Chris Grier declines comment on Tom Brady reports

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Dolphins General Manager Chris Grier is holding a pre-draft press conference on Wednesday, but the first question didn’t have anything to do with the makeup of this year’s draft class.

It had to do with the reports that Tom Brady was set to join the team in an executive role after announcing his retirement from the Buccaneers earlier this year, but that the plan, which also included a run at making Sean Payton the next head coach, was scrapped after Brian Flores sued the Dolphins. Grier confirmed last month that there were conversations with the Saints about Payton, but declined to make any comment about any plans involving Brady on Wednesday.

“I’m just going to talk about the draft. Appreciate the question,” Grier said, via multiple reporters.

Brady was contractually bound to the Bucs at the time any maneuvering would have been going on and he’s back with the Bucs now, so there would be tampering concerns involved with any substantive answer about what went on this offseason. That will leave it to others to confirm anything that might have gone on, although a chance to ask Brady about it passed this week.

5 responses to “Chris Grier declines comment on Tom Brady reports

  1. In a world where there is nothing to talk about, this is news. If there were actual news to talk about, this wouldn’t be on here.

    Down time before the draft.

    Here’s an important message to Tom Brady, stay the heck away from the Dolphins. We don’t want you involved in our franchise. Just because you hate the Patriots doesn’t mean we are on your side. You don’t belong with the Miami Dolphins in any capacity.

    Stay off our field, you know it’s not a pleasant place for you.

  2. How does this guy still have a job? He absolutely sucks. The only GM in recent history thats blown more draft capital was Matt Millen.

  3. Loss of a first round pick for tampering is the only fair result of this obvious tampering case

  4. “I’m just going to talk about the draft. Appreciate the question,” Grier said, via multiple reporters.

    Sounds like he is taking the 5th.

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