Cards LEVERAGE over both QBs.

    Teams must be willing to let a guy walk rather than over pay.

  35. The Cards want a show me year and Murry doesn’t want that. He wants a you give me the money and take your chances I will deliver, either way I keep the money. Ya I think he is willing to sit out the season if he has too. Possibly he has an axe to grind with the coach and GM and just doesnt give a po anymore.
    He is never taking this team to the promised land, he isnt that good and defenses know how to defend him, his star tarnished late in the season as he tried to blame everyone but himself for his lack luster performances.

  36. On January 17, 2022, Murray made his NFL postseason debut in the Wild Card Round, losing to the Los Angeles Rams 34–11. Murray struggled throughout the game, throwing for just 137 yards, two interceptions and zero touchdowns as well as setting a career low in passer rating (40.9)

  37. Look at him putting in the work to lead his team to win the NFC West and to a Super Bowl.


    I dearly hope the Cards pay this man for all of his Pro Bowl appearances and are stuck with him for a long cap-draining time.

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